Flood Building

Location: 870 Market (Market/Powell, NE corner).

The James Flood Building is a 12-story building at Market/Powell completed in 1904. It replaced the Baldwin Hotel & Theatre at the same site. An earlier Flood Building was built in 1887 at Market/4th (first image below), so the James Flood building was originally known as the New Flood Building. The Flood building survived the 1906 earthquake but was gutted by the fire. In the 1920s, Dashiell Hammett worked at the building for the Pinkerton Detective Agency (office in room 313). Many renovations later, the Flood Building still stands today at the Powell St. BART station and cable car turnaround.


g0310.png flood13.png flood05.png flood06.png flood02.png flood04.png flood03.png flood01.png


charlton_u10.png flood07.png britton_544.png weidner_163.png mitchell_1229.png mitchell_108.png rieder_u17.png emporium15.png souvenir_4634F.png mitchell_2101.png crocker_u02.png flood11.png smith_049.png

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