This page lists 35 films I saw in theaters in 1972. My movie database lists only films I see in theaters, not those I see on TV, videotape, DVD, or the internet. My culture page lists other cultural events.

I was a graduate student in the Stanford Computer Science Department starting in the fall of 1968. By the end of 1972, I had finished the required courses for my Ph.D., so I was supposed to be hard at work on my dissertation. Instead, I watched lots of movies. I had access to Stanford Artificial Intelligence Project computers, and starting in late October 1972 I listed the movies I saw in a computer file. The data here is from file dated 1/10/1973, as preserved at The original list includes 39 films I watched on TV in addition to the 34 films seen in theaters listed here. I kept going to movies, but I stopped showing up at Stanford AI, so this list stops in early 1973. I started keeping film data again in 1982. I wish I had the data for the missing years (and for earlier years)!

The early 1970s was a very rich period for repertory cinema, and as this list shows I traversed the Bay Area to see great films. I liked the tiny Academy Cinema in Palo Alto and was very unhappy when it folded, but it reopened in 1973 as the Festival Cinema and I had a wonderful time working there with a great group of friends. I learned to love silent films at the Avenue Theater on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco, where Bob Vaughn accompanied on the big Wurlitzer.

I have kept movie date/title/director data consistently since 1982, with additional details since 2010. I also have some incomplete data from earlier years.

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Date Title Director Year Theater City
11/12/72 Hollywood Party 1934 Academy Palo Alto
11/22/72 Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex Allen, Woody 1972 Carlos San Carlos
11/23/72 Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The Buñuel, Luis 1972 Music Hall San Francisco
11/23/72 Tale of Two Cities, A Conway, Jack 1935 Gateway San Francisco
12/22/72 Camille Cukor, George 1936 Gateway San Francisco
11/23/72 David Copperfield Cukor, George 1935 Gateway San Francisco
12/24/72 Gaslight Cukor, George 1944 Academy Palo Alto
12/07/72 Adventures of Robin Hood, The Curtiz, Michael 1939 Academy Palo Alto
12/19/72 Mildred Pierce Curtiz, Michael 1945 Academy Palo Alto
12/07/72 Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The Curtiz, Michael 1939 Academy Palo Alto
11/12/72 Singin' in the Rain Donen, Stanley 1952 Academy Palo Alto
11/22/72 What's New, Pussycat? Donner, Clive 1965 Carlos San Carlos
11/27/72 Gone with the Wind Fleming, Victor 1939 Century 25 San Jose
11/17/72 Intolerance Griffith, D.W. 1916 Avenue San Francisco
11/08/72 Big Sleep, The Hawks, Howard 1946 Charles Boston MA
12/15/72 Birds, The Hitchcock, Alfred 1963 College of San Mateo San Mateo
12/08/72 Dial M for Murder Hitchcock, Alfred 1954 College of San Mateo San Mateo
12/01/72 Strangers on a Train Hitchcock, Alfred 1951 College of San Mateo San Mateo
12/08/72 Thirty-Nine Steps, The Hitchcock, Alfred 1935 College of San Mateo San Mateo
11/12/72 Singin' in the Rain Kelly, Gene 1952 Academy Palo Alto
12/22/72 Pride and Prejudice Leonard, Robert Z. 1940 Gateway San Francisco
11/21/72 Anastasia Litvak, Anatole 1956 Academy Palo Alto
12/12/72 Phantom India Part I Malle, Louis 1971 SF Museum of Art San Francisco
12/12/72 Phantom India Part II Malle, Louis 1971 SF Museum of Art San Francisco
12/24/72 Meet Me in St. Louis Minnelli, Vincente 1944 Academy Palo Alto
11/05/72 Princess Yang Kwei-Fei Mizoguchi, Kenji 1955 Harvard Square Cambridge MA
11/21/72 Roadhouse Negulesco, Jean 1948 Academy Palo Alto
11/05/72 Tokyo Story Ozu, Yasujiro 1953 Harvard Square Cambridge MA
11/24/72 Black Pirate, The Parker, Albert 1926 Avenue San Francisco
11/10/72 Greed Stroheim, Erich von 1925 Avenue San Francisco
10/31/72 Charles vif ou mort Tanner, Alain 1969 Central II Cambridge MA
10/31/72 Salamandre, La Tanner, Alain 1972 Central II Cambridge MA
12/25/72 Emigrants, The Troell, Jan 1972 Fine Arts Palo Alto
11/03/72 Deux Anglaises et le Continent, Les Truffaut, François 1972 Boston MA
12/19/72 Irma la Douce Wilder, Billy 1963 Academy Palo Alto