Eleanor Ness

I've found census records for my mother Eleanor Rubin Ness (1906-2004) from 1910 (see George Rubin), two from 1920 (see George Rubin and Emma Swanson), from 1930 (see Emma Swanson), and from 1940 (see P. Norman Ness). Eleanor was born in Boston MA in 1906. She lived in Minneapolis with her parents and sister Dorothy in 1910. After her mother's death in 1911, her father placed her with foster parents Emma & John Swanson. In 1920 she lived with her father and stepmother, but soon after she was back with the Swansons; the 1920 census counted her twice. She lived with the Swansons until she married Norman Ness in 1935, and by 1940 she and Norman lived in the upper unit of the Swanson's duplex at 2516 West 22nd Street.

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