August Malmsten

The 1940 census record below is for the family of August Malmsten b. ca. 1893, living next door to (I presume) his widowed mother Mary Malmsten b. ca. 1867. These Malmstens are almost certainly related to Nellie Malmsten, but I'm unsure of the exact relationship; Mary could be Nellie's elder sister, but she's not listed in Nellie's family's 1880 census record.


United States Census, 1940  Minnesota Hennepin Minneapolis City, Minneapolis, Ward 11 89-325
  Minneapolis City W...h Side Neighborhood House
 Image 25 of 35, lines 64 ff.
 [1111/1121 South 8th Street, Minneapolis]
August R Malmsten  Male   47 Married White Head     Minnesota 1893 Same Place
Myrtle M Malmsten  Female 46 Married White Wife     Minnesota 1894 Same Place
Jane L Malmsten    Female 22 Single  White Daughter Minnesota 1918 Same Place
Patrick R Malmsten Male   15 Single  White Son      Minnesota 1925 Same Place
William M Malmsten Male   11 Single  White Son      Minnesota 1929 Same Place
Carl E Anderson    Male   59 Single  White Lodger   Sweden    1881 Same Place
Mary C Malmsten    Female 73 Widowed White Head     Minnesota 1867 Same House
Louis H Dow        Male   75 Widowed White Lodger   Sweden    1865 Same Place
Ole Sandberg       Male   77 Single  White Lodger   Sweden    1863 Same Place
Per L Pearson      Male   44 Single  White Lodger   Sweden    1896 Same House

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