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Still Title Actors Director Year Color Date NSS
AbrahamLincoln.png Abraham Lincoln Walter Huston
Una Merkel
D.W. Griffith 1930 b+w 1965
BirthOfANation.png Birth of a Nation, The Henry Walthall D.W. Griffith 1915 b+w 1965
BrokenBlossoms.png Broken Blossoms Richard Barthelmess D.W. Griffith 1919 b+w 1965
Intolerance1.png Intolerance D.W. Griffith 1916 b+w 1965
Intolerance2.png Intolerance Robert Harron D.W. Griffith 1916 b+w 1965
IsntLifeWonderful.png Isn't Life Wonderful Carol Dempster D.W. Griffith 1924 b+w 1965
JudithOfBethulia.png Judith of Bethulia Henry Walthall
Blanche Sweet
D.W. Griffith 1914 b+w 1965
MusketeersOfPigAlley.png Musketeers of Pig Alley, The Lillian Gish D.W. Griffith 1912 b+w 1965
TrueHeartSusie.png True Heart Susie Lillian Gish D.W. Griffith 1919 b+w 1965