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Still Title Actors Director Year Color Date NSS
ArsenicAndOldLace1.png Arsenic and Old Lace Jean Adair
Josephine Hull
Cary Grant
Frank Capra 1944 b+w 1958 R58/400
ArsenicAndOldLace2.png Arsenic and Old Lace Cary Grant
Raymond Massey
Peter Lorre
Frank Capra 1944 b+w 1958 R58/400
BringingUpBaby.png Bringing Up Baby Cary Grant
Katharine Hepburn
Howard Hawks 1938 b+w 1955 R55/190
Charade.png Charade Cary Grant
Audrey Hepburn
James Coburn
Stanley Donen 1963 b+w 1963 63/314
MonkeyBusiness.png Monkey Business Cary Grant
Charles Coburn
Howard Hawks 1952 b+w 1952 52/376
NorthByNorthwest.png North by Northwest Eva Marie Saint
Cary Grant
Alfred Hitchcock 1959 b+w 1966 R66/45
Notorious.png Notorious Ingrid Bergman
Cary Grant
Alfred Hitchcock 1946 b+w 1967 R67/80
PhiladelphiaStory2.png Philadelphia Story,The James Stewart
Cary Grant
Ruth Hussey
George Cukor 1940 b+w 1955 R55/420
ToCatchAThief.png To Catch a Thief Grace Kelly
Cary Grant
Alfred Hitchcock 1955 b+w 1963 R63/270