Newspaper articles

Daily Alta California:

06/20/1888 Hillenbrand mortgage
05/03/1889 Hillenbrand property transfer to wife
08/04/1889 Hillenbrand Hotel mortgage
08/11/1889 Klose vs. Hillenbrand case
10/10/1889 Klose vs. Hillenbrand case
10/15/1889 Klose vs. Hillenbrand
11/09/1889 Hillenbrand Hotel decision
03/19/1890 Hillenbrand case
03/29/1891 Hillenbrand case Supreme Court decision
05/05/1891 Valencia Hotel resident insane

San Francisco Call:

06/20/1890 Hillenbrand Hotel German girl seeks position
11/15/1890 Hillenbrand Hotel receiver's sale
03/29/1891 Hillenbrand decision affirmed
02/03/1892 George W. Frank death notice (widow Clara Frank)
06/05/1892 Hillenbrand litigation [confusing!]
07/27/1892 Hillenbrand foreclosure
04/11/1893 Valencia Hotel suicide
05/16/1893 Valencia Hotel property to Clara M. Frank
10/08/1894 Valencia Hotel suicide
02/21/1896 Valencia Hotel German girl seeks position
02/15/1898 William Bock dispute with cook
04/29/1898 Valencia Hotel property mortgage
05/13/1900 Waiter wanted Valencia Hotel
06/23/1900 Kitchen man wanted Valencia Hotel
07/21/1900 Valencia Hotel boy seeks driver job
09/06/1900 Chambermaid wanted Valencia Hotel
09/14/1900 Cook wanted Valencia Hotel
05/31/1901 Room/board ad Valencia Hotel
07/07/1901 Barber/tailor wanted Valencia Hotel
11/08/1901 Valencia Hotel suicide
01/24/1902 Upstairs girl sought Valencia Hotel
07/04/1902 Valencia Hotel suicide
10/26/1904 Valencia Hotel gas jet left open
04/23/1906 Valencia Hotel ruins not searched yet
04/24/1906 William Bock [Bach] and son killed Valencia Hotel
04/25/1906 Valencia Hotel body count
05/18/1906 List of earthquake dead [Valencia Hotel]
06/24/1906 Suggestions to rebuilders [Valencia Hotel]
02/07/1907 Valencia Hotel property from Clara M. Frank
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