Valencia St. Hotel images

This page displays Valencia St. Hotel images, with links to the originals. I've cropped many images to remove extraneous borders and tweaked brightness/contrast on a couple.

p01 p01.png original Behrendt color postcard
p01_b p01_b.png original Behrendt color postcard [back]
p02 p02.png original Rieder-Cardinell b+w postcard
p02_b p02_b.png original Rieder-Cardinell b+w postcard [back]
p03 p03.png original Weidner color postcard
p04 p04.png original ca. 1898
p04a p04a.png original ca. 1898 [detail]
p05 p05.png original rescue
p06 p06.png original street blocked and rescuers
p07 p07.png original Tanron; same as Behrendt/Weidner
p08 p08.png original fire approaching; both sides of street; no people
p09 p09.png original coroner's wagon; looking S
p09a p09a.png original coroner's wagon; looking S [cropped]
p10 p10.png original top story closeup
p11 p11.png original 1900 Sanborn Vol. 6 sheet 642
p11a p11a.png original 1900 Sanborn Vol. 6 sheet 642 [detail: block]
p11b p11b.png original 1900 Sanborn Vol. 6 sheet 642 [detail: hotel]
p12 p12.png original 2019 Assessor's block 3588
p13 p13.png original sinking
p13a p13a.png original sinking [detail]
p13b p13b.png original sinking [cropped]
p14 p14.png original site after with Youth Authority
p15 p15.png original rescue
p16a p16a.png original 1900 census [1 of 2]
p16b p16b.png original 1900 census [2 of 2]
p16c p16c.png original 1900 census [detail]
p17 p17.png original 1905 Crocker Langley [Valencia Hotel]
p18 p18.png original 1907 Crocker Langley [widow Anna]
p19 p19.png original sinkhole
p20 p20.png original sinkhole
p21 p21.png original Catholic Youth's Authority
p22 p22.png original Valencia 5/09/1906
p23 p23.png original Valencia 5/12/1906
p24 p24.png original Langley
p25 p25.png original Langley
p26 p26.png original Langley
p27 p27.png original Langley
p28 p28.png original Chronicle 18901117
p29 p29.png original Call 19010531
p30 p30.png original Call 19020124
p31 p31.png original Call 18960221
p32 p32.png original Call 19020704 [detail]
p33 p33.png original Chronicle 18901110
p34 p34.png original cropped from Tanron [1 of 12]
p35 p35.png original SW corner 18th/Valencia
p36 p36.png original S from 18th [6 of 12]
p37a p37a.png original Call 19060624 [detail]
p37b p37b.png original Call 19060624 [detail]
p38 p38.png original 1905 Rumsey [composite 642+629]
p39 p39.png original Fire 16th/Valencia (Phelan) [not used]
p40 p40.png original Bear Photo version of Tanron [not used]
p41 p41.png original wet street; tracks bending; like p06 [not used]
p42 p42.png original Bear 5/18/1906 [not used]
p43 p43.png original yet another version of Tanron [not used]
p44 p44.png original Pillsbury after Cumberland/Valencia [not used]
p45 p45.png original Valencia/18th sinkhole after [not used]
p46 p46.png original Reconstruction [not used]
p47 p47.png original Valencia/18th after with burned-out streetcar
p48 p48.png original stereoview after
p49 p49.png original [not used]
p50 p50.png original 18th fissures
p50a p50a.png original 18th fissures [cropped]
p51 p51.png original VSH [not used]
p52 p52.png original Valencia/18th after [Carl Breer]
p53 p53.png original rescue; cf. p15 [not used]
p54 p54.png original tracks Valencia/19th after
p55 p55.png original A.H. postcard
p56 p56.png original postcard with flames
p57 p57.png original NE after [9 of 12; not used]
p58 p58.png original postcard postmarked 5/29/1906
p58_b p58_b.png original postcard postmarked 5/29/1906 [back]
p59 p59.png original steeple down [not used]
p60 p60.png original kids getting water [not used]
p62 p62.png original from livery [not used]
p63 p63.png original American News postcard [front]
p63_b p63_b.png original American News postcard [back]
p64 p64.png original A.H. postcard 18th [front]
p64_b p64_b.png original A.H. postcard 18th [back]
p65 p65.png original reconstruction [not used]

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