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Publisher No. Year Caption Comments
artistic.jpg Artistic San Francisco, Cal. from a Suburb NE from 20th/Church
behrendt_520.jpg Behrendt 520 Band Stand, Golden Gate Park, Cal.
davis_16843.jpg Davis 16843 Where modern skyscrapers were tossed like a ship at sea
Newspaper Row, Great Earthquake, San Francisco
davis_16857.jpg Davis 16857 What an earthquake can do for a modern city in three minutes
davis_16882.jpg Davis 16882 1906 California St, looking West toward Nob Hill
houseworth_208.jpg Houseworth 208 South Side of California street, from Montgomery,
looking East — Merchants Exchange
houseworth_216.jpg Houseworth 216 1865 Protestant Orphan Asylum N from Clinton Mound
houseworth_354.jpg Houseworth 354 1866 California Street, from corner Stockton, looking east
houseworth_355.jpg Houseworth 355 General View of the City, from cor. Cal. and Powell
sts., looking Northeast — the Bay and Goat Island.
houseworth_376.jpg houseworth_376_b.png Houseworth 376 1866 City and Bay, from Rincon Hill.
houseworth_412.jpg Houseworth 412 1869 Seal Rock House - Ocean Beach
houseworth_430.jpg Houseworth 430 Golden Gate and the Presidio
from Russian Hill
houseworth_493.jpg Houseworth 493 South Park
houseworth_522.jpg Houseworth 522 TELEGRAPH HILL —
From Sacramento and Mason
houseworth_523.jpg Houseworth 523 THE CITY — From corner California and Mason
Street, looking Southeast.
houseworth_560.jpg Houseworth 560 TELEGRAPH HILL — from the Nucleus Hotel, corner
Market and Third Streets.
international_20565.jpg International 20565 1906 Market St. from Powell St.
international_20653.jpg International 20653 1906 Houses wrecked by Earthquake
jarvis.jpg Jarvis In the Heart of Chinatown, San Francisco, California
jarvis_2.jpg Jarvis 1892 Dining Room, Baldwin Hotel
johnson4.jpg Johnson 1906 Earthquake Wrecked Buildings on Howard and
17th Street
johnson5.jpg Johnson 1906 Howard Street from Camp from Capp [not Camp]
keystone_5048.jpg keystone_5048_b.png Keystone 5048 Cliff House and Seal Rocks
keystone_5049.jpg Keystone 5049 1897 Christian Endeavor Convention Hall, Mechanics Pavilion
keystone_5061.jpg Keystone 5061 1897 W. Jennings Bryan Addressing Christian Endeavor Convention,
San Francisco, Cal., U.S.A., July 7th, 1897.
Central Park
keystone_5070.jpg Keystone 5070 1897 'We are Soldiers of the Cross', Christian Endeavorers looking north on Kearny at Market/Geary/Kearny
keystone_5074.jpg Keystone 5074 1897 Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Cal., U.S.A.
keystone_9232.jpg Keystone 9232 In Chinatown Sing Fat Co.
keystone_16743.jpg Keystone 16743 Market Street — Twin Peaks in the Dis-
tance, San Francisco, Calif.
keystone_17805.jpg Keystone 17805 Vying with the Aurora Borealis — Spectacular
Electrical Display, Panama-Pac. Int. Exp., San Francisco
keystone_29235.jpg Keystone 17805 Ship Entering the Golden Gate, San Francisco.
kilburn_985.jpg kilburn_985_b.png Kilburn 985 Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, Cal.
kilburn_4411.jpg kilburn_4411_b.png Kilburn 4411 The Cliff House, and Sea Lion Rocks
kilburn_16857.jpg Kilburn 16857 What an Earthquake can do for a modern city
kilburn_16872.jpg Kilburn 16872 1906 Twisted and wrecked by the Earthquake, San Francisco 18th/Howard
mcdonald_161.jpg mcdonald_161_b.png McDonald 161 Street Scene in Chinatown
mcdonald_162.jpg mcdonald_162_b.png McDonald 162 Going to the Matinee Chinatown
mcdonald_176.jpg mcdonald_176_b.png McDonald 176 Wood Carriers of Chinatown
muybridge2.jpg Muybridge O. Lawton & Co., Market Street, Under Grand Hotel, San Francisco.
muybridge_198.jpg Muybridge 198 1869 San Francisco, from Protestant Orphan Asylum looking SE
muybridge_201.jpg Muybridge 201 San Francisco, from the Merchants' Exchange
muybridge_238.jpg muybridge_238_b.png Muybridge 238 Russian Hill
muybridge_683.jpg muybridge_683_b.png Muybridge 683 San Francisco from Rincon Hill
muybridge_843.jpg Muybridge 843 Chinese Joss House
muybridge_1647.jpg Muybridge 1647 Point Bonita, [Entrance to Bay of San Francisco,], looking South
phillips_033.jpg Phillips 33 St. Dominici Church
phillips_595.jpg Phillips 595 Cattle Killed by Falling Walls During Great
popular1.jpg Popular View from Russian Hill San Francisco, Cal. E toward YBI from Taylor/Vallejo
popular2.jpg popular2_b.png Popular Chinese Quarters
reilly.jpg Reilly San Francisco, Looking Southeast from California and Taylor Streets SE from California/Taylor; same as reilly_127
reilly2.jpg reilly2_b.png Reilly Sansome Street, San Francisco, Cal.
reilly3.jpg Reilly Chinese Restaurant, Jackson St., San Francisco, Cal.
reilly_103.jpg Reilly 103 San Francisco, from California and Taylor Streets, Cal. S from California/Taylor
reilly_110.jpg Reilly 110 Kearney street Plazza
reilly_115.jpg Reilly 115 Chinese Store, Sacramento Street
reilly_127.jpg Reilly 127 San Francisco from Nob Hill SE from California/Taylor; same as reilly
reilly_127a.jpg Reilly 127 San Francisco from Nob Hill SE from California/Taylor; same as reilly
riley_155.jpg Riley 155 Entrance of Woodwards Gardens N.B. Riley not Reilly
reilly_173.jpg Reilly 173 St. Ignatius College, Hayes Street
soule_1319.jpg Soule 1319 Telegraph Hill, from Clay Street Hill, San Francisco
standard_1526.jpg Standard 1526 1906 Market Street, Before the Earthquake of 1906
strohmeyer.jpg Strohmeyer 1898 In the Great Sutro Baths, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
taber_0776.jpg Taber 776 At the Cliff House
taber_1663.jpg taber_1663_b.png Taber 1663 Palace Hotel S.F., Interior View
taber_2484.jpg Taber 2484 Portsmouth Square, San Francisco
taber_u01.jpg Taber At the Cliff House, Seal Rocks cf. Watkins 2048
taber_u02.jpg Taber At the Cliff House, Seal Rocks
thomas_81.jpg Thomas 81 1906 Miles of Wreckage caused by Fire and Earth-
quake, San Francisco, Cal.
underwood_48.jpg Underwood 48 1901 President McKinley to 45th and 46th Vols., returned from the Philippines — San Francisco, Cal.
united_0609.jpg United 0609 1908 Interior Sutro Baths, San Francisco, U.S.A.
universal_1.jpg Universal The Heart of Chinatown in Ruins
unknown_1012.jpg [Unknown] 1012 Looking for Treasures in the Ruins of the Once
Magnificent Crocker Home, California St., San Francisco.
unknown_baldwin.jpg [Unknown] San Francisco, from Baldwin House N up Powell from Ellis
unknown_cable.jpg [Unknown] Cable Railroad, San Francisco, Cal.
unknown_ferry.jpg [Unknown] 57 Ferry Depot, San Francisco
unknown_geary.jpg [Unknown] Geary Srreet, San Francisco W from Market
unknown_howard.jpg [Unknown] [Howard St.: Drunken Houses]
unknown_russian.jpg [Unknown] 983 Russian Hill, San Francisco, Cal. seller says Kilburn
unknown_valencia.jpg [Unknown] 1906 Burned District, San Francisco, Cal.
Looking East from Former location of
Valencia St. Hotel
NE from 19th/Valencia
watkins_u01.jpg watkins_u01_b.png Watkins [Grand Hotel]
watkins_297.jpg Watkins 297 1867 Jewish Cemetery, San Francisco W from gatehouse
watkins_298.jpg Watkins 298 [Jewish Cemetery] W from 19th/Dolores
watkins_321.jpg Watkins 321 1862 Washington Square, July 4th, 1862, San Francisco.
watkins_721.jpg watkins_721_b.png Watkins 721 1867 Lincoln Obsequies, San Francisco
watkins_764.jpg Watkins 764 Panorama from Russian Hill, San Francisco (No. 3)
watkins_766.jpg Watkins 766 Panorama from Russian Hill, San Francisco (No. 5)
watkins_769.jpg Watkins 769 Panorama from Russian Hill, San Francisco (No. 8)
watkins_769a.jpg watkins_769a_b.png Watkins 769 Panorama from Russian Hill, San Francisco (No. 8)
watkins_777.jpg Watkins 777 1867 At the Cliff House, San Francisco
watkins_777a.jpg watkins_777a_b.png Watkins 777 1867 At the Cliff House, San Francisco
watkins_939.jpg Watkins 939 Merchant's Exchange, San Francisco California/Montgomery
watkins_1352.jpg Watkins 1352 The Golden Gate from Telegraph Hill
watkins_1400.jpg Watkins 1400 Grand Hotel, San Francisco — Birds Eye view
watkins_1614.jpg Watkins 1614 1872 Laying the cornerstone of the new City
Hall, San Francisco, Feb. 22nd, 1872
watkins_1616.jpg Watkins 1616 1872 Laying the cornerstone of the new City
Hall, San Francisco, Feb. 22nd, 1872
watkins_1628.jpg Watkins 1628 At Woodward's Gardens, San Francisco
watkins_1701.jpg Watkins 1701 Mission Church, Mission Dolores
watkins_1701a.jpg Watkins 1701 Mission Church, Mission Dolores
watkins_1702.jpg Watkins 1702 Mission Church, Mission Dolores.
watkins_1702a.jpg Watkins 1702 Mission Church, Mission Dolores.
watkins_1703.jpg Watkins 1703 Mission Church, Mission Dolores.
watkins_1706.jpg Watkins 1706 Jewish Cemetery. Mission. SW from 18th just W of Dolores
watkins_1739.jpg watkins_1739_b.png Watkins 1739 [Lick House Dining Room]
watkins_1739b.jpg Watkins 1739 Lick House Dining Room, J.M Lawlor &
Co., Proprietors, San Francisco, Cal.
watkins_1772.jpg Watkins 1772 Montgomery Street from Market, S.F.
watkins_1895.jpg Watkins 1895 Trinity Church
watkins_2048.jpg Watkins 2048 Sea Lions, West End, Farallone Islands cf. Taber unnumbered
watkins_2374.jpg Watkins 2374 San Francisco, from Dolores and Twenty-First Sts. NW from 21st/Dolores
watkins_2376.jpg Watkins 2376 San Francisco, from Dolores and Twenty-First Sts. NE from 21st/Dolores
watkins_2377.jpg Watkins 2377 San Francisco, from Dolores and Twenty-First Sts. SE from 21st/Dolores
watkins_2758.jpg Watkins 2758 Entrance to Joss House. S.F.
watkins_3552.jpg Watkins 3552 Palace Hotel, S.F. Interior view
watkins_3554.jpg Watkins 3554 Palace Hotel, S.F. Interior view
watkins_3619.jpg Watkins 3619 The Cliff House and Environs, San Francisco
watkins_3639.jpg Watkins 3639 The Golden Gate, from Telegraph Hill, S.F.
watkins_3646.jpg Watkins 3646 From the Grounds of Gov. Stanford, Cal. St., S.F.
watkins_3647.jpg Watkins 3647 View from the Grounds of Gov. Stanford, Cal. St., S.F.
watkins_3649.jpg Watkins 3649 View from the Grounds of Gov. Stanford, Cal. St., S.F.
watkins_3653.jpg Watkins 3655 Market St. View east, from the Orphan Asylum, S.F.
watkins_3655.jpg Watkins 3655 Long Bridge from the Orphan Asylum, S.F. E over Market
watkins_3692.jpg Watkins 3692 Baldwin's Hotel. Market & Powell Sts., S.F.
watkins_3704.jpg Watkins 3704 Residence of Mark Hopkins, Esq., Cal. St. Hill, S.F.
watkins_3760.jpg Watkins 3760 Smoking Divan in Chinese Restaurant
webster_3077.jpg Webster 3077 Sutro Baths. Golden Gate Pk., San Francisco
weidner_128.jpg Weidner 128 Fine Arts Palace P.P.I.E. 1915
weidner_261.jpg Weidner 261 Cliff House Beach, San Francisco, Calif.
weidner_265.jpg Weidner 265 Sutro Baths, San Francisco, Calif. Chas. Weidner, photographer (on reverse)
white_3781.jpg White 3701 1906 Refugee Camp, Lafayette Square
white_8713.jpg white_8713_b.png White 8713 1906 Curious Result of the Earthquake
white_8713a.jpg white_8713a_b.png White 8713 1906 Curious Result of the Earthquake
white_8716.jpg White 8716 1906 Refugee Camp in Lafayette Square looking into city, San
Francisco Disaster, U.S.A.
white_8773.jpg White 8773 1906 Kearny St. and Hall of Justice
white_8774.jpg White 8774 1906 After the earthquake — Frame houses tumbled from their found-
ations, San Francisco Disaster, U.S.A.
world_1.jpg World 1906 Result of the Shock
world_2.jpg World 1906 Sunken and Cracked Sidewalk