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Color Publisher Number Caption
american2020.jpg b+w American Stereoscopic 2020 Looking North from Fifth and National Streets
davis.jpg davis_r.jpg b+w James M. Davis 16881 Market Street, looking East, just before the Earthquake,
San Francisco
griffith01.jpg griffith01_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 1 Refugee camp made of scraps of corrugated
sheet iron gathered from the ruins -- City
griffith02.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 2 Market Street from ferry depot -- Chronicle and
Call buildings in the distance.
griffith03.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 3 Looking northeast from corner Sutter and
Jones Sts.
griffith05.jpg griffith05_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 5 California St. looking toward the ferry depot --
Banking district.
griffith06a.jpg griffith06a_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 6 Forming bread line at Jefferson Square.
griffith06b.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 6 Forming bread line at Jefferson Square.
griffith07.jpg griffith07_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 7 Looking east from corner Pine and Stockton.
This plate shows the ruins of the Mills building.
griffith08.jpg griffith08_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 8 Ruins of the Jewish Synagogue on Sutter St., near Powell;
stood the great earthquakes of 1865 and 1868.
griffith09.jpg griffith09_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 9 View of Nobb Hill, the millionaire residence
griffith10.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 10 Looking east from corner Ellis and Jones --
tall building, The San Francisco Call.
griffith11.jpg griffith11_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 11 Seventh Regiment National Guards from Los
Angeles, camped in Lincoln Square, Oakland, Cal.
griffith12.jpg griffith12_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 12 Refugees' camp at ball grounds in Golden
Gate Park.
griffith13.jpg griffith13_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 13 Looking north up Mason Street from Eddy --
Ruins of the Fairmont $4,000,000 hotel.
griffith14.jpg griffith14_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 14 Looking northwest from corner Ellis and
Powell Sts.
griffith15.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 15 Looking up Grand Ave. from Market St.
griffith16.jpg griffith16_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 16 Looking west from the Jewish Synagogue.
griffith17.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 17 Safes being guarded.
griffith18.jpg griffith18_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 18 Refugees' camp, former dwelling in ruins in
background--This is earthquake work.
griffith19.jpg griffith19_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 19 Looking south, corner Sutter and Stockton.
griffith20.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 20 City Hall--Photographer in foreground--Tall
brick chimneys left standing in foreground.
griffith21.jpg griffith21_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 21 View from Moulder School distributing sta-
tion, showing tons of flour on sidewalk.
griffith22.jpg griffith22_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 22 City Hall from McAllister St., looking north-
east--Souvenir hunters in foreground.
griffith23.jpg griffith23_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 23 Ruins of the St. Ignatious Catholic Church.
griffith24.jpg griffith24_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 24 Refugees' camp in Jefferson Square.
griffith25.jpg griffith25_w.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 25 Ferry landing from Oakland.
griffith33.jpg b+w Griffith & Griffith 33 Closely Guarded Ruins of St. Ignatius Church.
Containing Many Valuables
johnson1.jpg b+w Clinton Johnson Relief line at Oakland.
johnson2.jpg b+w Clinton Johnson City Hall from Larkin and City Hall Ave.
johnson3.jpg b+w Clinton Johnson East from Grace Church
johnson4.jpg b+w Clinton Johnson Earthquake Wrecked Buildings on Howard and
17th Street.
johnson5.jpg b+w Clinton Johnson Grace Episcopal Church and Surroundings
keystone1.jpg keystone1_r.jpg b+w Keystone View Company 5048 Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco, Calif.
keystone2.jpg keystone2_r.jpg b+w Keystone View Company 13273 The Utter Ruin of San Francisco's Gas Works
keystone3.jpg keystone3_r.jpg b+w Keystone View Company 13278 San Francisco as it Appeared After Earthquake and Fire Had Done Their Worst
keystone.jpg keystone_r.jpg b+w Keystone View Company 13267 Monuments to Mans Impotence - Call Building in the
distance - San Francisco's Earthquake and Fire
of April 18, 1908.
keystone16743.jpg b+w Keystone View Company 16743 Market Street — Twin Peaks in the Distance
keystone32319.jpg b+w Keystone View Company 32319 Looking N:E: from Twin Peaks down Market St. to Ferry Building
siegel01.jpg b+w Siegel, Cooper 1 The Emporium Department Store
siegel02.jpg b+w Siegel, Cooper 2 Tent-camp in Golden Gate Park
siegel05.jpg b+w Siegel, Cooper 5 Main Kitchen in Golden Gate Park
siegel22.jpg b+w Siegel, Cooper 22 Cooking on Street
siegel25.jpg b+w Siegel, Cooper 25 Dead Cattle on Mission Street
siegel28.jpg b+w Siegel, Cooper 18 Palace Hotel
siegel46.jpg b+w Siegel, Cooper 46 Ferry Building
smith300.jpg b+w W.S. Smith 300 Palace Hotel.
smith301.jpg smith301_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 301 United States Mint.
smith303.jpg smith303_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 303 Donohoe Fountain, Market Street.
smith304.jpg color W.S. Smith 304 Old Jewish Synagogue.
smith305.jpg smith305_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 305 St. Patrick's Church.
smith307.jpg smith307_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 307 Poodle Dog Restaurant.
smith308.jpg smith308_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 308 Camp at Fort Mason.
smith309.jpg smith309_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 309 Camp in Jefferson Square.
smith310.jpg smith310_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 310 Modern Structures After Fire.
smith311.jpg smith311_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 311 Dewey Monument.
smith313.jpg smith313_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 313 City Hall.
smith314.jpg smith314_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 314 Call Building.
smith315.jpg smith315_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 315 St. Mary's Hospital.
smith316.jpg smith316_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 316 Russian Hill.
smith317.jpg smith317_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 317 Northeast from Fifth Street.
smith318.jpg smith318_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 318 Portsmouth Square.
smith319.jpg smith319_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 319 First Relief.
smith320.jpg smith320_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 320 Hall of Justice.
smith321.jpg smith321_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 321 Temporary Hospital at Fort Mason.
smith323.jpg smith323_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 323 Y.M.C.A. Building.
smith324.jpg smith324_r.jpg color W.S. Smith 324 St. Ignatius Church.
underwood.jpg underwood_r.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood (45)-5950 Cliff House and Seal Rooks W.N.W from the sea-
beach, San Francisco, Cal.
underwood5284.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood 5284 From Telegraph Hill S.W. over the great ruined business section
underwood8194.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood 8194 Claus Spreckel's residence, on Van Ness Ave.,
where the great fire was checked
underwood8196.jpg underwood8196_r.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood 8196 Where one of the great earth-waves that destroyed
San Francisco burst the pavement
underwood8197.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood 8197 Homeless among ruins of former wealth — crude shelter in Union Square
underwood8198.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood 8198 Dwellings of the homeless — shelter built of wreckage, near ruined City Hall
underwood8201.jpg underwood8201_r.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood 8201 Union Street, rent by the great earthquake
underwood8222.jpg underwood8222_r.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood 8222 From Kohl Bldg. W. to Fairmount Hotel and Hob Hill, once rich and
underwood8223.jpg underwood8223_r.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood 8223 Slowly clearing away the wreckage of earthquake and fire--
from Kohl Bldg. N.
underwood8265.jpg b+w Underwood & Underwood 8265 Vaults of Scandanavian-American Savings Bank,
unharmed by the great fire
white.jpg white_r.jpg b+w H. C. White & Co. 8701 General view of burned area, (Market St. on left) from
Ferry Tower, San Francisco Disaster, U.S.A.
white8724.jpg b+w H. C. White & Co. 8724 Palatial Residence and Fairmount Hotel, Nob Hill
white8718.jpg b+w H. C. White & Co. 8718 Overlooking Kearney Street — lower burned area from Telegraph Hill
s1004.jpg s1004_r.jpg color [Unknown] 1004 Wrecking Dangerous Walls in the Shaken and
Burned District of San Francisco, April 18, 1906.
s1023.jpg s1023_r.jpg color [Unknown] 1023 Union Square, San Francisco, showing Dewey
Monument, the Call and Dana Bldgs.
s1029.jpg s1029_r.jpg color [Unknown] 1029 A Make-Shift Camp on the Border of Desola-
tion in the Fire sourged District of San Francisco.
s1030.jpg s1030_r.jpg color [Unknown] 1030 Rufugees' Snug Camp in the Shades of Colum-
bia Park, San Francisco FIre swept district..
s1055.jpg s1055_r.jpg color [Unknown] 1055 The Never-ending Search for the Missing in the
Earthquake and Fire Devastated Ruins of San Francisco.
american.jpg b+w [Unknown] Kearney Street, San Francisco, Cal.
before.jpg color [Unknown] San Francisco Before the Fire.
before2.jpg b+w [Unknown] San Francisco Before the Fire.
cliff.jpg cliff_r.jpg color [Unknown] 275 Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco, Cal.
other.jpg b+w [Unknown] 4 True grit -- Barber painting sign on tent.
ppie.jpg b+w [Unknown] Court of Universe, P.P.I.E. 1915, San Francisco, Cal.
unknown5402.jpg b+w [Unknown] 5402 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal.
world.jpg b+w [Unknown] Result of the Shock
universal1.jpg color Universal 'Marktstrasse
universal2.jpg b+w Universal A Desolate Record of Earthquake and Fire, Newspaper Row from Howard Street
universal3.jpg b+w Universal Market Street Showing Call Building, The Highest in San Francisco
watkins985.jpg b+w Watkins 985 Effects of the Earthquake, Oct. 21, 1868, Market and First sts.