San Francisco Postcards

This page displays color scans of 479 San Francisco postcards from my collection. Cards are roughly 5.5"x3.5" except as noted. Click on a caption for more information about a card. See text links for transcriptions of many written messages and notes links for more information about many cards.

Steve's SF postcard pages:

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Front Back Publisher Number Caption Date Notes Comments
a_h_2.png a_h_2_b.png A.H. Eighteenth and Valencia 07/06/1906 text note cf. American News, O. Newman
a_h_3.png a_h_3_b.png A.H. Panorama from Nob Hill
a_h_1.png a_h_1_b.png A.H. Valencia Hotel note cf. Charlton
acmegraph_10672.png acmegraph_10672_b.png Acmegraph 10672 Sing Chong Co., Chinese Bazaar note
american_je_3.png american_je_3_b.png Amer. Journal Examiner The Shelter of an Eq. Victim
american_je_2.png american_je_2_b.png Amer. Journal Examiner Refugees in Jefferson Square
american_je_1.png american_je_1_b.png Amer. Journal Examiner What the Earthquake Did
american_art_1.png american_art_1_b.png American Art Bird's Eye View of the Expo. 11/11/1915
american_u05.png american_u05_b.png American News Bird's-eye View of Ruined City note unevenly trimmed; cf. unknown_03; addressed but never mailed
american_u04.png american_u04_b.png American News Statue of Prof. L. Agassiz note cf. color American News 93396
american_u03.png american_u03_b.png American News Looking N.E. from St. Mary's note cf. unknown_04
american_u02.png american_u02_b.png American News View of Retail District
american_u01.png american_u01_b.png American News City Hall Dismantled by Earthq.
american_93396.png american_93396_b.png American News 93396 Statue of Agassiz 07/dd/1909 text note ca. 7/1909; cf. b+w American News; written but not addressed/mailed
american_93411.png american_93411_b.png American News 93411 Earthquake Fissures in Street note cf. A.H., O. Newman
bardell_u02.png bardell_u02_b.png Bardell Market and Ellis Streets
bardell_u01.png bardell_u01_b.png Bardell Bay Bridge
bardell_u03.png bardell_u03_b.png Bardell Call Building
bardell_10.png bardell_10_b.png Bardell 10 Birdseye View of the PPIE 09/23/1915 text
behrendt_014.png behrendt_014_b.png Behrendt 14 Palace Hotel note cf. Weidner 147
behrendt_032.png behrendt_032_b.png Behrendt 32 A December Day in GGP 01/20/1907 text
behrendt_038.png behrendt_038_b.png Behrendt 38 Sutro Heights 05/06/1908 text note cf. Weidner 2
behrendt_105.png behrendt_105_b.png Behrendt 105 The Mission Highschool 07/31/1907 text
behrendt_127.png behrendt_127_b.png Behrendt 127 Washington St. Oakland 04/15/1908 text cf. Charlton 200
behrendt_204.png behrendt_204_b.png Behrendt 204 Bread line at St. Mary's note cf. Rieder 213
behrendt_205.png behrendt_205_b.png Behrendt 205 Ruins from Post Street
behrendt_207.png behrendt_207_b.png Behrendt 207 From Van Ness Ave. looking E missing corner
behrendt_209.png behrendt_209_b.png Behrendt 209 Camps at North Beach
behrendt_213.png behrendt_213_b.png Behrendt 213 Cooking on the Street
behrendt_238.png behrendt_238_b.png Behrendt 238 Valencia Hotel 04/10/1907 text note stamp missing; dup; cf. Weidner 241
behrendt_238a.png behrendt_238a_b.png Behrendt 238 Valencia Hotel text note postmark year illegible; missing corner; dup
behrendt_245.png behrendt_245_b.png Behrendt 245 Scene Golden Gate Park 06/22/1913 written in German
behrendt_250.png behrendt_250_b.png Behrendt 250 A Souvenir from the GG City part of multicard message
behrendt_298.png behrendt_298_b.png Behrendt 298 South from Cal. St. Hill 09/25/1906 text creased
behrendt_8277.png behrendt_8277_b.png Behrendt 8277 Parapet Sutro Heights
behrendt_8294.png behrendt_8294_b.png Behrendt 8294 Call Building 08/16/1910 text
behrendt_8538.png behrendt_8538_b.png Behrendt 8538 Emporium 11/04/1909 text
britton_438.png britton_438_b.png Britton & Rey 438 Alvord Lake, GGP 02/27/1905 text
britton_449.png britton_449_b.png Britton & Rey 449 Sunset in Golden Gate Park 04/07/1905 text
britton_456.png britton_456_b.png Britton & Rey 456 Dupont Street Chinatown 03/29/1904 text note
britton_472.png britton_472_b.png Britton & Rey 472 Panoramic View from Call 12/18/1905 text
britton_488.png britton_488_b.png Britton & Rey 488 Chinese Children Chinatown 02/06/1904 text
britton_496.png britton_496_b.png Britton & Rey 496 Panorama North from Call 11/26/1903 written in German; stamp missing
britton_506.png britton_506_b.png Britton & Rey 506 Japanese Tea Garden 11/08/1905 text
britton_521.png britton_521_b.png Britton & Rey 521 Cliff House, Seal Rocks 05/24/1905 text
britton_532.png britton_532_b.png Britton & Rey 532 Observatory on Strawberry Hill 11/06/1905 text dated but not addressed/mailed
britton_545.png britton_545_b.png Britton & Rey 545 St. Francis Hotel / Union Sq.
britton_548.png britton_548_b.png Britton & Rey 548 Union Square Park
britton_552.png britton_552_b.png Britton & Rey 552 Holiday Crowd on Ocean Beach 12/28/1905 text note
britton_558.png britton_558_b.png Britton & Rey 558 Huntington Falls GGP 03/10/1906 text stamp missing; latest pre-quake postmark
britton_618.png britton_618_b.png Britton & Rey 618 Market Street from Kearny 07/28/1905 text
britton_637.png britton_637_b.png Britton & Rey 637 Evening View City Hall
britton_731.png britton_731_b.png Britton & Rey 731 Diamond Palace 02/16/1906 text glitter on front; dated but not addressed/mailed
britton_1031.png britton_1031_b.png Britton & Rey 1031 Comp. Dest. of Cliff House 11/04/1909 text studio photo
britton_1032.png britton_1032_b.png Britton & Rey 1032 Union Ferry Depot
britton_1043.png britton_1043_b.png Britton & Rey 1043 The Parapet Observatory
britton_1051.png britton_1051_b.png Britton & Rey 1051 U.S. Transport Dock
britton_1112.png britton_1112_b.png Britton & Rey 1112 Sun Dial in GGP text note written but not addressed/mailed
britton_4024.png britton_4024_b.png Britton & Rey 4024 Bathing Pavillion Santa Cruz 06/23/1910 text written in shorthand
britton_5001.png britton_5001_b.png Britton & Rey 5001 French Hospital 07/02/1913 text
britton_9008.png britton_9008_b.png Britton & Rey 9008 Portola Festival 1909 10/21/1909 same addressee as mitchell_u02 and pacific_u05
buedingen_2205.png buedingen_2205_b.png Buendingen 2205 Cliff House 08/27/1903 note cf. Weidner 1
ca_sales_328.png ca_sales_328_b.png California Sales 328 The Conservatory 01/11/1911 text sepia
cardinell_ppie.png cardinell_ppie_b.png Candinell-Vincent Panama-Pacific Int. Expo. 1915 20 card set; wrapper in poor condition; contents here
cardinell_u05.png cardinell_u05_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Electric Tower San Jose
cardinell_u04.png cardinell_u04_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Aeroplane View of Busi. Dist. note cf. pacific2_112616
cardinell_u02.png cardinell_u02_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Panama-Pacific Exposition 11/22/1910 text
cardinell_u01.png cardinell_u01_b.png Cardinell-Vincent Japanese Tea Garden sepia
cardinell_u03.png cardinell_u03_b.png Cardinell-Vincent The Inside Inn 08/01/1915
cardinell_055.png cardinell_055_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 55 Evening Hour at the Ferry Bldg. note cf. Pacific Novelty 55
cardinell_593.png cardinell_593_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 593 San Francisco From The Bay sepia
cardinell_600.png cardinell_600_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 600 Mission Dolores sepia
cardinell_604.png cardinell_604_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 604 Stow Lake sepia
cardinell_613.png cardinell_613_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 613 Music Stand sepia
cardinell_5006.png cardinell_5006_b.png Cardinell-Vincent 5006 The Court of Palms
charlton_u02.png charlton_u02_b.png Charlton Panoramic View Looking SE 02/24/1905 note stamp missing; cf. Weidner 13
charlton_u01.png charlton_u01_b.png Charlton Valencia Hotel 05/29/1906 text note cf. A.H.
charlton_200.png charlton_200_b.png Charlton 200 Washington Street Oakland 03/14/1908 text cf. Behrendt 127
charlton_379.png charlton_379_b.png Charlton 379 Joaquin Miller text written but not addressed/mailed
clements_1237.png clements_1237_b.png Clements 1237 Union Square
cook_410.png cook_410_b.png Cook & Cook 410 Key Route Ferry Slip written but not addressed/mailed
crocker_u02.png crocker_u02_b.png Crocker James Flood Building 11/19/1908 text stamp on front
crocker_u01.png crocker_u01_b.png Crocker Result of Earthquake in St. note cf. weidner_204
crocker_u03.png crocker_u03_b.png Crocker Palm Avenue, Sutro Heights 05/15/190? note postmark year missing; cf. Mitchell 262
crocker_66370.png crocker_66370_b.png Crocker 66370 Court of Reflections
crocker_A18.png crocker_A18_b.png Crocker A18 Rich Lighting Effects
crocker_C14.png crocker_C14_b.png Crocker C-14 Temple Compound
crocker_C04.png crocker_C04_b.png Crocker C-4 Treasure Island
curteich_2A539.png curteich_2A539_b.png Curteich 2A539 At the End of the Trail 05/23/1932 text
curteich_6AH1646.png curteich_6AH1646_b.png Curteich 6A-H1646 Palace Hotel / GGIE 10/25/1939 text GGIE
curteich_H1978.png curteich_H1978_b.png Curteich 6A-H1978 Army and Navy Y.M.C.A. 01/26/1945 text
curteich_9AH728.png curteich_9AH728_b.png Curteich 9A-H728 1939 World's Fair Cake
curteich_h2854.png curteich_h2854_b.png Curteich H2854 Golden State Hotel scalloped edges
detroit_173.png detroit_173_b.png Detroit 173 Monterey Old Mission Chapel 08/10/1901 written in French (but mailed to Italy); stamp on front
detroit_5855.png detroit_5855_b.png Detroit 5855 Mission Dolores
doolittle_u1.png doolittle_u1_b.png Dolittle Ruins of Marie Antoinette Hotel [reproduction?]
doolittle_u3.png doolittle_u3_b.png Doolittle View of Market St. / Spreckles surface blemish right front
doolittle_u2.png doolittle_u2_b.png Doolittle Effect of the quake / Mission surface blemish right front
douglass_u1.png douglass_u1_b.png Douglass Y.M.C.A. Headquarters 02/01/1907 text
douglass_u2.png douglass_u2_b.png Douglass Palace Hotel Frisco After Fire on very heavy stock
fairmont.png fairmont_b.png Fairmont The Tonga Room 10/06/1951 text
galloway_05.png galloway_05_b.png Galloway 5 Panorama 08/29/1905 text note
galloway_27.png galloway_27_b.png Galloway 27 Ferry Depot oval frame; glitter around tower
gannett_u1.png gannett_u1_b.png Gannett Burning of San Francisco
weidner_001.png weidner_001_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 1 Cliff House note dup (variant); cf. Buedingen 2205
weidner_002.png weidner_002_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 2 Sutro Heights note dup (variant); cf. Behrendt 38, Penny Aud.
weidner_008.png weidner_008_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 8 Golden Gate 04/15/1903 text
weidner_010.png weidner_010_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 10 Ferry Building
weidner_014.png weidner_014_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 14 Chinese Restaurant two pinholes near top edge
weidner_022.png weidner_022_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 22 City Hall embossed; same sender as Weidner 82; part of multicard message
weidner_032.png weidner_032_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 32 Chinese Cobbler 12/01/1903 text
weidner_036.png weidner_036_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 36 Golden Gate and Fort Point text note dup (variant)
weidner_082.png weidner_082_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 82 Mission Dolores note embossed; same sender as Weidner 22; part of multicard message
weidner_090.png weidner_090_b.png Goeggel & Weidner 90 Picking Oranges
hearst_u1.png hearst_u1_b.png Hearst Tent Encampment of Refugees 08/02/1906 text
hofbrau_1.png hofbrau_1_b.png Hof-Bräu Lieb mich 10/22/1915 text
hofbrau_2.png hofbrau_2_b.png Hof-Bräu Kind Du kannst tanzen
hofbrau_3.png hofbrau_3_b.png Hof-Bräu Hof-Bräu Cafe
hofbrau_4.png hofbrau_4_b.png Hof-Bräu Wenn Würste und Schinken
hofbrau_6.png hofbrau_6_b.png Hof-Bräu Hof-Bräu Cafe
hofbrau_5.png hofbrau_5_b.png Hof-Bräu Mir san mir
judge_u1.png judge_u1_b.png Judge Market and Valencia text smaller format; addressed but never mailed; actually Market/Guerrero
kendall_3.png kendall_3_b.png Kendall 3 Business Section in Flames 05/18/1906 text
kendall_7.png kendall_7_b.png Kendall 7 Street after the Earthquake
king2.png king2_b.png King The starting of the fire note water damage top third
king.png king_b.png King Howard and 18th Streets
kropp_2227.png kropp_2227_b.png Kropp 2227 Ruins of Chinatown
kropp_2230.png kropp_2230_b.png Kropp 2230 Grace Church After the Fire
kropp_2234.png kropp_2234_b.png Kropp 2234 Mem. Chapel Stanford Univ.
kropp_11830.png kropp_11830_b.png Kropp 11830 Bernstein's Fish Grotto
kropp_27651.png kropp_27651_b.png Kropp 27651 The Whitcomb Hotel
lee.png lee_b.png Lee SF Disaster by Quake and Fire
livingston_105.png livingston_105_b.png Livingston 105 Fort Point and Golden Gate 04/24/1900 text dated/addressed but not postmarked; stamp missing
muller_001.png muller_001_b.png Müller 1 Ferry Building worn spot lower right
muller_512.png muller_512_b.png Müller 512 Goethe-Schiller Monument 03/28/1907 dated but not addressed/mailed
muller_531.png muller_531_b.png Müller 531 Parapet, Sutro Heights
mark_hopkins_2.png mark_hopkins_2_b.png Mark Hopkins Top of the Mark
mark_hopkins_1.png mark_hopkins_1_b.png Mark Hopkins Top of the Mark
mitchell_u01.png mitchell_u01_b.png Mitchell Portola Festival 1909 09/28/1909 text dup
mitchell_u01a.png mitchell_u01a_b.png Mitchell Portola Festival 1909 dup
mitchell_u02.png mitchell_u02_b.png Mitchell Admission Day 1910 Festival 09/05/1910 written in Kurrent; same sender/addressee as pacific_u05
mitchell_u03.png mitchell_u03_b.png Mitchell Portola Festival 10/12/1909 text
mitchell_expo_1.png mitchell_expo_1_b.png Mitchell Panama Pacific Int. Exposition 10/16/1911 text sepia; embossed
mitchell_002.png mitchell_002_b.png Mitchell 2 Seals on Seal Rocks note cf. Weidner 39
mitchell_030.png mitchell_030_b.png Mitchell 30 Fort Point and Golden Gate different than later Mitchell 30
mitchell_030a.png mitchell_030a_b.png Mitchell 30 Sutro Baths and Cliff House different than Mitchell PMC 30
mitchell_032.png mitchell_032_b.png Mitchell 32 Union Ferry Depot
mitchell_040.png mitchell_040_b.png Mitchell 40 Cliff House and Ocean Beach back was glued to album
mitchell_044.png mitchell_044_b.png Mitchell 44 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights note cf. PNC V163 & Mitchell 262
mitchell_058.png mitchell_058_b.png Mitchell 58 Emporium and Parrott Building 09/04/1902 text written in French; postmark hard to read but dated on front
mitchell_061.png mitchell_061_b.png Mitchell 61 Strawberry Hill and Stow Lake 05/dd/1902 written in Kurrent but not addressed/mailed; no publisher but Mitchell quill/ribbon
mitchell_100.png mitchell_100_b.png Mitchell 100 O'Farrell W from Stockton 07/22/1906 address erased
mitchell_103.png mitchell_103_b.png Mitchell 103 Ellis Street East from Larkin note cf. rieder_u01
mitchell_108.png mitchell_108_b.png Mitchell 108 Market and Fifth Streets water damage top third
mitchell_146.png mitchell_146_b.png Mitchell 146 Market St. / Pragers / Hibernia 12/09/1906 unevenly trimmed
mitchell_246.png mitchell_246_b.png Mitchell 246 Parapet at Sutro Heights 10/21/1907 text back flipped 180 vs. front
mitchell_262.png mitchell_262_b.png Mitchell 262 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights note cf. Crocker, PNC V163, Mitchell 44
mitchell_385.png mitchell_385_b.png Mitchell 385 Mission High School 07/27/1916 text
mitchell_479.png mitchell_479_b.png Mitchell 479 Ferry Building at night
mitchell_1229.png mitchell_1229_b.png Mitchell 1229 Flood Building 12/03/1908 text
mitchell_1266.png mitchell_1266_b.png Mitchell 1266 Lands End 06/18/1914 note dup (variant)
mitchell_1266a.png mitchell_1266a_b.png Mitchell 1266 Lands End note dup (variant)
mitchell_2085.png mitchell_2085_b.png Mitchell 2085 Tennis Court GGP 03/31/1911 text
mitchell_2178.png mitchell_2178_b.png Mitchell 2178 Sun Dial near Museum note
mitchell_2180.png mitchell_2180_b.png Mitchell 2180 Union Ferry Depot minor staining back top left
mitchell_4037.png mitchell_4037_b.png Mitchell 4037 Oregon State Building
mitchell_5010.png mitchell_5010_b.png Mitchell 5010 Arch of the Rising Sun
ny_american.png ny_american_b.png NY Sunday American Ruins of Church of the Advent
ny_american2.png ny_american2_b.png NY Sunday American How the Eq. Tore up the Pvmts. text
newman_V113.png newman_V113_b.png Newman 113 Stowe Lake, GGP 05/23/1910 text
newman_V119.png newman_V119_b.png Newman 119 Union Ferry Depot 01/19/1909 text
newman_V163.png newman_V163_b.png Newman 163 Palm Avenue Sutro Heights 04/21/1910 text note cf. Mitchell 44 & 262
newman_V175.png newman_V175_b.png Newman 175 Ferry Building and Bay printed PPIE message on back
newman_V198.png newman_V198_b.png Newman 198 Panorama from top of Call Weidner photo credit; missing top left corner
newman_V201.png newman_V201_b.png Newman 201 Phelan Building Weidner photo credit
newman_V212.png newman_V212_b.png Newman 212 Hotel Fairmont
newman_V280.png newman_V280_b.png Newman 280 Looking Up Market from Mont. text postmark year illegible (1912?)
newman_V295.png newman_V295_b.png Newman 295 Looking Across the Golden Gate 11/19/1910 text
newman_V314.png newman_V314_b.png Newman 314 Lawn Tennis at GGP
newman_V324.png newman_V324_b.png Newman 324 Grant Avenue, Chinatown 07/14/1913 text note cf. Weidner 596 & PNC 391; Washington not Grant
newman_V488.png newman_V488_b.png Newman 488 Ivy Covered Chapel Presidio text stamped address but unmailed
newman_V101.png newman_V101_b.png Newman V101 Laying the Pacific Cable
newman_V158.png newman_V158_b.png Newman V158 Ferry Building from Bay at night
newman_V183.png newman_V183_b.png Newman V183 The new 'Palace Hotel'
newman_V195.png newman_V195_b.png Newman V195 Hibernia Savings Bank Weidner photo credit
newman_o_u1.png newman_o_u1_b.png Newman, O. Flats, Sunk One Story note cf. A.H., American News
novelty_003.png novelty_003_b.png Novelty Import 3 Caifornia St. with Fairmount
novelty_506.png novelty_506_b.png Novelty Import 506 Spreckles Building 04/29/1907 text
oakland.png oakland_b.png Oakland Supply Camp, Jefferson Square
tribune.png tribune_b.png Oakland Tribune Oakland Tribune Extra 10/21/1907 text
pac_nat_bank.png pac_nat_bank_b.png Pacific Nat. Bank Palace of Fine Arts 7"x4" photo card
pacific_progress.png pacific_progress_b.png Pacific Novelty The City of Progress postcard folder; contents not scanned yet
pacific_u01.png pacific_u01_b.png Pacific Novelty Sing Fat Oriental Bazaar 02/18/1921 text note
pacific_u02.png pacific_u02_b.png Pacific Novelty Beach from Sutro Heights note
pacific_u03.png pacific_u03_b.png Pacific Novelty Music Stand, GGP 02/01/1927 crease top right
pacific_u04.png pacific_u04_b.png Pacific Novelty Diamond Jubilee 09/15/1925 postcard folder; contents not scanned yet
pacific_u05.png pacific_u05_b.png Pacific Novelty Portola A.D. 1769 10/02/1909 written in Kurrent; same sender/addressee as mitchell_u02; stain at top
pacific_003.png pacific_003_b.png Pacific Novelty 3 Kearny Street South From Post 03/31/1922 text stamp missing; written in French; card torn top right
pacific_jewel.png pacific_jewel_b.png Pacific Novelty 21 Jewel City 08/11/1915 text postcard folder; contents here
pacific_055.png pacific_055_b.png Pacific Novelty 55 Evening Hour at the Ferry Build. note dup unknown_34 (variant); cf. Cardinell 55; N.B. 1918 (not 1915)
pacific_062.png pacific_062_b.png Pacific Novelty 62 View Down Market Street
pacific_076.png pacific_076_b.png Pacific Novelty 76 A View in Chinatown note
pacific_091.png pacific_091_b.png Pacific Novelty 91 Huntington Falls, GGP 08/10/1922 center crease
pacific_101.png pacific_101_b.png Pacific Novelty 101 Ferry B. and Slips from the Bay corners creased
pacific_125.png pacific_125_b.png Pacific Novelty 125 Ferry Building
pacific_218.png pacific_218_b.png Pacific Novelty 218 Panorama 07/18/1910
pacific_220.png pacific_220_b.png Pacific Novelty 220 Alcatraz
pacific_288.png pacific_288_b.png Pacific Novelty 288 Ferry B. from Bay by Moonlight
pacific_334.png pacific_334_b.png Pacific Novelty 334 Ferry Building
pacific_341.png pacific_341_b.png Pacific Novelty 341 Seal Rocks from Cliff House sepia
pacific_375.png pacific_375_b.png Pacific Novelty 375 The Great Fire note
pacific_391.png pacific_391_b.png Pacific Novelty 391 A View in Chinatown note cf. Newman V324 & Weidner 596; dup (variant)
pacific_391a.png pacific_391a_b.png Pacific Novelty 391 A View in Chinatown note dup (variant)
pacific_393.png pacific_393_b.png Pacific Novelty 393 Claus Spreckles Building
pacific_553.png pacific_553_b.png Pacific Novelty 553 With Affectionate Rememb. text sepia; postmark year illegible
pacific_2802.png pacific_2802_b.png Pacific Novelty 2802 Sunset, Golden Gate 02/18/1925
pacific_3515.png pacific_3515_b.png Pacific Novelty 3515 Ferry Building
pacific_7036.png pacific_7036_b.png Pacific Novelty 7036 Phelan Building
pacific_7042.png pacific_7042_b.png Pacific Novelty 7042 Mission Bank
pacific_I107.png pacific_I107_b.png Pacific Novelty I-107 Market Street Looking East
pacific_I143.png pacific_I143_b.png Pacific Novelty I-143 Ferry Building 04/14/1926 text written/dated but not addressed/mailed
pacific_I150.png pacific_I150_b.png Pacific Novelty I-150 Telephone Building, ... 07/29/1926 stamp missing
pacific_I206.png pacific_I206_b.png Pacific Novelty I-206 Ferry Building library data typed/stamped on back
pacific_I088.png pacific_I088_b.png Pacific Novelty I-88 Ferry Building
pacific_O43.png pacific_O43_b.png Pacific Novelty O43 Panorama Oakland
pacific_p13.png pacific_p13_b.png Pacific Novelty P13 A Portola Crowd
pacific_p17.png pacific_p17_b.png Pacific Novelty P17 The Portola Parade
pacific2_70.png pacific2_70_b.png Pacific Stationery 70 Memorial Museum GGP
pacific2_96.png pacific2_96_b.png Pacific Stationery 96 Business Section Chinatown 03/27/1929 note back surface tears at top including stamp
pacific2_112616.png pacific2_112616_b.png Pacific Stationery 112616 Aeroplane View of Busi. Dist. note cf. cardinell_u04
penny.png penny_b.png Penny Auditorium Parapet, Sutro Heights 07/15/1905 text note cf. Weidner 2
piltz_039.png piltz_039_b.png Piltz 39 Coit Memorial Tower
piltz_068.png piltz_068_b.png Piltz 68 Chinatown
piltz_091.png piltz_091_b.png Piltz 91 Fleishhacker Pool 05/27/1934 text
piltz_159.png piltz_159_b.png Piltz 159 Night View of Treasure Island 07/02/1940 text postmark hard to read
piltz_177.png piltz_177_b.png Piltz 177 Temple Compound
rieder_u06.png rieder_u06_b.png Rieder Echoes of the Past 05/11/1906 text
rieder_u05.png rieder_u05_b.png Rieder Valencia Street Hotel 05/12/1906 text note dup (variant)
rieder_u03.png rieder_u03_b.png Rieder City Hall after earthquake
rieder_u07.png rieder_u07_b.png Rieder Van Ness Avenue down town 05/16/1906 text
rieder_u16.png rieder_u16_b.png Rieder Refugees, Jefferson Square album marks; mildewed
rieder_u14.png rieder_u14_b.png Rieder Looking up Powell from Market 05/12/1906 text center crack; cf. rieder_u17; same sender/addressee as unknown_36
rieder_u15.png rieder_u15_b.png Rieder Lafayette Park during the Fire 05/16/1906 text
rieder_u13.png rieder_u13_b.png Rieder SF in Flames
rieder_u10.png rieder_u10_b.png Rieder Fourth and Mission 01/14/1909 text mistrimmed
rieder_u18.png rieder_u18_b.png Rieder Market showing Palace and Call
rieder_3385.png rieder_3385_b.png Rieder 3385 Double Bow Knot on Mt. Tam RR note cf. Weidner 192
rieder_6968.png rieder_6968_b.png Rieder 6968 Ruins of Children's Building 11/09/1909 text note dup of 6986
rieder_6976.png rieder_6976_b.png Rieder 6976 McAllister and Market 02/07/1907 text unusual divided back: left side for sender's address only
rieder_6986.png rieder_6986_b.png Rieder 6986 Ruins of Children's Building note dup of 6968
rieder_u09.png rieder_u09_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Ruins of the Hibernian Bank
rieder_u04.png rieder_u04_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Fire approaching res. dist. 06/15/1906 text
rieder_u17.png rieder_u17_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Ruins at Powell and Market 03/16/1909 text cf. rieder_u14; same addressee as Tivoli Cafe
rieder_u12.png rieder_u12_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Looking up Powell Street minor water damage
rieder_u02.png rieder_u02_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Valencia Street Hotel 05/27/1906 text note dup (variant)
rieder_u01.png rieder_u01_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Ruins from Van Ness east 05/26/1906 text note cf. Mitchell 103; stamp missing
rieder_u08.png rieder_u08_b.png Rieder-Cardinell Bank of America after the fire creased
rieder_213.png rieder_213_b.png Rieder-Cardinell 213 Bread line, St. Mary's 04/06/1907 note stamp missing; cf. Behrendt 204
rieder_6932.png rieder_6932_b.png Rieder-Cardinell 6932 Awaiting their doom 02/09/1907 note cf. Selige 3223
rieger_u02.png rieger_u02_b.png Rieger South of Market Burning note cf. Weidner 233
rieger_u01.png rieger_u01_b.png Rieger Hall of Justice
robertson.png robertson_b.png Robertson Memorial Church, Stanford 07/21/1933 text
roesch.png roesch_b.png Roesch Portola-Louvre Restaurant
rosin_865.png rosin_865_b.png Rosin 865 Valencia Hotel
rosin_886.png rosin_886_b.png Rosin 886 Street Scene after earthquake
sf_card_109.png sf_card_109_b.png S.F. Card 109 Scene on Pacific Street 03/27/1905 text
sf_ruins_1.png sf_ruins_1_b.png S.F. Ruins Fire in the Business Section 06/06/1906 text
sf_ruins_2.png sf_ruins_2_b.png S.F. Ruins Call Building stiff stock; back stained at top
sfbay_expo.png sfbay_expo_b.png SF Bay Exposition Treasure Island Night and Day postcard folder; contents not scanned yet
sf_examiner_4.png sf_examiner_4_b.png SF Sunday Examiner New Palace Hotel badly trimmed
sf_examiner_3.png sf_examiner_3_b.png SF Sunday Examiner Rebuilding and New Building
sf_examiner_2.png sf_examiner_2_b.png SF Sunday Examiner Tearing Down the Palace Ruins
sf_examiner_1.png sf_examiner_1_b.png SF Sunday Examiner Van Ness Ave. retail center
scenic.png scenic_b.png Scenic View San Francisco postcard folder; contents not scanned yet
scenic_5.png scenic_5_b.png Scenic View 5 Oriental Bazaars and Shops note
scenic_07.png scenic_07_b.png Scenic View 7 Ferry Building
scenic_18.png scenic_18_b.png Scenic View 18 Amusement Zone, Great Highway note
scenic_30.png scenic_30_b.png Scenic View 30 Chinatown
scenic_87.png scenic_87_b.png Scenic View 87 Ferry Building
scheff_88.png scheff_88_b.png Scheff 88 Mission St. near 21st 04/03/1908 text written in Danish
schwabacher.png schwabacher_b.png Schwabacher-Frey Lotta's Fountain, Palace Hotel
selige_3223.png selige_3223_b.png Selige 3223 Panorama of Burning SF (Right) note
selige_3224.png selige_3224_b.png Selige 3224 Panorama of Burning SF (Left) note cf. Rieder 6932
selige_3241.png selige_3241_b.png Selige 3241 Wholesale District
sheraton_palace.png sheraton_palace_b.png Sheraton-Palace White Christmas at the Palace 12/18/1959 printed message; never mailed
smith.png smith_b.png Smith News Where Occident and Orient Meet postcard folder; contents here
smith_49.png smith_49_b.png Smith News 49 Powell at Market postmark year illegible
souvenir_u02.png souvenir_u02_b.png Souvenir Looking Down Market Street 07/05/1914 text back damage right edge and bottom
souvenir_u01.png souvenir_u01_b.png Souvenir There's Lots of Class At UC
souvenir_151.png souvenir_151_b.png Souvenir 151 Hall of Records
souvenir_260.png souvenir_260_b.png Souvenir 260 Get ready and come to SF
souvenir_483.png souvenir_483_b.png Souvenir 483 Hotel Argonaut PPIE seal on back
souvenir_548.png souvenir_548_b.png Souvenir 548 Conservatory Golden Gate Park sepia
souvenir_958.png souvenir_958_b.png Souvenir 958 Life is Worth Living
souvenir_969.png souvenir_969_b.png Souvenir 969 My City Oakland / City Hall
souvenir_4625.png souvenir_4625_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4625 Cliff House and Seal Rocks
souvenir_4625F.png souvenir_4625F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4625F Tivola Opera House should read Tivoli
souvenir_4628.png souvenir_4628_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4628 Museum Golden Gate Park
souvenir_4630.png souvenir_4630_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4630 Mission Dolores
souvenir_4630F.png souvenir_4630F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4630F St. Pat.'s Church/Mission St. incorrect caption
souvenir_4631.png souvenir_4631_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4631 City Hall
souvenir_4631F.png souvenir_4631F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4631F New Fairmount Hotel Ruins 10/23/1910 text 'Fairmont' misspelled; stamp missing
souvenir_4632.png souvenir_4632_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4632 Ferry Building note dup (variant)
souvenir_4632a.png souvenir_4632a_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4632 Ferry Building note dup (variant); incorrect caption
souvenir_4632F.png souvenir_4632F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4632F Philan, Mutual Bank, Call 05/27/1906 text
souvenir_4633.png souvenir_4633_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4633 St. Francis Hotel / Union Sq.
souvenir_4634F.png souvenir_4634F_b.png Souvenir Post Card 4634F Hotel Hamilton and Flood Bldg. small piece missing lower left
spectra_color.png spectra_color_b.png Spectra-Color Golden Pheasant Restaurant
tivoli_2.png tivoli_2_b.png Tivoli Fox Hunting text smaller format (3x5); same addressee as rieder_u17; addressed but never mailed
tivoli_1.png tivoli_1_b.png Tivoli Tivoli Cafe smaller format (3x5)
toledo.png toledo_b.png Toledo Toledo Scales
us_01.png us_01_b.png US Postal [none] 01/03/1887 text smaller format (5x3); earliest date
weidner_001a.png weidner_001a_b.png Weidner 1 Cliff House 01/08/1912 text note dup (variant); cf. Buedingen 2205
weidner_002a.png weidner_002a_b.png Weidner 2 Sutro Heights 01/15/1906 text note dup (variant); cf. Behrendt 38, Penny Aud.
weidner_003.png weidner_003_b.png Weidner 3 Music Stand GGP
weidner_006.png weidner_006_b.png Weidner 6 Children's Play Ground no number on card; back pasted onto paper
weidner_013.png weidner_013_b.png Weidner 13 Panorama 08/31/1908 text note dup (variant); cf. charlton_u02
weidner_013a.png weidner_013a_b.png Weidner 13 Panorama note dup (variant); cf. charlton_u02
weidner_013b.png weidner_013b_b.png Weidner 13 Panorama dup (variant); cf. charlton_u02
weidner_016.png weidner_016_b.png Weidner 16 Chinese Aristocrats 12/17/1908 text note
weidner_016a.png weidner_016a_b.png Weidner 16 Chinese Aristocrats note
weidner_035a.png weidner_035a_b.png Weidner 35 Five Idols in Holy of Holies note dup (variant)
weidner_035.png weidner_035_b.png Weidner 35 Five Idols in Holy of Holies note dup (variant)
weidner_036a.png weidner_036a_b.png Weidner 36 Golden Gate and Fort Point 01/31/1907 text note written in Kurrent; stamp missing; dup (variant)
weidner_039.png weidner_039_b.png Weidner 39 Seals on Seal Rock note cf. Mitchell 2
weidner_086a.png weidner_086a_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building from the Bay 12/04/1905 text note dup
weidner_086.png weidner_086_b.png Weidner 86 Ferry Building 03/10/1907 text note scratched; dup
weidner_092.png weidner_092_b.png Weidner 92 The Valley from Mount Lowe
weidner_112.png weidner_112_b.png Weidner 112 The Chutes
weidner_113.png weidner_113_b.png Weidner 113 Sutro Baths
weidner_114.png weidner_114_b.png Weidner 114 Mission Dolores note
weidner_116a.png weidner_116a_b.png Weidner 116 Hotel St. Francis and Union Sq. 08/14/1907 text note dup (variant)
weidner_116.png weidner_116_b.png Weidner 116 Union Square showing Monument note dup (variant)
weidner_117.png weidner_117_b.png Weidner 117 Palace Hotel Court
weidner_119.png weidner_119_b.png Weidner 119 Memorial Church Stanford 11/24/1907 text note dup (variant)
weidner_119a.png weidner_119a_b.png Weidner 119 Mem. Church Stanford Univ. text note dup (variant); written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_122.png weidner_122_b.png Weidner 122 City Hall Square and Monument 03/05/1906 text
weidner_123a.png weidner_123a_b.png Weidner 123 City Hall Dome text note dup (variant); written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_123.png weidner_123_b.png Weidner 123 City Hall Dome 02/04/1907 text note dup (variant)
weidner_124.png weidner_124_b.png Weidner 124 Portsmouth Square 09/13/1908 text
weidner_125.png weidner_125_b.png Weidner 125 Hall of Justice
weidner_127.png weidner_127_b.png Weidner 127 Looking down Market Street
weidner_128.png weidner_128_b.png Weidner 128 Looking Up Market Street 03/12/1908 text
weidner_130.png weidner_130_b.png Weidner 130 Concert Golden Gate Park
weidner_132.png weidner_132_b.png Weidner 132 Stow Lake and Strawberry Hill 12/20/1907 text
weidner_133.png weidner_133_b.png Weidner 133 Drive Way GGP text written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_134.png weidner_134_b.png Weidner 134 Conservatory GGP 06/06/1908 text
weidner_135.png weidner_135_b.png Weidner 135 Rowing on Stow Lake note dup (variant)
weidner_135a.png weidner_135a_b.png Weidner 135 Rowing on Stow Lake 11/13/1906 text note glitter on front; dup (variant)
weidner_136.png weidner_136_b.png Weidner 136 Cliff House Beach text note postmark year illegible
weidner_137.png weidner_137_b.png Weidner 137 Donohue Fountain
weidner_146.png weidner_146_b.png Weidner 146 Sky Scrapers 03/16/1907 text
weidner_147a.png weidner_147a_b.png Weidner 147 Palace Hotel note paint specks on front; dup (variant); cf. Behrendt 14
weidner_147.png weidner_147_b.png Weidner 147 Palace Hotel 10/dd/1904 note dup (variant)
weidner_160.png weidner_160_b.png Weidner 160 Waterfront from Tele. Hill 09/19/1907 text stamp missing
weidner_161.png weidner_161_b.png Weidner 161 California Street Hill 08/20/1907 text earliest divided back card
weidner_164.png weidner_164_b.png Weidner 164 Cliff House and Sutro Heights 04/12/1907 text
weidner_170.png weidner_170_b.png Weidner 170 Oakland City Hall 12/29/1906 text mailed with Weidner 171+174
weidner_171.png weidner_171_b.png Weidner 171 Oakland Hall of Justice 12/29/1906 text mailed with Weidner 170+174
weidner_172.png weidner_172_b.png Weidner 172 Lake Merritt Boat Landing
weidner_173.png weidner_173_b.png Weidner 173 Oakland estuary
weidner_174a.png weidner_174a_b.png Weidner 174 Oakland Post Office 01/27/1923 text note dup (variant); water spots on back
weidner_174.png weidner_174_b.png Weidner 174 Oakland Post Office 12/29/1906 text note mailed with Weidner 170+171; dup (variant)
weidner_175.png weidner_175_b.png Weidner 175 Oakland, Broadway text partially written/addressed but not finished/mailed
weidner_178.png weidner_178_b.png Weidner 178 Lafayette Park / Chabot Obs. text postmark year illegible
weidner_187.png weidner_187_b.png Weidner 187 Chemistry Building and Museum album marks; grunge on front right side
weidner_190.png weidner_190_b.png Weidner 190 Chinatown by Night 05/02/1909 text
weidner_192.png weidner_192_b.png Weidner 192 From summit of Mt. Tamalpais note cf. Rieder 3385
weidner_202.png weidner_202_b.png Weidner 202 City Hall
weidner_203.png weidner_203_b.png Weidner 203 St. Dominic's Church 03/04/1907 text
weidner_204.png weidner_204_b.png Weidner 204 St. cracked by the earthquake note 18th/Folsom; cf. crocker_u01
weidner_205.png weidner_205_b.png Weidner 205 Houses wrecked by earthquake
weidner_207.png weidner_207_b.png Weidner 207 Fleeing from the burning City 04/25/1907
weidner_208.png weidner_208_b.png Weidner 208 Fire coming out Market Street water damage on back
weidner_209.png weidner_209_b.png Weidner 209 Panorama Showing the Fire 03/12/1907 text note
weidner_211.png weidner_211_b.png Weidner 211 Burning of San Francisco note
weidner_214.png weidner_214_b.png Weidner 214 Fire eating heart of the City
weidner_215.png weidner_215_b.png Weidner 215 Ruins of the Palace and Grand 05/05/1907 text dated but not addressed/mailed
weidner_216.png weidner_216_b.png Weidner 216 Palace Hotel Court after
weidner_217.png weidner_217_b.png Weidner 217 Looking up Post Street 03/12/1907 text
weidner_218.png weidner_218_b.png Weidner 218 Union Square 06/06/1910 text
weidner_219.png weidner_219_b.png Weidner 219 Ruins of the business portion 08/22/1909 text
weidner_223.png weidner_223_b.png Weidner 223 Searching for canned goods 11/05/1906 text
weidner_224.png weidner_224_b.png Weidner 224 Mem. Arch at Stanford's Univ.
weidner_225.png weidner_225_b.png Weidner 225 Memorial Arch at Stanford's note should read 'Memorial Church'
weidner_228.png weidner_228_b.png Weidner 228 Hall of Justice
weidner_232.png weidner_232_b.png Weidner 232 The fire on 3rd St. 08/17/1909 text stamp missing
weidner_233.png weidner_233_b.png Weidner 233 The burning of the Mission note cf. Rieger
weidner_241.png weidner_241_b.png Weidner 241 Valencia Street Hotel 09/21/1908 text note cf. Behrendt 238
weidner_260.png weidner_260_b.png Weidner 260 Van Ness Avenue near Geary 11/25/1907 text
weidner_316.png weidner_316_b.png Weidner 316 The Foyer Hotel Fairmont
weidner_415.png weidner_415_b.png Weidner 415 Evening on San Francisco Bay
weidner_444.png weidner_444_b.png Weidner 444 Sansome and California Street 03/30/1909 text
weidner_452.png weidner_452_b.png Weidner 452 Russian Hill and Bay
weidner_455.png weidner_455_b.png Weidner 455 North Beach newly built
weidner_457.png weidner_457_b.png Weidner 457 Sing Chong Co. New Building 07/14/1908 text note
weidner_467.png weidner_467_b.png Weidner 457 Garfield Monument
weidner_459.png weidner_459_b.png Weidner 459 Chinese Twins 07/26/1909 text
weidner_460.png weidner_460_b.png Weidner 460 Monadnock and Call Buildings 12/04/1908 text stamp missing
weidner_461.png weidner_461_b.png Weidner 461 Merchants Exchange / Wireless 10/31/1908 text
weidner_463.png weidner_463_b.png Weidner 463 Interior St. Mary's text no number shown; postmark year illegible
weidner_477.png weidner_477_b.png Weidner 477 Parapet at Sutro Heights
weidner_566.png weidner_566_b.png Weidner 566 Swinging Bridge Big Tree Gr.
weidner_567.png weidner_567_b.png Weidner 567 The Big Tree 'Jumbo'
weidner_583.png weidner_583_b.png Weidner 583 Lobby, Hotel St. Francis 05/02/1910 text
weidner_586.png weidner_586_b.png Weidner 586 Trinity Episcopal Church
weidner_591.png weidner_591_b.png Weidner 591 Sing Fat Co.'s New Store 08/04/1909 text note
weidner_593.png weidner_593_b.png Weidner 593 Chinese Joss House Chinatown
weidner_596.png weidner_596_b.png Weidner 596 Street Scene in Chinatown note cf. Newman V324 & PNC 391
weidner_599.png weidner_599_b.png Weidner 599 Chinatown, all rebuilt
weidner_609.png weidner_609_b.png Weidner 609 The Appraiser's Building text written but not addressed/mailed
weidner_610.png weidner_610_b.png Weidner 610 Panorama from Rincon Hill 10/31/1908 text
weidner_616.png weidner_616_b.png Weidner 616 The Water Front 07/13/1909 text
weidner_634.png weidner_634_b.png Weidner 634 Fort Point note
weidner_636.png weidner_636_b.png Weidner 636 Interior of Sutro Baths
weidner_663.png weidner_663_b.png Weidner 663 Superintentent's Lodge GGP 03/26/1909 text stamps on front
weidner_673.png weidner_673_b.png Weidner 673 St. Paulus Lutheran Church
weidner_677.png weidner_677_b.png Weidner 677 Rustic bridge over Stow Lake 02/25/1909 text
weidner_ppie_12.png weidner_ppie_12_b.png Weidner PPIE 12 In the South Gardens
weidner_ppie_18.png weidner_ppie_18_b.png Weidner PPIE 18 The California Building
weidner_ppie_23.png weidner_ppie_23_b.png Weidner PPIE 23 Court of the Universe
weidner_ppie_03a.png weidner_ppie_03a_b.png Weidner PPIE 3 Tower of Jewels note dup (variant)
weidner_ppie_03.png weidner_ppie_03_b.png Weidner PPIE 3 Tower of Jewels note dup (variant)
weidner_ppie_04b.png weidner_ppie_04b_b.png Weidner PPIE 4 Peristyles note dup
weidner_ppie_04a.png weidner_ppie_04a_b.png Weidner PPIE 4 Peristyles - Palace of Fine Arts note dup
weidner_ppie_04.png weidner_ppie_04_b.png Weidner PPIE 4 Peristyles - Palace of Fine Arts note dup
weidner_ppie_41.png weidner_ppie_41_b.png Weidner PPIE 41 Palace of Horticulture / Night
weidner_ppie_05.png weidner_ppie_05_b.png Weidner PPIE 5 In the Court of Four Seasons
weidner_ppie_50.png weidner_ppie_50_b.png Weidner PPIE 50 The California Building red ink front lower right
weidner_ppie_51.png weidner_ppie_51_b.png Weidner PPIE 51 Court of the Universe
weidner_ppie_06.png weidner_ppie_06_b.png Weidner PPIE 6 Fountain of Ceres
weidner_ppie_07a.png weidner_ppie_07a_b.png Weidner PPIE 7 Palm Avenue note blue smears on front; dup
weidner_ppie_07.png weidner_ppie_07_b.png Weidner PPIE 7 Palm Avenue note dup
woolworth_02.png woolworth_02_b.png Woolworth Market Street, looking East
woolworth_01.png woolworth_01_b.png Woolworth Market and Kearney Street
zimmerman.png zimmerman_b.png Zimmerman Dispensing Food, Fort Mason 07/30/1908 text
unknown_44.png unknown_44_b.png [unknown] City Hall
unknown_43.png unknown_43_b.png [unknown] Cable Car Turnaround
unknown_45.png unknown_45_b.png [unknown] Street Scenes in Chinatown 08/03/1910 note
unknown_25.png unknown_25_b.png [unknown] September 1909 Emporium 09/27/1909 text latest undivided back
bobs_1.png bobs_1_b.png [unknown] If you're so damn smart Bob's Smorgasbord Steak House
unknown_40.png unknown_40_b.png [unknown] Typical Playground Center Glen Park
unknown_21.png unknown_21_b.png [unknown] Emp. Dome, Cafe, Band Stand 09/05/1907 text postmark barely legible
bobs_2.png bobs_2_b.png [unknown] Oh, boy! Smorgasbord! Bob's Smorgasbord Steak House
unknown_07.png unknown_07_b.png [unknown] SF in Ruins City Hall 05/07/1906 text earliest post-quake postmark
unknown_23.png unknown_23_b.png [unknown] Earthq. Ruins, Masonic Temple
unknown_27.png unknown_27_b.png [unknown] Market Street East From 4th text
unknown_26.png unknown_26_b.png [unknown] [PPIE tour bus] 10/21/1915 text
unknown_29.png unknown_29_b.png [unknown] Tour Bus Pacific No. 7 11/21/1915 dated but not addressed/mailed
unknown_28.png unknown_28_b.png [unknown] All Aboard for the Frisco-Expo dup (variant)
unknown_31.png unknown_31_b.png [unknown] Ferry Building and Bay 05/21/1923 text logo Cardinell-Vincent?
unknown_04.png unknown_04_b.png [unknown] View from St. Mary's 05/dd/1906 text note dated but not addressed/mailed; cf. American News
unknown_02.png unknown_02_b.png [unknown] Howard and Eighteenth 06/01/1906 text note
unknown_32.png unknown_32_b.png [unknown] Iowa The Land of Plenty
unknown_01.png unknown_01_b.png [unknown] Streetcar Tracks Torn 07/dd/1906 text addressed but never mailed
unknown_36.png unknown_36_b.png [unknown] Palace Hotel, Crocker-Wool. Bank 05/10/1906 text same sender/addressee as rieder_u14
unknown_37.png unknown_37_b.png [unknown] The Giant Typewriter
unknown_22.png unknown_22_b.png [unknown] View of Call, Chronicle ... 07/21/1906 text
unknown_03.png unknown_03_b.png [unknown] Ruined City from Refugee Camp 05/07/1906 text note dup; cf. american_u01; earliest post-quake postmark
unknown_03a.png unknown_03a_b.png [unknown] Ruined City from Refugee Camp note dup; cf. american_u05
unknown_46.png unknown_46_b.png [unknown] Sing Chong Chinese Bazaar 04/09/1909 note logo BITCo
unknown_06.png unknown_06_b.png [unknown] City Hall and Hall of Records
unknown_20.png unknown_20_b.png [unknown] Golden Gate Int. Expo. '39
unknown_12.png unknown_12_b.png [unknown] Hall of Justice Opp. Chinatown text addressed but never mailed
unknown_11.png unknown_11_b.png [unknown] 'Old Frisco' Bird's-Eye-View
unknown_13.png unknown_13_b.png [unknown] All Aboard for the Frisco-Expo dup (variant)
unknown_16.png unknown_16_b.png [unknown] Palace of the Legion of Honor 09/18/1929 written in German; dated but not addressed/mailed
unknown_17.png unknown_17_b.png [unknown] Fire in Progress pink stock
unknown_18.png unknown_18_b.png [unknown] Howand and Eighteenth note pink stock
unknown_05.png unknown_05_b.png [unknown] 2 Seal Rocks
unknown_39.png unknown_39_b.png [unknown] 27 Union Depot, from the Bay 06/04/1907 text
unknown_19.png unknown_19_b.png [unknown] 66 Montgomery St. Looking North
unknown_33.png unknown_33_b.png [unknown] 334 California Invites the World note logo BN Co.
unknown_38.png unknown_38_b.png [unknown] 390 California St., Showing BofA PPIE seal handstamped on front
unknown_30.png unknown_30_b.png [unknown] 392 Palace Hotel, Monadnock...
unknown_41.png unknown_41_b.png [unknown] 409 Ocean Beach and Great Highway 01/05/1942 text note
unknown_08.png unknown_08_b.png [unknown] 456 Looking East From Market St.
unknown_42.png unknown_42_b.png [unknown] 1115 Cliff House and Sutro Heights
unknown_34.png unknown_34_b.png [unknown] 5288 Evening Hour at the Ferry Bldg. note logo BN Co.; dup Pacific 055 (variant)