Ferry Building (2)

souvenir_4632.png souvenir_4632a.png
souvenir_4632_b.png souvenir_4632a_b.png

Left: Souvenir Post Card 4632, pre-quake version. Right: Souvenir Post Card 4632, added post-quake caption. As with many of the hastily produced Souvenir cards, it's done badly: the earthquake damaged but did not destroy the Ferry Building tower, and an 'r' is missing from "Ferry". And an unrelated card Souvenir Post Card 4632F uses the same stock number 4632.

The front credit identifies the publisher as "Souvenir Post Card Co. N.Y.". I presume Souvenir Post Card Co. is unrelated to Souvenir Publishing Co. of San Francisco, publisher of many later S.F. postcards, but that's just an assumption.

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