City Hall

Postcards on this page show San Francisco's old City Hall and Hall of Records before and after the 1906 earthquake, as well as the post-quake City Hall. City Hall gives more information about the history of the buildiings.

weidner_009.png behrendt_041.png
weidner_009_b.png behrendt_041_b.png

Goeggel & Weidner 9, postmarked 8/17/1902, shows a City Hall image © 1902 by Goggle & Weidner. Behrendt 41 uses the same image; City Hall gives a detailed comparison.

britton_476.png britton_637.png
britton_476_b.png britton_637_b.png

Britton & Rey 476, postmarked SF 12/30/1904, looks west with City Hall Avenue on the left and McAllister on the right. The "Evening View" Britton & Rey 637 is the same image but with nighttime coloring and electric lighting outlining the dome.

souvenir_4631.png souvenir_151.png unknown_06.png
souvenir_4631_b.png souvenir_151_b.png unknown_06_b.png

The Hall of Records. Souvenir Post Card 4631, pre-quake photo with added post-quake caption. Souvenir 151. Unknown publisher.

weidner_122.png weidner_123b.png weidner_123a.png gruber_u01.png
weidner_122_b.png weidner_123b_b.png weidner_123a_b.png gruber_u01_b.png

These views look north from Market St. to Lick Monument and the City Hall dome. Weidner 122, postmarked 3/06/1906, about a month before the quake. The long handwritten note on Weidner 123 describes the beautiful pre-quake illumination of the dome (see Britton & Rey 637 above) and complains about the demolition of the earthquake-damaged City Hall. Weidner 123 is a later variant with divided back and added post-quake caption. Gruber, printed on unusually heavy stock, has a Private Mailing Card back but its caption implies that it must be post-quake.

unknown_07.png rieder_u03.png american_u01.png weidner_202.png
unknown_07_b.png rieder_u03_b.png american_u01_b.png weidner_202_b.png

The b+w cards above were published very soon after the earthquake/fire. Unknown publisher, postmarked Oakland 5/07/1906 (less than three weeks after the event) is the earliest post-quake postmark in my collection. Rieder. American News. Color cards like Weidner 202 appeared months later; the divided back implies that this card must date from 1907 or later.

unknown_44.png bardell_u06.png
unknown_44_b.png bardell_u06_b.png

The new City Hall. Unknown publisher, undated RPPC. Bardell, postmarked 6/01/1943.

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