California Street Hill

detroit_5862.png weidner_054.png weidner_118.png mitchell_293.png
detroit_5862_b.png weidner_054_b.png weidner_118_b.png mitchell_293_b.png

These pre-quake cards look west up California Street to Nob Hill and show no evidence of Fairmont Hotel construction (begun 1903).

novelty_003.png behrendt_015.png weidner_161.png
novelty_003_b.png behrendt_015_b.png weidner_161_b.png

The Fairmont Hotel was in the final stages of construction when the 1906 earthquake/fire struck. These images show the Fairmont but are pre-quake (no Sing Fat or Sing Chong). Fairmont Hotel shows the earthquake/fire damage and the reconstructed Fairmont.

souvenir_138.png unknown_38.png piltz_034.png
souvenir_138_b.png unknown_38_b.png piltz_034_b.png

Post-quake, the Hopkins Art Institute at California/Powell is gone and the new pagoda-towered Sing Fat and Sing Chong buildings are at California/Grant.

mitchell_1779.png piltz_110.png smith_006.png
mitchell_1779_b.png piltz_110_b.png smith_006_b.png

These cards look east from above Grant, showing cable cars on California and the Sing Fat / Sing Chong buildings. A Bay Bridge tower peeks out in the Piltz and Smith News cards.

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