California Street Hill

detroit_5862.png weidner_054.png weidner_118.png mitchell_293.png
detroit_5862_b.png weidner_054_b.png weidner_118_b.png mitchell_293_b.png

These pre-quake cards look west up California Street to Nob Hill and show no evidence of Fairmont Hotel construction (begun 1903). Left: Detroit 5862, private mailing card postmarked SF 7/02/1902, looks toward Stockton from just above Dupont, with Salina Place just past the cable car. The same sender sent another Detroit 5862 a few months later (see Set: Bliss). Next: Goeggel & Weidner 54, ca. 1902-1903. Next: Weidner 118, postmarked 12/13/1904, the same image in color. The photo is presumably taken from the Kohl Building (built 1901). Right: Mitchell 293 must be taken from the Merchants Exchange (built 1904), so it likely dates from 1904.

novelty_003.png behrendt_015.png weidner_161.png
novelty_003_b.png behrendt_015_b.png weidner_161_b.png

The Fairmont Hotel was in the final stages of construction when the 1906 earthquake/fire struck. Two of these three pre-quake images have added post-earthquake captions. Left: Novelty Import 3. Center: Behrendt 15, postmarked SF 11/09/1908. Right: Weidner 161, postmarked SF 8/20/1907. Hotels: Fairmont Hotel shows the earthquake/fire damage and the reconstructed Fairmont.

souvenir_138.png unknown_38.png piltz_034.png
souvenir_138_b.png unknown_38_b.png piltz_034_b.png

Post-quake, the Hopkins Art Institute at California/Powell is gone and the new pagoda-towered Sing Fat and Sing Chong buildings are at California/Grant. Left: Souvenir 138, postmarked 7/06/1914. Center: Unknown publisher 390, P.P.I.E. seal on front, looking west from Battery. At Montgomery, the Merchants Exchange (14 stories) is at left and the Kohl Building (11 stories) is at right. Right: Piltz 34, much later linen era card showing the Mark Hopkins Hotel (completed 1926).

mitchell_1779.png piltz_110.png smith_006.png
mitchell_1779_b.png piltz_110_b.png smith_006_b.png

These cards look east from above Grant, showing cable cars on California and the Sing Fat / Sing Chong buildings. A Bay Bridge tower peeks out in the Piltz and Smith News cards. Left: Mitchell 1779, postmarked 8/20/1910. Center: Piltz 110, postmarked 4/30/1947. Right: Smith News 6.

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