Britton & Rey Catalog

This page displays postcards published ca. 1903 to 1913 by San Francisco lithographers Britton & Rey (see Publisher: Britton & Rey). Some images are from postcards in my collection (captions shown as links), but others are downloaded from the internet, so image quality varies and for some cards no image of the back is available. Caption listings are not precise transcriptions. The date is the earliest written or postmark date on a card; for most cards, the list shows the earliest example I have found. The list includes variant versions of some cards. Cards with no stock number or illegible stock number are listed in alphabetical order at the bottom.


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Front Back Number Caption Date Comment
p390.png p390_b.png 390 Portland Hotel, Portland
p391.png p391_b.png 391 Mt. Hood, Oregon 05/28/1908
p395.png p395_b.png 395 Multnomah Falls, Oregon
p396.png 396 Fish Wheel on the Columbia River
britton_401.png britton_401_b.png 401 Cliff House and Seal Rocks
p402.png 402 Fort Winfield Scott (Fort Point) cf. 1005
p402a.png p402a_b.png 402 Fort Winfield Scott (Fort Point) 02/12/1906 cf. 1005
p403.png 403 A Group of Chinese Children 10/25/1905 photo Goldsmith Bros.
p405.png p405_b.png 405 Standing Bear 01/14/1913
p406.png 406 Evening View of the Cliff House 03/28/1905
p411.png p411_b.png 411 San Carlos Borromeo (Carmel) Mission
p425.png 425 Three Brothers, Yosemite Valley
p426a.png p426a_b.png 426 Mt. Tamalpais, from Mill Valley
p426.png p426_b.png 426 Mt. Tamalpais, from Mill Valley
p426b.png p426b_b.png 426 Mt. Tamalpais, from Mill Valley
p430.png p430_b.png 430 Mission Dolores typo 'San Fancisco'
britton_430a.png britton_430a_b.png 430 Mission Dolores
britton_430.png britton_430_b.png 430 Mission Dolores 11/10/1905
p431.png p431_b.png 431 Old Custom House, Monterey
432 Mt. Shasta
p433.png p433_b.png 433 Shipping Scene on SF Water Front
p434.png p434_b.png 434 Trinity Church 08/23/1904
p436.png 436 Fisherman's Wharf
p437.png 437 Music Stand in GGP
britton_438.png britton_438_b.png 438 Alvord Lake, GGP 02/27/1905
p441.png p441_b.png 441 Outward Bound Ocean Liner
p441a.png p441a_b.png 441 Outward Bound Liner 07/25/1905
p442.png p442_b.png 442 Sutro Baths 10/27/1904
britton_449.png britton_449_b.png 449 Sunset in GGP 04/07/1905
p451.png p451_b.png 451 Evening View of Mission Dolores
p453.png p453_b.png 453 A Chinese Belle and Servant
p454a.png p454a_b.png 454 A Street in Chinatown 05/04/1904
britton_454a.png britton_454a_b.png 454 A Street in Chinatown 05/12/1904
p454.png p454_b.png 454 An Alley in Chinatown 06/07/1905
p454b.png p454b_b.png 454 An Alley in Chinatown 02/23/1906
britton_456.png britton_456_b.png 456 Dupont Street 03/29/1904
p456.png 456 Dupont and Washington Streets 07/20/1904
britton_457.png britton_457_b.png 457 City Hall from Jefferson Square 08/19/1904
p458a.png p458a_b.png 458 Union Ferry Depot 07/11/1905
p458.png p458_b.png 458 Union Ferry Depot 12/31/1906
459 The Chutes
p459.png p459_b.png 459 The Chutes
britton_459.png britton_459_b.png 459 The Chutes 10/12/1906
p461.png p461_b.png 461 Flower Venders
p461a.png p461a_b.png 461 Flower Venders 01/14/1906
463 A Group of Chinese Children
britton_465.png britton_465_b.png 465 Sunset at the Golden Gate 09/06/1904 cf. 1009
britton_465a.png britton_465a_b.png 465 Sunset at the Golden Gate 12/30/1906
britton_466.png britton_466_b.png 466 Panoramic View from Hopkins'
britton_466a.png britton_466a_b.png 466 Panoramic View from Hopkins' 09/17/1905
britton_467a.png britton_467a_b.png 467 Ferry Boat leaving Oakland Slip 06/04/1905
britton_467.png britton_467_b.png 467 Ferry Boat leaving Oakland Slip
p469a.png p469a_b.png 469 The Elks, GGP 12/08/1903
britton_469.png britton_469_b.png 469 The Elks, GGP 02/26/1906
p470.png p470_b.png 470 The Buffaloes, GGP 12/04/1904
p471.png p471_b.png 471 Palace Hotel 05/04/1904
p471a.png p471a_b.png 471 Palace Hotel
britton_472.png britton_472_b.png 472 Panoramic View from Call 12/18/1905
britton_473.png britton_473_b.png 473 St. Francis Hotel/Union Square 02/dd/1905
p473.png p473_b.png 473 St. Francis Hotel/Union Square
p474.png p474_b.png 474 Kearny Street, from Lotta's Fountain 03/22/1904
britton_476.png britton_476_b.png 476 City Hall, Hall of Records 12/30/1904
britton_477.png britton_477_b.png 477 Market and Post Streets 08/29/1904
p477a.png p477a_b.png 477 Market Street showing Crocker Building 12/18/1905
britton_478.png britton_478_b.png 478 Chinese Custom of Carrying Children 02/03/1903
p478a.png 478 Chinese Custom of Carrying Children
p479.png p479_b.png 479 Birdseye View of Presidio 01/22/1905
p481.png p481_b.png 481 The world famous Court of the Palace Hotel 05/12/1905
p482.png p482_b.png 482 United States Troups leaving 09/02/1905
p483.png p483_b.png 483 Scene on Sunday Afternoon in Midwinter 09/05/1904
p484.png p484_b.png 484 Summit of Mt. Tamalpais
p485.png p485_b.png 485 Chinese Boot Mender 02/28/1905
britton_487a.png britton_487a_b.png 487 Land's End
britton_487.png britton_487_b.png 487 Land's End
p487a.png p487a_b.png 487 Land's End
britton_488.png britton_488_b.png 488 Chinese Children 02/06/1904
p488.png p488_b.png 488 Chinese Children
p489a.png p489a_b.png 489 Sublime Point from Mt. Tamalpais 11/09/1903
p489.png p489_b.png 489 Sublime Point from Mt. Tamalpais
p490.png p490_b.png 490 San Francisco Bay, as seen from Train
p490a.png p490a_b.png 490 The Bow Knot, on the Mt. Tamalpais Railway 12/21/1904
britton_491.png britton_491_b.png 491 Chinese Actor Impersonating 02/16/1904
p492.png p492_b.png 492 Chinese Slave Girl 09/13/1904
britton_493.png britton_493_b.png 493 Honeymoon of the Chinese 12/28/1903
p494.png p494_b.png 494 Market Street, showing the Emporium 02/04/1904
p494a.png p494a_b.png 494 Market Street, showing the Emporium
p495.png p495_b.png 495 Market St. from O'Farrell and Grant Ave.
britton_496.png britton_496_b.png 496 Panorama North from Call 11/26/1903
p497.png p497_b.png 497 United States Naval Training Station, Goat Island
britton_497.png britton_497_b.png 497 Cliff House and Seal Rocks
498 Cliff House, Evening View cf. 611
p499.png p499_b.png 499 The World Famous Seals and Seal Rocks 09/22/1905
p500a.png p500a_b.png 500 Evening View of the Ferry Building
p500.png p500_b.png 500 Evening View of the Ferry Building 01/03/1906
p500b.png p500b_b.png 500 Evening View of the Ferry Building
p501b.png p501b_b.png 501 Alcatraz Island
p501a.png p501a_b.png 501 Alcatraz Island 02/09/1905
britton_501.png britton_501_b.png 501 Alcatraz Island 11/11/1905
p502.png p502_b.png 502 Ship being towed to Sea through the Golden Gate
britton_503.png britton_503_b.png 503 Claus Spreckels Building 09/05/1905
p504.png p504_b.png 504 The Beauty of Glazenwood 04/17/1905
p505.png p505_b.png 505 Main Driveway in GGP
britton_506.png britton_506_b.png 506 Japanese Tea Garden 11/08/1905
p507a.png p507a_b.png 507 Market Street, looking East toward Ferry Building 03/03/1904
britton_507.png britton_507_b.png 507 Market Street, looking East toward Ferry Building 03/30/1905
p508a.png p508a_b.png 508 Crossing The Trestle, Mt. Tamalpais 12/28/1904
p508.png p508_b.png 508 Crossing The Trestle, Mt. Tamalpais
509 Sunrise from Summit of Mt. Tamalpais
510 University of California, Berkeley postmark year illegible
p511.png p511_b.png 511 Chinese Primary Public School 08/30/1905
p512.png p512_b.png 512 Chinese Opium Den 09/13/1904
p513.png 513 Chinese Belle and Child
p514.png p514_b.png 514 Dupont Street, Chinatown 10/11/1904
p514a.png p514a_b.png 514 Dupont Street, Chinatown
p515.png p515_b.png 515 Chin Kee and family 03/05/1905
p516.png p516_b.png 516 Chinese Theatre, 623 Jackson
britton_516.png britton_516_b.png 516 Chinese Theatre, 623 Jackson
p517.png p517_b.png 517 Cliff House, Beach and Seal Rocks 03/18/1904
p517a.png p517a_b.png 517 Cliff House, Beach and Seal Rocks
p518a.png 518 Evening View of the Golden Gate
p518.png p518_b.png 518 Evening View of the Golden Gate
p521.png p521_b.png 521 Cliff House, Seal Rocks 12/22/1904
britton_521a.png britton_521a_b.png 521 Cliff House, Seal Rocks 03/26/1906
p522.png p522_b.png 522 World-Famous Seals on the Rocks 12/14/1904 cf. 1011
britton_522.png britton_522_b.png 522 World-Famous Seals on the Rocks cf. 1011
britton_523.png britton_523_b.png 523 The Parapet of Sutro Heights
p524.png p524_b.png 524 Market Street, looking East
p525.png p525_b.png 525 California Street Hill 10/03/1905
britton_526.png britton_526_b.png 526 Kearny St., looking South 08/17/1904
p528.png p528_b.png 528 Scene in GGP in Midwinter 12/28/1904 cf. 628
britton_529.png britton_529_b.png 529 Stowe Lake, Huntington Falls and Strawberry Hill
p530.png 530 A Midwinter afternoon Scene, GGP
britton_531.png britton_531_b.png 531 Alvord Lake and Fountain 02/26/1904
p531.png p531_b.png 531 Alvord Lake and Fountain
britton_532.png britton_532_b.png 532 Observatory on Strawberry Hill 11/06/1905
p533a.png p533a_b.png 533 A Sunday Afternoon Concert 03/24/1908
britton_533.png britton_533_b.png 533 A Sunday Afternoon Concert
p534.png 534 San Francisco Bay, Cliff House
p535.png p535_b.png 535 United States Weather Bureau, Mt. Tamalpais
p537.png p537_b.png 537 Birds-eye View of San Francisco and Alcatraz Island 10/15/1907
p538a.png p538a_b.png 538 Chinese girls in holiday attire
p538.png p538_b.png 538 Chinese girls in holiday attire
p540.png 540 Chinese Fortune Teller
p541.png p541_b.png 541 Group of Chinese Children 03/24/1906 cf. unnumbered (10xx)
britton_542.png britton_542_b.png 542 Chinese Women and Chidren
543 Hotel Savoy, Union Square stock number uncertain
p543.png p543_b.png 543 New Fairmont Hotel 08/05/1904
britton_544.png britton_544_b.png 544 New Flood Building 04/11/1904
p545.png p545_b.png 545 St. Francis Hotel / Union Sq. 10/18/1905
546 City Hall and Hall of Records
p547.png p547_b.png 547 Market Street, looking West
britton_548.png britton_548_b.png 548 Union Square Park
britton_548a.png britton_548a_b.png 548 Union Square Park 03/18/1905
britton_549.png britton_549_b.png 549 View from Union Square 10/28/1905
britton_551.png britton_551_b.png 551 Market and Kearny
p552.png p552_b.png 552 Holiday Crowd on Ocean Beach 11/05/1904
britton_552.png britton_552_b.png 552 Holiday Crowd on Ocean Beach 12/28/1905
p553.png p553_b.png 553 United States Mint
britton_554.png britton_554_b.png 554 Newspaper Row
britton_554a.png britton_554a_b.png 554 Newspaper Row
p555.png p555_b.png 555 Hall of Justice 02/17/1906
britton_556.png britton_556_b.png 556 Mark Hopkins Institute of Art
p556.png p556_b.png 556 Mark Hopkins Institute of Art
britton_558.png britton_558_b.png 558 Huntington Falls GGP 03/10/1906
p559.png p559_b.png 559 St. Mary's Cathedral 01/02/1906
p560.png p560_b.png 560 Chinese Restaurant 07/16/1909
p561a.png p561a_b.png 561 Chinese Street Merchants
britton_561.png britton_561_b.png 561 Chinese Merchants
p562.png p562_b.png 562 Mountain Train leaving Mill Valley
p563.png p563_b.png 563 A Chinese Meat and Vegetable Market
p563a.png 563 A Chinese Meat and Vegetable Market
p564.png 564 Hotel Del Monte
p567.png p567_b.png 567 Panorama of Mt. Tamalpais
p570.png 570 Mountain Train, Mt. Tamalpais
p571.png p571_b.png 571 Profile Rock, Mt. Tamalpais
p571a.png p571a_b.png 571 Profile Rock, Mt. Tamalpais
p573.png p573_b.png 573 Big Tree Station, 4 miles from Santa Cruz 03/08/1905
574 'Jumbo', Big Tree Grove, Santa Cruz
p575.png p575_b.png 575 Sea Beach Hotel, Santa Cruz
p577.png p577_b.png 577 Natural Bridge, Santa Cruz 11/18/1906 stock number uncertain
p579a.png p579a_b.png 579 The Woodchopper 07/09/1906
p579.png p579_b.png 579 The Woodchopper
p582.png p582_b.png 582 City Hall and Hall of Records, San Jose
p585.png p585_b.png 585 City Hall, San Jose
p586.png 586 State Normal School and Annex, San Jose
p590.png 590 Belvedere, Marin Co.
p591.png p591_b.png 591 The New Greek Theatre, Berkeley 04/20/1905
britton_592.png britton_592_b.png 592 Garden/Grounds Sutro Heights 02/22/1905
p593.png p593_b.png 593 Chinese Grocery and Vegetable Store
p593a.png p593a_b.png 593 Chinese Grocery and Vegetable Store
britton_594.png britton_594_b.png 594 Chinese Children, Holiday Attire 01/23/1906
p594.png p594_b.png 594 Chinese Children, Holiday Attire
p595.png p595_b.png 595 The World Famous Court of Palace Hotel
p600.png p600_b.png 600 The Maze, Hotel Del Monte Grounds
p602.png p602_b.png 602 Point Lobos, Monterey Bay
p610.png p610_b.png 610 'Monarch', Grizzly Bear in GGP
p611.png p611_b.png 611 Evening View of the Cliff House 11/02/1905 cf. 498
p611a.png p611a_b.png 611 Evening View of the Cliff House during a Storm 03/31/1906 cf. 498
p613.png 613 Music Stand, GGP
britton_614.png britton_614_b.png 614 The Conservatory, GGP
britton_615.png britton_615_b.png 615 Children's Quarters, GGP 11/20/1905
britton_617.png britton_617_b.png 617 Tennis Grounds, GGP
britton_618.png britton_618_b.png 618 Market Street from Kearny 07/28/1905
p619.png p619_b.png 619 Japanese Tea Garden
p620.png p620_b.png 620 The First Capitol Building, Monterey 03/16/1906
p621.png 621 The Garden of the Presidio
p622.png p622_b.png 622 Chinese Girl
624 Lake Merritt, Oakland
p627.png p627_b.png 627 Sutter's Fort, near Sacramento postmark year illegible
627 Sutter's Fort, near Sacramento Britton & Rey ad
p628.png p628_b.png 628 Scene in GGP in Midwinter cf. 528; presumably '628' is typo for '528'
p628a.png p628a_b.png 628 Chinese Boy in Holiday Attire differs from other 628
p633.png p633_b.png 633 Yachting on San Francisco Bay
britton_637.png britton_637_b.png 637 Evening View City Hall
p637.png p637_b.png 637 Evening View City Hall 08/20/1905
p642.png p642_b.png 642 Logging Scene
p643.png p643_b.png 643 The Cider Press Statue, GGP
p644.png p644_b.png 644 The Flute Player, Chinatown 09/18/1910
p653.png p653_b.png 653 Ten Acres of Prunes
p655.png 655 Birdseye View of Pasadena
p660.png p660_b.png 660 Mt. Tallac, from Lake Tahoe 04/27/1906
p661.png p661_b.png 661 Leland Stanford Jr. University, Palo Alto 12/05/1905
662 Hotel St. Nicholas
p663.png p663_b.png 663 Lovers Lane, Capitola 06/17/1905
p670.png p670_b.png 670 Panorama View of Oakland 12/13/1905
p676.png p676_b.png 676 Birdseye View from Noel Heights, Santa Cruz 12/15/1905
p678.png 678 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz
p680.png p680_b.png 680 Birdseye View from Union Depot, Santa Cruz
p683.png p683_b.png 683 Swinging Bridge, Big Tree Grove
p688.png p688_b.png 688 Cathedral—Biggest Tree in the World
p691.png p691_b.png 691 New Post Office
p729.png p729_b.png 729 View of the Harbor, Tacoma 10/31/1905
730 S.N. Wood & Co., Art Reception Room
britton_731.png britton_731_b.png 731 Col. A. Andrews Famous Diamond Palace 02/16/1906 cf. u03; glitter
p731.png p731_b.png 731 Col. A. Andrews Famous Diamond Palace cf. u03; glitter
p752.png p752_b.png 752 Entrance to Oak Park, Sacramento
p764.png p764_b.png 764 J Street, Sacramento
p766.png p766_b.png 766 Post Office Building, Sacramento
p774.png p774_b.png 774 Union Savings Bank Building, Oakland
p1004.png p1004_b.png 1004 Chinese Women in Holiday Attire at the Sutro Heights
p1005a.png p1005a_b.png 1005 Golden Gate and Fort Winfield Scott 11/07/1908 cf. 402
p1005.png p1005_b.png 1005 Fort Winfield Scott, Fort Point 07/08/1913 cf. 402
p1005b.png p1005b_b.png 1005 Fort Winfield Scott, located at Fort Point cf. 402
p1006.png p1006_b.png 1006 Mission Dolores cf. 1135
1008 The Union Ferry Depot
p1009.png p1009_b.png 1009 Sunset at the Golden Gate cf. 465
p1011b.png p1011b_b.png 1011 World Famous Seals / Seal Rocks 03/17/1908 cf. 522
britton_1011.png britton_1011_b.png 1011 World Famous Seals / Seal Rocks cf. 522
britton_1011a.png britton_1011a_b.png 1011 Seals on the Rocks / Cliff House cf. 522
britton_1011b.png britton_1011b_b.png 1011 World Famous Seals / Seal Rocks cf. 522
p1012.png p1012_b.png 1012 Cliff House and Seal Rocks from Sutro Heights 04/26/1909
p1013a.png p1013a_b.png 1013 Chinese Children 08/10/1909
p1013.png p1013_b.png 1013 A Group of Chinese Children in Oriental Costume
p1014.png p1014_b.png 1014 A Group of Chinese Children in Holiday Attire
p1017.png p1017_b.png 1017 Alvord Lake and Fountain
p1018.png p1018_b.png 1018 The Aviary in GGP
p1019A.png p1019A_b.png 1019A Breakers along the Beach at Cliff House 02/26/1910
p1020A.png p1020A_b.png 1020A Surf at Cliff House
britton_1021.png britton_1021_b.png 1021 The Music Stand, GGP 03/22/1909
p1022a.png p1022a_b.png 1022 An Evening View of the Cliff House
p1022.png p1022_b.png 1022 An Evening View of the Cliff House 01/31/1909
p1023a.png p1023a_b.png 1023 The Chutes 01/24/1908
britton_1023.png britton_1023_b.png 1023 The Chutes
p1024.png p1024_b.png 1024 A View of the Pacific Ocean 12/10/1909
p1027.png p1027_b.png 1027 The Ruins of St. Mary's Church
1028 Panoramic View from Alta Plaza
britton_1029.png britton_1029_b.png 1029 View of Van Ness Avenue 04/29/1908
p1030a.png p1030a_b.png 1030 The Cliff House Burning 03/24/1908
p1030.png p1030_b.png 1030 The Cliff House Burning
britton_1030.png britton_1030_b.png 1030 The Cliff House Burning 10/11/1909
p1031.png p1031_b.png 1031 Complete Destruction of Cliff House 09/15/1908
britton_1031.png britton_1031_b.png 1031 Complete Destruction of Cliff House 11/04/1909
p1032.png p1032_b.png 1032 Union Ferry Depot 09/06/1908
p1033.png p1033_b.png 1033 Land's End Station 04/29/1908
britton_1034.png britton_1034_b.png 1034 Dutch Windmill, GGP 10/21/1908
p1036.png p1036_b.png 1036 Observatory on Summit of Strawberry Hill, GGP
p1036a.png p1036a_b.png 1036 Observatory on Summit of Strawberry Hill, GGP
p1039a.png p1039a_b.png 1039 Alvord Lake, GGP
p1039.png p1039_b.png 1039 Alvord Lake, GGP 03/21/1911
p1041.png p1041_b.png 1041 Driveway leading to Music Stand, GGP 05/25/1908
britton_1043.png britton_1043_b.png 1043 The Parapet Observatory
p1045.png p1045_b.png 1045 Fillmore St. Looking North from O'Farrell 09/15/1908
p1046a.png p1046a_b.png 1046 U.S. Mint 05/12/1909
p1046.png p1046_b.png 1046 U.S. Mint
p1048.png p1048_b.png 1048 The Laurel Court, Hotel Fairmont
britton_1051.png britton_1051_b.png 1051 U.S. Transport Dock
p1051.png p1051_b.png 1051 Shipping Scene on the Water Front postmark year illegible
p1053.png p1053_b.png 1053 James Flood Building 05/05/1909
p1054.png p1054_b.png 1054 Shipping Scene
p1054a.png p1054a_b.png 1054 Shipping Scene 09/16/1911
p1057.png p1057_b.png 1057 Evening View of Golden Gate
p1059.png p1059_b.png 1059 Fairmont Hotel / Management Palace cf. 1083
p1060.png p1060_b.png 1060 Hotel St. James
p1064.png p1064_b.png 1064 Cliff House
p1065.png p1065_b.png 1065 Shipping Scene 05/14/1908
p1067.png p1067_b.png 1067 Ferry Boat Crossing SF Bay
p1072.png p1072_b.png 1072 Chinese Butchershop
p1073.png p1073_b.png 1073 Hotel St. Francis facing Union Square cf. unnumbered u01
p1073a.png p1073a_b.png 1073 Hotel St. Francis facing Union Square 08/24/1908 cf. unnumbered u01
p1074.png p1074_b.png 1074 The Light-House off the Golden Gate
p1076.png p1076_b.png 1076 Interior of Chinese Grocery
p1077.png p1077_b.png 1077 A Chinese Merchant and his Family, Chinatown 05/15/1912
p1078.png p1078_b.png 1078 A Group of Chinese Children
britton_1083.png britton_1083_b.png 1083 Fairmont Hotel / Management Palace cf. 1059, unnumbered
britton_1083a.png britton_1083a_b.png 1083 Fairmont Hotel Nob Hill
p1086.png p1086_b.png 1086 Affiliated Colleges 09/03/1910
p1087.png p1087_b.png 1087 Calvary Church
p1088.png p1088_b.png 1088 Kohl Building
britton_1089.png britton_1089_b.png 1089 Union Ferry Depot
p1091.png p1091_b.png 1091 The Emporium
p1092.png p1092_b.png 1092 Hotel Dorchester 11/16/1910
p1093.png p1093_b.png 1093 Hotel Alexander
p1094.png p1094_b.png 1094 The New Cliff House 09/27/1909 cf. 9012
1095 The Hahnemann Hospital
p1098.png p1098_b.png 1098 The 'Call' Building 05/05/1910
p1100.png p1100_b.png 1100 Hibernia Bank Building 04/05/1911
p1101.png p1101_b.png 1101 A View at Market and Geary Streets 07/06/1909
p1102.png p1102_b.png 1102 Looking down Market St. from Kearny
p1102a.png p1102a_b.png 1102 Looking down Market St. from Kearny
p1103.png p1103_b.png 1103 A View on Montgomery Street
p1104.png p1104_b.png 1104 Crocker Building and View at Post and Market
britton_1109.png britton_1109_b.png 1109 Lower Market St. and Ferry Tower Illuminated cf. 9010
p1110.png p1110_b.png 1110 Looking up Market Street from Third 08/30/1909
britton_1112.png britton_1112_b.png 1112 Sun Dial in GGP
p1113.png p1113_b.png 1113 The Boat House on Stow Lake, GGP 07/01/1910
p1116.png p1116_b.png 1116 A Street Scene in Chinatown 01/06/1912
1123 Palace Hotel
p1125.png p1125_b.png 1125 After the Fire / New SF 07/01/1913
p1126.png p1126_b.png 1126 The New Cliff House from Sutro Heights 04/27/1910
p1130.png 1130 View across the Golden Gate
1131 Mile Rock Light House
p1135.png p1135_b.png 1135 Mission Dolores 04/27/1910 cf. 1006
britton_1137.png britton_1137_b.png 1137 Chinese Reading Bulletins
p1139.png p1139_b.png 1139 The 'Call' Building
p1140.png p1140_b.png 1140 Chinese Bazaars, Chinatown
p1141.png p1141_b.png 1141 The Humboldt Bank Building
p1145.png p1145_b.png 1145 A View down Market Street
p1147.png p1147_b.png 1147 Pacific Building
p2009.png p2009_b.png 2009 Swinging Bridge, Santa Cruz
p2017.png p2017_b.png 2017 Mill Valley and Mount Tamalpais
p2023.png p2023_b.png 2023 State Capitol, Sacramento postmark year illegible
p2025.png p2025_b.png 2025 Mt. Shasta, from Sissons
p2066.png p2066_b.png 2066 Old Mill at Mill Valley
p2107.png p2107_b.png 2107 Wine Cellars, Italian Swiss Colony
p3001.png p3001_b.png 3001 High School, Oakland
p3002.png p3002_b.png 3002 City Hall Park, Oakland 02/10/1908
p3007.png p3007_b.png 3007 Junction, San Pablo/Broadway/14th, Oakland
p3009.png 3009 Hearst Hall, Berkeley
p3022.png p3022_b.png 3022 Hotel Athens, Broadway, Oakland
p3031.png p3031_b.png 3031 The Greek Amphitheatre 04/24/1910
p3502.png p3502_b.png 3502 Hotel Vendome and Grounds, San Jose 12/12/1909
p3514.png p3514_b.png 3514 Hotel Vendome, San Jose multiview
p3515.png p3515_b.png 3515 Garden City Bank and Trust, San Jose
p4002.png p4002_b.png 4002 Scene on the Beach at Santa Cruz
p4003.png p4003_b.png 4003 Along the beautiful Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz postmark year illegible
p4009.png p4009_b.png 4009 A Glimpse of the Beautiful San Lorenzo River
p4013.png p4013_b.png 4013 High Waves at Natural Bridge, Santa Cruz 09/13/1907
p4014.png p4014_b.png 4014 The Twin Natural Bridges, Santa Cruz
p4020.png p4020_b.png 4020 The Surf along famous Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz
p4023.png p4023_b.png 4023 The Casino, from Beach, Santa Cruz 06/03/1912 postmark year uncertain
britton_4024.png britton_4024_b.png 4024 Bathing Pavillion, Santa Cruz 06/23/1910
p4032.png p4032_b.png 4032 An Avenue in Cottage City, Santa Cruz 09/05/1908
p4039.png p4039_b.png 4039 Interior of the Casino, Santa Cruz
p4503.png p4503_b.png 4503 First Wooden Building in California, Monterey
britton_4511.png britton_4511_b.png 4511 Colton Hall, Monterey
p4526.png p4526_b.png 4526 Old Custom House, Monterey
britton_5001.png britton_5001_b.png 5001 French Hospital 07/02/1913
p5003.png p5003_b.png 5003 An Indian Family
5004 The Post Office, Portland
p5005.png p5005_b.png 5005 The Union Depot, Portland
p5006.png p5006_b.png 5006 Street Scene, Portland
p5011.png p5011_b.png 5011 Custom House, Portland
p5986.png p5986_b.png 5986 Japanese Tea Garden, GGP
p7014.png p7014_b.png 7014 Pillars of Hercules, Columbia River
p7022.png p7022_b.png 7022 The Water Front, Seattle
p9004.png p9004_b.png 9004 Violets
britton_9008.png britton_9008_b.png 9008 Portola Festival 1909 10/21/1909 outline blue lettering
britton_9008b.png britton_9008b_b.png 9008 Portola Festival 1909 09/18/1909 solid red lettering
britton_9008a.png britton_9008a_b.png 9008 Portola Festival 1909 11/23/1909 Taft toast added
britton_9009.png britton_9009_b.png 9009 A View of Union Square
britton_9010.png britton_9010_b.png 9010 Night Scene on Market 10/16/1909 cf. 1109
britton_9010a.png britton_9010a_b.png 9010 Night Scene on Market cf. 1109
britton_9011.png britton_9011_b.png 9011 Portola Festival
p9011.png p9011_b.png 9011 Portola Festival
britton_9012.png britton_9012_b.png 9012 The Cliff House cf. 1094
britton_9015.png britton_9015_b.png 9015 The Golden Gate at Night
p9506.png p9506_b.png 9506 U.S. Battleship 'Kearsarge'
9515 U.S. Battleship 'Oregon'
p9519.png p9519_b.png 9519 U.S. Battleship 'Wisconsin'
p9530.png p9530_b.png 9530 U.S. Armored Cruiser 'Colorado'
p9531.png p9531_b.png 9531 U.S. Armored Cruiser 'Maryland' 05/03/1908
Along the beautiful Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz stock number illegible
pu29.png pu29_b.png Andrews Diamond Palace 05/13/1910
britton_u06.png britton_u06_b.png Bismarck Cafe
Bismarck Cafe, Beefsteak Garret
Bismarck Cafe, Dutch Orchard
pu33.png pu33_b.png Burning of Cliff House / Ruins of Cliff House multiview
pu03.png pu03_b.png Colonel Andrews Famous Diamond Palace cf. 731; glitter
pu12.png pu12_b.png Fairmont Hotel / Management Palace 02/22/1910 cf. 1083
pu28.png pu28_b.png Fleet Parade, May, 1908
pu08.png pu08_b.png Garden City Bank and Trust, San Jose
pu05.png pu05_b.png Glenwood Mission Inn, Riverside
pu24.png pu24_b.png Glenwood Mission Inn, Riverside
pu10.png pu10_b.png Glenwood Mission Inn, Riverside 10/02/1921
pu13.png pu13_b.png A Group of Chinese Children number 10xx cut off at top
pu15.png pu15_b.png Hotel America
pu06.png pu06_b.png Hotel Cadillac 02/07/1913
pu14.png pu14_b.png Hotel Cadillac, Dining Room
pu23.png pu23_b.png Hotel Fairmont, The Lobby
pu16.png pu16_b.png Hotel Holland
britton_u02.png britton_u02_b.png Hotel St. Francis postmark illegible
pu01.png pu01_b.png Hotel St. Francis facing Union Square 09/30/1908 cf. 1073
pu17.png pu17_b.png Hotel St. Francis, Sample Room
pu02.png pu02_b.png Hotel Stewart, Corner of Lobby 10/18/1910
britton_u04.png britton_u04_b.png Hotel Stewart, Dining Room 03/16/1910
Hotel Stewart, Reception Room
pu09.png pu09_b.png Huntington Drive - Robidoux Mountain, Riverside
pu21.png pu21_b.png Mutual Savings Bank 07/02/1913
pu32.png pu32_b.png Palace Hotel Reopens on the old site 07/20/1909
pu07.png pu07_b.png Portland Hotel, Portland
britton_u01.png britton_u01_b.png Sing Chong Company, Inc.
pu18.png pu18_b.png Sing Chong Company, Inc.
pu27.png pu27_b.png Sing Fat Co., Inc. 10/21/1911
pu26.png pu26_b.png Stages leaving Bartlett Springs
[Sutro Baths]
pu04.png pu04_b.png Union Square Hotel 10/13/1911
pu31.png pu31_b.png View of Pacific Ocean from Parapet 12/11/1908 stock number illegible

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