Set: Bastiaensen

These six cards were sent to different recipients in the same household in Anvers (Antwerp) Belgium on 7/25/1907. Five are simply signed "Gaston", while the sixth includes a short message in Flemish. Five have the stamp on the back (the US standard) and one has the stamp on the front (the European standard).

hodson_01.png hodson_02.png hodson_03.png
hodson_01_b.png hodson_02_b.png hodson_03_b.png

Hodson. Hodson. Hodson.

hodson_04.png hodson_05.png weidner_203a.png
hodson_04_b.png hodson_05_b.png weidner_203a_b.png

Hodson. Hodson. Weidner 203.

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