Market Street: Aeroplane View

cardinell_058.png pacific2_58.png
cardinell_058_b.png pacific2_58_b.png

Image credit on front: © G.E. Russell, San Francisco. Left: Cardinell-Vincent 58 (number on back bottom center). Right: Pacific Stationery 58 (number on front following caption). The front captions match but are formatted differently. Both cards are clearly based on the same image, but the card at right has many later buildings added and building colors differ substantially. The original image must predate the 1925 completion date of the Telephone Building (25-story high-rise south of Market, not shown in Cardinell-Vincent but added in Pacific Stationery) and the Pacific Stationery card must postdate 1925.

Matching stock numbers "58" on these cards suggests that Cardinell-Vincent and Pacific Stationery are related, but I have no other evidence for that.

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