Pacific Stationery 100

pacific2_100.png pacific2_100_b.png

Publisher: Pacific Stationery
Number: 100
Caption: Chinatown showing Sing Fat Co.
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Addressee: Mr. X. J. Schatzle, | 44 Terrace Street, | Wilkes-Barre, | Pa.
Message: Sunday Taking a trip through the big woods this afternoon & tonight we are going to Chinatown. Mr. + Mrs Mack are on the trip + they are going to Chinatown with us. Rec'd letter from Ruth, Louise + Dolly + certainly enjoy them. The time passes very rapidly + will be home before I know it. Grace
Postmark: SF 6/09/yyyy [year not printed]
Comments: postmark year illegible
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