Newman, O. [unnumbered]

newman_o_u2.png newman_o_u2_b.png

Publisher: Newman, O.
Number: [unnumbered]
Caption: Ruins of Court House/City Hall
Type: undivided back
Color: b+w
Use: written
Addressee: Miss Paula Wanderer | 31 West 33rd St | New York| N.Y. | c/o Mrs. Reed
Location: Santa Rosa, not San Francisco (miscaptioned)
Message: [Front:] Built at a cost of seven million dollars but found to be very inferior material + workmanship
Note: Caption misidentifies location, message references incorrect SF City Hall; same image on Rieder postmarked Berkeley 5/03/1906
Comments: miscaptioned (Santa Rosa, not SF); addressed but not mailed
See also: note

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