Kropp 14929

kropp_14929.png kropp_14929_b.png

Publisher: Kropp
Number: 14929
Caption: Hotel St. Francis
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 07/03/1934
Addressee: Mrs W. W. Stucker, | Glendale Road, | Marblehead, | Mass.
Message: Expect you are at the Island by this time unless the boys couldnt go back and forth. Having a great time. Friday the day we arrive here was 106 in the machine. First hot day since we left Kansas City, 3 week ago. Leaving here in the morning for Lake Tahoe and then we go to Reno, Yellowstone Park and way stations. Sincerely, Millie Williams
Postmark: SF 7/06/1934
Comments: stamp missing
See also: note

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