Detroit 8579

detroit_8579.png detroit_8579_b.png

Publisher: Detroit
Number: 8579
Caption: SF and Bay
Type: undivided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 11/09/1905
Addressee: Fräulein Maria Wittich | Hannover | Ohestrasse 11 I. Etg. | Germany
Location: Looking east from Sacramento above Powell; tower of Chinese Presb. Church (Stockton/Clay) left, Commercial Hotel (Columbus/Kearny) above it, Hall of Justice center, Sacramento right
Message: [Back:] Miss Hattie Müller 2849 Fillmore Street San Francisco Cal. USA [Front: long message in tiny German script, not transcribed here]
Postmark: SF 11/09/1905, NY 11/14/1905, Hannover 11/26/1905
Comments: stamp missing

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