Curteich 6A-H1646

curteich_6AH1646.png curteich_6AH1646_b.png

Publisher: Curteich
Number: 6A-H1646
Caption: Palace Hotel / GGIE
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 10/25/1939
Addressee: Miss Charlotte Cory. | 122 Chestnut St. | East Orange. | N.J.
Message: Balto. Md. Oct. 25-1939 Hello! No - I am not in Calif. and did not get to N.Y. either. My cousin was in Calif. hence this card. What has become of you? Did you find our card the day we called on you? We were at your home also at Eleanors at noon time - hoping you would be home for lunch - but alas! We did not see you either. Hope you are O.K.- Regards from us. -Love- Min. F.Knoll
Note: Published 1936 per Curteich dating guide
Postmark: Baltimore MD 10/25/1939
Comments: GGIE

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