Britton & Rey 1034

britton_1034.png britton_1034_b.png

Publisher: Britton & Rey
Number: 1034
Caption: Dutch Windmill, GGP
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 10/21/1908
Addressee: Miss Lenora Krumich. | Tamaqua. | Penna. | 'Gen. Del.'
Message: [Front: elaborate notations not transcribed here.] [Back left:] This bit of scenery knocks spotts out of your 'Dewey Park'. and the thing owes its origin [?] to the Windmill. I certainly thought lots when I received your postal, as you know I am very familiar with that scene, do you know, but fish lane turns off from there. HD
Postmark: SF 10/21/1908
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