Benham 1577

benham_1577.png benham_1577_b.png

Publisher: Benham
Number: 1577
Caption: Sing Fat Oriental Emporium
Type: divided back
Color: color
Use: mailed
Date: 01/17/1911
Addressee: Mrs. J.A. McGinnis | Ripley | N.Y.
Message: Los Angeles Cal. June 17 1911 Received the package yes- terday. Thanks very much. I shall enjoy looking them over from time to time. Received a card from N.C.S. with - more questions. It is very amusing to me, as they are not coming shall not trouble myself to answer very soon. Never [illegible] get a word of encouragement from me as do not care to be blamed if everything is not absolutely perfect. Tell me in your next how to manage about the papers. Have forgotten. Washing today. Have a very fair woman. Yours A.J.S.
Postmark: LA 1/17/1911

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