Bardell 30

bardell_30.png bardell_30_b.png

Publisher: Bardell
Number: 30
Caption: Chinatown
Type: divided back
Color: b+w
Use: mailed
Date: 10/28/1910
Addressee: Mrs. E.E. Cahill | #808 Center St., | Oakland | Cal.
Message: S.F. - Oct. 28, 1910 Dear Bertha, Could not come over Friday, stayed at the dentist all afternoon. Will try and come over Tuesday. I have a date with the dentist at 10 o'clock so will come as soon as he lets me off. Can not make any arrangements to get to see Ada Pierce until he is all through. With love and good health Dewey and Celia
Postmark: SF 10/29/1910
Comments: photo glued to stiff stock
See also: note

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