Newspaper articles

Daily Alta California:

04/29/1884 mortgage Mitchell block
05/24/1884 death notice Michael Murray
12/03/1885 mortgage Mitchell block
07/04/1886 A. T. Noble (Murray & Noble) obit
08/17/1886 Bridget Murray lot
08/26/1886 Bridget Murray block
12/10/1886 Patrick to Bridget Murray lots
12/10/1886 Bridget Murray lots mortgage
03/18/1887 Bridget Murray block
04/28/1889 Connors/Mitchell real estate [page]
04/28/1889 Connors/Mitchell real estate
10/20/1889 cow ordinance
03/22/1890 Edward Mitchell to Margaret real estate
03/22/1890 Edward to Margaret Mitchell
06/07/1890 Bridget Murray to Catherine Mitchell
07/31/1890 Bridget Murray to Mary Murray
04/11/1891 Mitchell cows

San Francisco Call:

06/07/1890 Bridget Murray lot gift to Catherine Mitchell
07/31/1890 Bridget Murray lot gifts to Mary and Annie
03/17/1891 anniversary mass for Edward Mitchell d. 3/18/1890
06/04/1892 Margaret Mitchell cows
03/08/1895 death notice Catherine Mitchell
04/18/1895 death notice Bridget Murray
09/11/1900 funeral notice Thomas Mitchell's grandson
11/23/1907 Edward Connors lot purchase
07/11/1908 Margaret Mitchell lot to Edward Connors
10/01/1909 Catherine Mitchell estate lot to Thomas Mitchell
10/02/1909 Catherine Mitchell estate to Thomas Mitchell
09/19/1912 Edward Connors lot sale
05/22/1913 funeral notice Thomas Mitchell's granddaughter
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