Kohl Building

Location: California/Montgomery, NE corner.

The Kohl building, now known as the Hayward/Kohl building, was designed by George Percy and Willis Polk for Comstock Lode millionaire Alvinza Hayward. Completed in 1901, it was one of the first steel frame "fireproof" buildings in California. C. Fredrick Kohl bought the building in 1904. It survived the 1906 earthquake and fire with relatively minor damage to lower floors, subsequently repaired/reconstructed by Polk. The building stands today with its upper floors largely unmodified.

The post-earthquake/fire Underwood stereoviews below look west on California (#8222) and north on Montgomery (#8223) from the roof of the Kohl building.


kohl1.png kohl2.png


underwood_8222.png underwood_8223.png

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