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Date Location Description
01/27/19 Palo Alto Stanford Theatre interior.
02/26/19 St. Petersburg FL Bari and Neely.
02/27/19 St. Petersburg FL View from Tonia's balcony.
02/28/19 St. Petersburg FL Short Neely movies.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
03/01/19 St. Petersburg FL Twistee Treat.
03/02/19 St. Petersburg FL Lido Park with Edie B. Stereos
03/03/19 St. Petersburg FL Lido Park with Edie & Neely, including icosahedron stereograms. Stereos
03/04/19 St. Petersburg FL James Museum, including sterograms. Stereos
04/02/19 San Francisco Rainbow over downtown SF from Nancy Larson's balcony.
04/07/19 San Francisco Music-themed paintings at the Legion of Honor.
04/13/19 San Francisco From TV: Lou Seal in jammies during 18 inning marathon; ran out of space for Ks!
Ali Akbar Khan birthday concert at Old First Church.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
04/29/19 Arnold BLS Mutual Water meter installation in progress.
05/10/19 San Francisco De Young Museum paintings.
05/22/19 San Francisco City Hall and Davies interior from Davies during SFS rehearsal.
05/25/19 San Francisco Giants/D'backs game at Oracle, including Lou Seal.
05/31/19 Woodside Filoli: flowers and Percy the Peacock. Pulgas Water Temple. Stereos
06/15/19 Chicago IL Art Institute of Chicago.
06/16/19 Chicago IL Chicago River architectural tour with BSN/SEN/Alyssa on a foggy gray day.
06/17/19 Highland Park IL Bob Swartz's old Embosograph plugboards.
06/18/19 Chicago IL Staircase, outdoor sculpture at Museum of Contemporary Art. Water Tower. Driehaus Mansion Museum interiors. Stereos
06/20/19 Milwaukee WI Downtown buildings. Milwaukee Museum of Art. Stereos
06/23/19 Minocqua WI Al in his wine cellar.
07/12/19 Calaveras Big Trees Scattering location near North Grove and campgrounds.
07/13/19 Arnold Reunion at Snowflake Lodge: BSN/SAN, Debbie/Allie/Norma Castro, Carolyn/Clay/Lauren, Rena/Emile/Emile Jr./Isaq/Shannon, Hannah/Casey/Jamieson Candelario.
07/19/19 Lake Placid NY Fun on the water on hot day at Covewood. Tonia/Edie B./Neely, BSN/ASN/DWN/KL, Colons.
07/20/19 Lake Placid NY Preparations for large reception. Memorial service for Susan at St. Eustace Church. Cocktail party/reception after memorial.
07/21/19 Lake Placid NY Boat ride with Tonia/Neely/Melmo.
07/22/19 Saranac Lake NY Adirondack Carousel with Tonia/Edie B./Neely. Text of Tonia's speech at Susan's memorial.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
07/23/19 Lake Placid NY Mirror Lake walk with BSN/Tonia/Edie B./Neely.
07/24/19 Lake Placid NY Covewood boathouse. Boat trip with Tonia/Edie B./Neely/Melmo. Sunset from house and from boathouse.
07/26/19 Lake Placid NY Covewood interior. David & Susan's wedding announcement from the 9/10/1973 Minneapolis Star.
07/27/19 Lake Placid NY Babysitting for Edie B./Neely/Melmo on last morning in Placid.
07/27/19 Saugerties NY Opus 40. Stereos
07/28/19 New Windsor NY Storm King Art Center. Stereos
08/06/19 San Francisco Staples, nails, and tacks on Glen Park telephone pole.
08/11/19 Oakland Cross sections of Bay Bridge cable outside Bridge Yard.
08/15/19 San Francisco Stump grinding after front tree removal at 556 29th Street.
08/16/19 San Francisco Venerable ficus in front of 560 29th Street before its removal on 8/23/19.
08/21/19 Paso Robles Bruce Munro's Field of Light at Sensorio.
08/22/19 Castroville Giant Artichoke.
09/02/19 Arnold Bari and Woody Bear.
09/10/19 San Francisco Posters for 29th Street block party.
560 29th after tree removal.
09/21/19 San Francisco Day Street and St. Pauls from Day St. Park, cf. Upper Noe page. 426 Valley, previously site of Italian Hospital.
09/24/19 Denver CO Lou's Italian Specialties, including fabulous meat slicer. Capitol Hill Mansion. Remarkable amaro list at Panzano.
09/25/19 Denver CO Capitol Hill Mansion B&B and nearby mansions. State House. Kirkland Museum of Decorative Arts. Byers/Evans House Museum. History Colorado. Union Station at night. Capitol Hill Mansion at night. Stereos
09/26/19 Denver CO
Castle Rock CO
Byers/Evans House Museum. Denver Museum of Art.
Kyle Stolmack memorial.
09/27/19 Littleton CO Stolmack cousins brunch at Susie's after Kyle Stolmack memorial.
09/28/19 Palo Alto Ceci's second birthday party at Jessie/Dan's.
09/30/19 Williams
Mt. Shasta
Bar at Granzella's.
Mt. Shasta from I5.
10/05/19 San Francisco Neon sign at St. Mary's pub (Mission/St. Mary's).
10/06/19 San Francisco Earplay table at SF Music Day (War Memorial Building).
10/11/19 San Francisco The Peaks bar sign (Castro near 24th).
10/13/19 San Francisco Ceiling at Noe Valley Ministry.
10/23/19 San Francisco Beaver St. wall, for comparison with Weidner 4/19/1906 postcard. (Did not reach location of Weidner's photo; try from Corona Heights, near Randall Museum.)
10/27/19 San Francisco Upper Noe Valley views from Diamond Heights. for comparison with 1890s Italian Hospital photo. From: Walter Haas Park (Diamond Heights Blvd. at Addison), 107 Topaz Way, Billy Goat Hill. The 1890s photo was probably taken from the top of Gold Mine Hill, now ca. 40 Ora Way, no public viewing point since the development of Diamond Heights (bah!).
10/27/19 San Francisco Maureen Rooney and Harlow.
10/31/19 San Francisco Upper Noe pix for Mitchell and Our House pages.
11/15/19 San Francisco SF City Hall at night. Stereos
11/26/19 Alexandria VA Torpedo Factory art center. Stereos
11/27/19 Washington DC National Building Museum. Museum of Women in the Arts. Stereos
11/28/19 Washington DC Thanksgiving 2019 at Sally & Max's.
11/29/19 Washington DC Capitol, including climate change protest. Mall. Freer and Sackler galleries.
11/30/19 Washington DC Hirshorn, East Wing of National Gallery, National Gallery.
12/03/19 San Francisco Video: dancing duckie meets the crew.
12/05/19 San Francisco Clo ad on truck in Safeway parking lot.
12/09/19 San Francisco Japantown walk with ASN/AR. Architectural detail on houses near Japantown.
12/13/19 Half Moon Bay SEN at Sam's Chowder House.
12/22/19 San Francisco Hannukah table with BSN/SEN/MHR.
amaro San Francisco More bottle pix for Amaro webpage.
snapchat various 2019 snapchats.