Steve's 2019 photos

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Date Location Description
01/27/19 Palo Alto Stanford Theatre interior.
02/26/19 St. Petersburg FL Bari and Neely.
02/27/19 St. Petersburg FL View from Tonia's balcony.
02/28/19 St. Petersburg FL Short Neely movies.
03/01/19 St. Petersburg FL Twistee Treat.
03/02/19 St. Petersburg FL Lido Park with Edie B.
03/03/19 St. Petersburg FL Lido Park with Edie & Neely, including icosahedron stereograms.
03/04/19 St. Petersburg FL James Museum, including steroviews.
04/02/19 San Francisco Rainbow over downtown SF from Nancy Larson's balcony.
04/07/19 San Francisco Music-themed paintings at the Legion of Honor.
04/13/19 San Francisco From TV: Lou Seal in jammies during 18 inning marathon; ran out of space for Ks!
Ali Akbar Khan birthday concert at Old First Church.
04/29/19 Arnold BLS Mutual Water meter installation in progress.
05/10/19 San Francisco De Young Museum paintings.
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05/22/19 San Francisco City Hall and Davies interior from Davies during SFS rehearsal.
05/31/19 Woodside Filoli: flowers and Percy the Peacock. Pulgas Water Temple.
06/15/19 Chicago IL Art Institute of Chicago.
06/16/19 Chicago IL Chicago River architectural tour with BSN/SEN/Alyssa.
06/18/19 Chicago IL Staircase, outdoor sculpture at Museum of Contemporary Art. Water Tower. Dreihaus Mansion Museum interiors.