Steve's 2017 photos

Cameras: Canon S5 IS (files p*.jpg) and iPhone5 (files i*.jpg).

Summary: 74 directories, 2726 photos, 10.693 GB.

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Date Location Description
01/01/17 San Francisco New Year's Day: Beth/Bill/Alex/Jackson Schwartz, MKS, [SAN]/BSN/ASN/DWN/SEN.
01/21/17 San Francisco Women's March with BSN and Stefanie Arthur on rainy afternoon at Civic Center; lots of signs.
[N.B.: EXIF datestamps for these and subsequent Canon S5 IS pix are off by +3h.]
02/24/17 San Francisco Fort Funston with Fran & Joe Lalka.
02/25/17 San Francisco Fran & Joe Lalka at Garden Court of Palace Hotel. SF Museum of Modern Art.
02/26/17 San Francisco Twin Peaks with Fran & Joe Lalka. de Young Museum. Conservatory of Flowers, including many macro closeups.
02/27/17 Marin
BSN, Fran & Joe Lalka on Golden Gate Bridge.
Bear Flag Republic flag in museum. Rubber duckies in Sonoma shop window.
03/07/17 San Francisco Water heater and office rug after water heater failure, for insurance purposes.
03/28/17 Madrid ESP Bibliotheka Nacional. CentroCentro cultural center (Palacio de Cibeles). View from Mirador deck (top of CentroCentro). Church of San Ildefonso at Plaza San Ildefonso. Retail: hairbrushes, jamón, lightbulbs. Panos
03/29/17 Madrid ESP Velasquez statue outside Prado. Bar Harvey, for Harvey.
03/30/17 Madrid ESP Cold, gray day, difficult flat light. Teatro Nacional (exteriors). Palacio Nacional. Cathedral. Mercado de San Miguel. Cibeles fountain. Night at Plaza Independencia roundabout. Stereos
03/31/17 Madrid ESP Museo de Reina Sofia. Atocha. Parque de El Retiro. Palacio de Cristal, including panos. Parroqua Santisimo Sacramento. Stereos Panos
04/01/17 El Escorial ESP Monasterio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Stereos
04/02/17 Madrid ESP El Rastro flea market. Hotel Gran Versailles.
04/03/17 Lisbon PT Shops. Castelo de S. Jorge. Monumento dos Restauradores. Elevador de Santa Justa. Praça do Comércio. Se de Lisboa (Lisbon Cathedral). Panos
04/04/17 Lisbon PT Museu Coleção Berardo. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.
04/05/17 Lisbon PT
Cacilhas PT
Museo Nacional do Azulejo (tile museum). Turtles in museum cafe. Waterfront from ferry to Cacilhas.
04/06/17 Lisbon PT Ascensor da Glória. Miradauro de São Pedro de Alcântara terrace with panoramic views. Panos
04/07/17 Berlin D Performance of Bach St. Matthew's Passion in Berliner Dom.
04/08/17 Berlin D In Chauseestrasse: Brecht-Weigel Genkstätte (Brecht-Haus). Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof: graves of Brecht, Weigel, Hegel, Heinrich Mann,Becher, Eisler, Fichte, Dessau, Bronnen, Heartfield, Dudow.
04/09/17 Berlin D Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer. Brecht-Weigel Gedenkstätte and Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof. Streets in Mitte. Berliner Philharmonie, including Kammermusiksaal.
04/10/17 Berlin D Brücke Museum in Berlin Dahlem. Kunsthaus Dahlem. Pastries in window. Ku-damm and Gedächtniskirsche from bus. Hauptbahnhof.
04/11/17 Berlin D Neues Museum. Berliner Dom/Lustgarten/Altes Museum. Brandenburger Tor. Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.
04/12/17 Berlin D Dinner at Charlottenburg.
04/13/17 Berlin D Bauhausarchiv.
04/15/17 San Francisco Photos of Ali Akbar Khan memorabilia at Fort Mason AACM birthday concert.
05/03/17 Arnold Lots of wood on cabin lot and Mike's cabin lot.
05/06/17 Calaveras Medivac helicopter landing just off highway 4 near Copperopolis after accident.
05/13/17 Sacramento Molly's 97th birthday / Mother's Day luncheon at Alan & Lee's. BSN/[SAN], MKS, ALS/LHS, JLS, Amanda/Pat/Archer/Merit; dogs. SAN/Merit with rescue kitties.
05/24/17 Manhattan NY SEN's Cardozo Law School graduation at David Geffin Hall. BSN/[SAN]/DWN/KL/SEN/MR, Rachel Baskin, Shira Kogan.
05/26/17 Manhattan NY Succulents and Berlin bear neon sign at Chelsea Market.
05/29/17 Manhattan NY Rockefeller Center. Edison brass plaques at Herald Square Macy's.
06/11/17 Arnold Hail on deck during unseasonable early June storm.
06/27/17 San Francisco Fireboat from view deck at AT&T Park.
07/07/17 Arnold Reporter Max Resnik on Sacramento KCRA TV 3.
07/11/17 Arnold Felled trees and slash on our property, awaiting PG&E cleanup.
07/15/17 Sonoma Kate Rooney's wedding on a hot July day.
07/18/17 San Francisco Nice view from the view level at AT&T Park.
08/12/17 San Francisco Reference photos of office bookcases after sewage backup, start of long cleanup process.
08/18/17 San Francisco Reference photos of Sally's desk as SAN prepares to take it over.
08/20/17 San Francisco More from AT&T Park, including long shot of Stefanie as usher.
08/22/17 San Francisco Noe Valley/Mission walk from home to 25th/Mission tracing remnants of old SJ RR line. 02 First Samoan Congo Church (btw. Army/26th, Dolores/Guerrero): diagonal side following old lot line. 03: house with diagonal side on 26th. 05: Juri Commons, diagonal small park. [N.B.: Camera date somehow reset, EXIF info incorrectly shows photo dates as 1/01/1980.] 01 to 13: move to date...
08/25/17 San Francisco iPhone5 pix of old photos of Sally and Devin; should scan them instead.
08/26/17 Cloverdale Georgia and Josh's wedding.
08/31/17 Arnold Tom Cahill's annual tennis luncheon. Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Mike Meany, [SAN].
09/11/17 San Francisco Steve and Ira's tennis buddies at Balboa Park, including Felix and Harry.
09/12/17 San Francisco Old camera equipment for cameras webpage.
09/13/17 San Francisco iPhone pix for cameras webpage. Upstairs movie posters (not good enough).
09/14/17 San Francisco Inaba Cloisonne Co., Ltd. box showing how cloisonné is made. Cloisonné matchboxes on dining room plate rail. Cloisonné box.
09/19/17 San Francisco AT&T Park at twilight before Giants game.
10/05/17 Palo Alto Minnie Jurow's 95th birthday party at Sunrise Palo Alto. BSN, MKS, Minnie, Susan, Ruth/Vergne, Georgia/Josh, Jessica/Dan/baby Cecilia (age 2 weeks), Georgia's mom.
10/06/17 San Francisco City Hall illuminated for Fleet Week.
10/14/17 San Francisco Bye bye Edna!
10/21/17 San Francisco Noe Valley photos for then/now historical photo webpage. Late afternoon light decidedly non-optimal, as street is shaded and background bright; need to reshoot in late morning or very early afternoon.
10/24/17 Ashland OR Leaves with fall color. Main Street statue.
10/25/17 Jacksonville OR
Ashland OR
Main Street in Jacksonville; see also 2015 pix.
Ashland depot district. Leaves with fall color.
10/26/17 Ashland OR Leaves with fall color.
11/07/17 San Francisco Buildings for Noe Valley neighborhood history webpage.
11/12/17 San Francisco View from front bedroom window for Upper Noe webpage. Walk from home to 18th/Bryant. View from roof of 1890 Bryant. Panos
11/17/17 Washington DC Navy Yard: cranes, transportation walk, Nationals Park. SEN at NLRB building (Half and L SE), with photos from roof and in office. Navy Yard metro station. National Mall: Hirshhorn, Capitol, Smithsonian, Archives, Washington Monument, White House. Beautiful late afternoon autumn light. Stereos
11/18/17 Washington DC Natural History Museum. African American Museum. National Gallery sculpture garden. Lobby of SEN's apartment and night views from roof.
11/19/17 Washington DC Eastern Market. Capitol Hill houses. Capitol. FDR Memorial. MLK Memorial. Korean War Memorial. Lincoln Memorial. Sunset from SEN's roof, including planes landing at Reagan. Stereos Panos
11/20/17 Washington DC Museum of the American Indian. East Wing of National Gallery. From hotel room at sunset, fake crescent moon hanging from crane with real crescent moon beneath.
11/22/17 Manhattan NY Algonquin Hotel Blue Bar. Bryant Park holiday fair. Hudson Theater interior.
11/23/17 Manhattan NY Outside Penn Station/MSG at 33rd/7th with Thanksgiving Day parade crowd.
11/25/17 Manhattan NY Canal Street.
11/26/17 Manhattan NY
Brooklyn NY
High Line, south from Chelsea (23/10) to Whitney. Ferry Pier 11 to Red Hook.
Queen Mary 2 and old buildings in Red Hook.
11/27/17 Manhattan NY Ai Weiwei installations in lower Manhattan: Washington Square archway, Cooper Union north portico, 48 E 7th, 248 Bowery, 189 Chrystie, Essex Street Market. Museum. Bari Restaurant Supply.
12/01/17 Burlingame Setup for annual Christmas tree ceremony on Burlingame Avenue.
12/05/17 San Francisco Diamond Heights and Upper Noe for Upper Noe webpage.
12/14/17 Oakland
San Francisco
Paramount Theater.
Glen Park photo (in sections) at Main Library SF History Room.
12/17/17 San Francisco MOMA.
amaro San Francisco Amaro and quinquina bottles for amaro webpage.
cloisonne San Francisco Cloisonne collection for Cloisonne webpage.
snapchat various 2017 snapchats.