Steve's 2016 photos

Cameras: Canon S5 IS (files p*.jpg) and iPhone5 (files i*.jpg).

Summary: 65 directories, 2386 photos, 8.926 GB.

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Date Location Description
01/29/16 Monterey Monterey Bay Aquarium. Videos.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
01/30/16 Monterey Monterey Bay Aquarium. Movie.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
02/14/16 Berkeley New Berkeley Art Museum / PFA building. Xenakis scores.
02/22/16 San Francisco Earplay Trio at Knuth Hall, Creative Arts Building, SFSU: Terrie Baune, Thalia Moore, Ellen Ruth Rose. Rehearsal photos and a few short movies, Richard Festinger introduction, bows before and after concert.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
03/17/16 Paso Robles Sunset at rented Paso Robles house with BSN, Kathy & Al Nagy.
03/18/16 Paso Robles With Kathy & Al Nagy: morning wine tasting at Linne Calodo, lunch at Justin, olive oil tasting at Pasolivo. Stereos
03/19/16 Paso Robles With BSN, Kathy & Al Nagy: morning wine tasting at Terry Hogue (vines starting to bud), leisurely lunch at Daou in incredible setting. Stereos Panos
03/22/16 Oakland Molly's furniture during move from independent living to assisted living at Piedmont Gardens.
03/25/16 San Francsico Interior of Great Star theater in Chinatown.
03/31/16 Warsaw PL Palace of Culture and Science. Intersection of Marshalowska/Jerozolimskie from 21st floor window of Hotel Novotel.
04/01/16 Warsaw PL Museum of the History of Polish Jews, including Stella picture in small exhibit. Winged horse scuptures outside Krasiński Palace. Remnants of ghetto wall (in parking lot). Ghetto wall monument. Churches in Old Town. Barbican. Copernicus statue at University. Palace of Culture and Science ("Stalin's Penis") at night. Filharmonia Narodwa concert hall. Stereos Panos
04/02/16 Warsaw PL iPhone panoramas in Old Town square. Palace of Culture and Science. Bank of Poland building with extensive war damage. Old Town balloon vendors. Barbican. Royal Apartments interiors in the Royal Palace, including incredible parquet floors and Canalettos. Castle Square. Old Town Market Square. Copper Roof Palace. Hotel Bristol lobby. Copernicus statue. Shopping mall at Centralna; Hard Rock Cafe. Palace of Culture and Science.
04/03/16 Warsaw PL
Kraków PL
Warsaw from Novotel hotel room before departure.
Kraków on beautful warm spring-like day: Rynek Glówny (main square of Old Town [Stare Miasto]), Cloth Hall, St. Mary's Basilica, tourist kitsch in Cloth Hall ("world's oldest shopping mall").
04/04/16 Kraków PL Kazimierz. Wisła river. Ghetto memorial (chairs). Oscar Schindler Enamel Factory museum. Museum of Contemporary Art Krakó poster. Klezmer musicians in Kazimierz. Old Town wall. Barbican. Riverside walk near Wawel Castle at night. Stereos
04/05/16 Kraków PL Wawel Royal Castle. Rynek Glówny. Night life in Kazimierz, including klezmer musicians. Panos Stereos
04/06/16 Kraków PL In Kazimierz: Remah Synagogue and Remah Cemetery. Restaurants. Museum of Municipal Engineering. Tempel Synagogue. Stereos
04/07/16 Berlin DE BSN snapchats. Deutsche Oper interiors.
04/08/16 Berlin DE Friedrichstrasse shopping district. Bunker of Sammlung Boros. Neue Synagoge in Oranienstrasse. Monbijoupark. Berliner Fernsehturm. Gendarmenmarkt / Konzerthaus. Short video of horn player in Gendarmenmarkt. Inside of Konzerthaus.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
04/09/16 Berlin DE Flea market at Hackescher Markt. Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche. Kurfurstendamm. Stolpersteine. Kranzler. Bristol Kempinski. Schillertheater at night.
04/10/16 Berlin DE Flea market in Arkona Platz. Larger (but less interesting) flea market in Mauerpark. Graffiti wall in Mauerpark, including artists at work. Jewish cemetery. Sidewalk stands in Alexanderplatz. Interior of Grand Rocka restaurant (under Hackescher Markt S-Bahn). Potsdamer Platz. Berliner Philharmoniker, including interior.
04/11/16 Berlin DE Buddy Bears in shop. Sidewalk memorial near Alexanderplatz. Ampelmann postcards. Museuminsel: Deutsche Dom. Construction cranes. Deutsches Historisches Museum. Bridge over Spree. Theater am Schiffbauerdamm with Brecht monument. Brandenburger Tor. Reichstag.
04/12/16 Berlin DE Pergamon Museum, including Gate of Ishtar and Market Gate of Miletus.
04/13/16 Berlin DE Rosenstrasse Protest Monument "Block of Women" by Ingeborg Hunzinger near Adina Hotel. Rotes Rathaus and Fernsehturm. Jewish Museum of Berlin, including new Daniel Libeskind building. Checkpoint Charlie. Hamburger Bahnof (Museum der Gegenwart). Hauptbahnhof. Stereos
04/30/16 Santa Cruz Flowers of Evil reunion at UCSC / Stevenson College event center, including videos.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
05/25/16 San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park with BSN.
06/24/16 San Francisco Phillies vs. Giants at AT&T Park, including post-game fireworks. Panos
07/02/16 Arnold July 4 BBQ at Snowflake Lodge. Elaine and Tom Cahill, Ina and Chuck Carlsen, Paulette and Mike Meany, BSN.
08/04/16 Manhattan NY Waldorf-Astoria interior. Roosevelt Island via Tramway with BSN/DWN. 59th Street Bridge, East River, UN Secretariat, Roosevelt Memorial. Stereos
08/05/16 Manhattan NY
Brooklyn NY
Whitney Museum: High Line, Hudson, meatpacking district from balconies.
Best Pizza with Chelsea Mattoon.
08/06/16 Manhattan NY Lower East Side with Fran & Joe Lalka, DWN & Kristen, BSN. Tompkins Square Park.
08/07/16 Lake Placid NY Lake Placid with Edie B., Antonia, Melmo.
08/08/16 Lake Placid NY Covewood with BSN/Susan/Ralph/Antonia/Edie B./Melmo.
08/09/16 Lake Placid NY Susan on boathouse deck.
08/10/16 Lake Placid NY
Blue Mountain Lake NY
Walk at Lake Placid dam with Susa/Antonia/Edie B./Melmo.
Adirondack Museum.
08/11/16 Lake Placid NY Mirror Lake. Covewood: lake, boathouse interiors. Panos
08/12/16 Lake Placid NY DN's MIT yearbook, including Phi Gamma Delta page.
08/13/16 Manhattan NY Met Breuer. Madison Avenue.
08/14/16 Manhattan NY BSN at Veselka; with DWN/KL at Finnerty's.
08/15/16 Manhattan NY Interior of Tonia's apartment with Calder mobile.
08/25/16 San Francisco Chinatown and Ferry Building.
08/26/16 San Francisco Center for New Music open mic night, including presentation of ASN work.
08/28/16 San Francisco AT&T Park with BSN, including Lou Seal.
08/30/16 San Francisco Exploratorium, including videos of Strandbeest in action.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
Stereos Panos
09/15/16 Arnold Tom Cahill's annual men's tennis lunch. Tom Cahill, Irwin & Jeannie Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Mike Meany, (SAN), Bob Schey.
09/16/16 Dorrington Matt Hansen's farewell men's tennis lunch at Lube Room. Tom Cahill, Chuck Carlsen, Mark Enea, Matt Hansen, Mike Meany, [SAN].
09/20/16 San Francisco BSN's beautiful and tasty heirloom tomato pizzas.
09/25/16 San Francisco SF Chamber Music Day at War Memorial building (lobby, Green Room, Herbst). Earplay table. Signs for other music groups. Earplay performance by Brenda Vahur, Tod Brody and Peter Josheff.
10/28/16 Ashland OR Ducks in Lithia Park pond, including short duck butt videos.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
10/30/16 Oakland OR
Stevenson WA
Tolly's restaurant, building exteriors in historic Oakland OR.
Bear in Skamania Lodge lobby.
10/31/16 Stevenson WA Columbia River gorge from Skamania Lodge. Panos
11/01/16 Stevenson WA Columbia River Gorge from Skamania Lodge and from downtown Stevenson. Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center and Museum. Stereos
11/03/16 Mount Shasta Mount Shasta from car while driving south on 101.
11/05/16 Oakland
San Francisco
Redwood City
Laura Segal's photos of SF Bay Area visit with Brenda and Marvin.
11/12/16 Redwood City Minnie Jurow, MKS, BSN at Minnie's rehab facility.
11/23/16 Manhattan NY Post-election Post It wall in Union Square subway station.
11/24/16 East Windsor NJ Thanksgiving at Lalka's. [SAN]/BSN, DWN/KL, SEN/Max Resnik, Fran/Joe Lalka, John/Stefanie.
11/25/16 Manhattan NY Katz's Deli. SEN's office at MLBPA, 27th floor near Rockefeller Center. Central Park, including Big Bird.
11/26/16 Manhattan NY SEN and Max Resnik at lunch at Jacques.
11/28/16 Manhattan NY Washington Square Park with BSN, Edie B., Antonia, Susan. Stereos
12/15/16 San Francisco Earplay banner and x-stand from Vistaprint (for Lori).
12/17/16 San Francisco Hannukah 2016: ASN, MKS, Amanda & Pat.
12/22/16 Arnold Dead trees at cabin and at Meany's cabin. Minor roof damage from downing trees. Large logs at kitchen side of cabin.
12/23/16 Arnold Dead Samsung TV, as visual reminder of dimensions.
12/24/16 Sonoma Christmas Eve dinner at the Rooney's: Kate, Maureen, Charles, ASN.
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