Steve's 2012 photos

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Cameras: Canon S5 IS, occasionally Olympus C-740 UZ or iPhone5 as noted.

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Date Location Description
01/07/12 Davenport Cacti near Davenport art glass shop, SEN, church. Stereos
02/18/12 Ferndale
Details of Ferndale victorians, including Gingerbread B&B.
Big Lagoon from Ed and Michele's on gray late afternoon.
02/19/12 Trinidad
Flossie and Big Lagoon from Ed and Michele's.
Long walk overlooking ocean near mouth of Klamath River, including stereograms.
Elk relaxing in field.
Elk near Ed and Michele's.
02/20/12 Eureka Flowers in Ed and Michele's garden, including macro closeups and stereograms. Stereos
03/04/12 San Francisco Poster wall (Valencia near 24th). Bethel Church. Reflection self-portrait with spine. St. Luke's hospital (old entrance). Shadow self-portraits.
03/07/12 San Francisco More Mission murals.
03/10/12 San Francisco Cookin' up a gumbo, for gumbo recipe webpage.
Doorway measurements for Alissa and Danielle Goldberg, at Drye/Goldberg's.
03/20/12 Ojai Downtown Ojai. Stereos
03/23/12 Palm Desert Tom & Elaine's place at Deep Canyon Tennis Club, including Mexican-themed dinner event.
03/25/12 Moreno Valley Bari with Bob's Big Boy guy.
03/27/12 San Francisco Mary Chun's ondes martenot DVD title card (playing on TV), for DVD cover.
04/03/12 Daly City Earbowl at Serra Bowl: Mary Chun (Monsta), Ian and Nina, Junzo, Anne, [SAN].
04/07/12 San Francisco Passover 2012. Stereos
04/27/12 San Francisco Salsa and guacamole before and after pix, for salsa web page.
05/06/12 Sacramento Alan and the O Street Jumps at Crawdad's River Cantina. Lee with foundling chihuahua.
05/27/12 Pacific Grove With BSN, ASN, Jessica: PG lighthouse, Asilomar, PG shoreline walk, seals at Hopkins Marine beach. Panos
05/30/12 Pacifica Earbowl at Sea Bowl in Pacifica. Group photo from Mike: Mike Yano (Junzo), Kevin Neuhoff (Boom Boom), Mary Chun (Monsta), Herman (Sea Bowl mascot), Nina, SAN (Swede), Ian Thomas (Walter), Norman (Norma), Ann Kroeber. Also: scan of Swede's stat sheet.
06/09/12 Alamo Allie Castro's graduation party at Norma & Debbie's: Castros, Mogannams, Fishes, etc.
07/15/12 Arnold Tom Cahill & Elaine Staben's wedding in their garden, BSN officiating.
Dinner following at Snowflake Lodge.
08/29/12 Arnold Tennis at Snowflake, then men's tennis lunch @ Mike Meany's. Chuck Carlsen, Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Mark Enea, Matt Hansen, Mike Meany, [SAN], Tracy Scott (and Riley!).
09/08/12 Arnold Tom Cahill's annual men's tennis lunch: Chuck Carlsen, Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Lloyd Loeffler, Mike Meany, [SAN].
09/15/12 San Francisco Golden Gate bridge walk with ASN/BSN. Panos
09/21/12 San Francisco Ingleside Terraces sundial.
10/07/12 Palo Alto Minnie Jurow's 90th birthday party at Buca di Beppo.
10/31/12 Stanford Halloween at Matt's, year 10; see my Halloween page. Stereos
11/19/12 New York NY Walk across Soho, mostly on Broome, from W 4th to Orchard. Store windows and posters, lighting stores on Bowery.
11/20/12 Brooklyn NY
New York NY
NYC Transit Museum; Bourough Hall.
Bryant Park at night.
11/21/12 New York NY Holiday market in Union Square (pre-power-outage).
11/22/12 Brooklyn NY Thanksgiving at Devin's Greenpoint apartment. BSN, ASN/DWN/SEN, Antonia Ness, Kristin Lalka, Jessica Schwartz.
Also: First iPhone5 panorama pix in.jpg (too dark) and scans of DWN's polaroids poln.jpg.
11/23/12 New York NY Central Park, including reservoir. Bubbles outside Met. Walk down Madison, including Ralph Lauren bears.
11/24/12 New York NY Segal bus driver sculpture at MOMA; cf. also BSN driving bus at Transit museum.
11/25/12 New York NY Big Apple sculpture at JFK/American terminal, with and without BSN.
11/27/12 San Francisco iPhone5 camera test shots: family room and office.
12/01/12 Pacific Grove
Holiday carnival in downtown PG park: rides, petting zoo. PG victorians, including Centella Inn. Former SAN worksite (Digital Research) on Lighthouse. Asilomar beach walk with Charles Rooney, including stitched Canon panos (poor) and iPhone panos.
Carmel Beach with Maureen & Charles Rooney. Tiles on Ocean Ave. BSN, Maureen, & Charles.
12/17/12 SF Fun with Bari's iPad camera.
12/22/12 San Francisco Hanukkah dinner 2012.
12/25/12 San Francicso SEN outside Diamond Heights dim sum restaurant.