Steve's 2011 photos

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Date Location Description
01/01/11 Berkeley CA HWS's 90th birthday party at Skates: HWS/MKS, ALS/LHS, BSN/ASN/SEN[/SAN], JHS/Alyssa, Amanda/Pat/Archer/Merit Saxton, Minnie Jurow/Ruth Brown (16). First sighting of Merit for most of us! Also: cropped photos and edited 12/27/1920 NYT front page for birthday poster.
01/02/11 San Francisco SOLI dinner at Dan & Val's: Dan/Val, Harvey/Carol, BSN/[SAN], Peggy, and their two cats.
01/09/11 Port Costa CA
Crockett CA
Lunch at Warehouse Café in Port Costa with large bear.
Crockett Hills Regional Park, including panoramas.
01/28/11 San Francisco Bob Swartz' 3D-printed clock instill pix and videos, including Steve's first iMovie project.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
02/04/11 San Francisco CA
Arnold CA
Bari's birthday orchid from ASN/DWN; first attempts at stereo photography.
Downed trees at cabin driveway and kitchen porch, including more stereograms.
02/05/11 Arnold CA Downed tree and damage to Clem & Jeanine Martin's deck. Debris piles after two long days of manual labor.
02/13/11 San Mateo CA
San Francisco
Walk with BSN on Sawyer Camp Trail, next to Crystal Springs reservoir; mostly stereo.
San Francisco City Hall in stereo.
02/14/11 San Francisco Bari's table setting and decorations for Valentine's Day dinner party (Drobots and Harpers).
03/24/11 Northbrook IL Laser cutter objects at File System Labs for web page. [Olympus C-740 UZ]
03/29/11 San Francisco Laser cutter objects at home for web page. [Olympus C-740 UZ]
04/23/11 San Francisco Passover seder: BSN/[SAN]/DWN, HWS/MKS, ALS/Archer, JHS/Jake, Minnie Jurow, Ruth/Vergne/Joshua/Jessica Brown, Dan (15).
05/15/11 Suisun City CA Western Railway Museum.
05/28/11 Marin Headlands CA SEN & Katie Reedy, GGB, San Francisco skyline from Marin Headlands.
06/19/11 Oakland CA San Francisco and Oakland from Piedmont Gardens roof.
Ella Ellis reading: Leo and Ella Ellis, Ben and Ruth Balter, HWS/MKS, BSN.
07/02/11 Arnold CA Sally and friends at Snowflake and at cabin: Maddie Armstrong, Rachel Baskin, Alissa Goldberg, Shira Kogan, SEN.
07/03/11 Arnold CA Sally and friends at cabin: Maddie Armstrong, Rachel Baskin, Alissa Goldberg, Shira Kogan, SEN.
07/06/11 Arnold CA [Frank Drobot's pix]
Maureen, BSN, SAN at deck, SAN BBQing.
A couple days later: Frank and Maureen on bikes for death ride.
07/10/11 Arnold CA P.E.O. fundraiser reception/concert in Tom & Elaine's backyard.
07/22/11 Jackson CA Kennedy Mine tailing wheel and ampitheater, for Main St. Theater Works production of Feydeau's A Flea in Her Ear.
08/12/11 Murphys CA Murphys Creek Theater production of Molière's Scapin at Munari Winery Stevenot Amphitheater, including pre-performance singers.
08/22/11 San Francisco Bob Swartz' 3D-printed clock video. Redo of 1/28/11 above with better background, as requested by rs.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
08/23/11 Davenport CA
Carmel Highlands CA
Cobwebs and flowers, including macro closeups.
Highlands Inn suite, including TV images with bad aspect ratio.
08/24/11 Carmel Highlands CA
Point Lobos CA
Carmel Highlands room, BSN at breakfast at California Kitchen.
Point Lobos, including panoramas.
08/24/11 Monterey CA The magnificent Monterey Bay Aquarium, including panoramas.
08/24/11 Carmel Valley CA Drive-in movie Kundun at Philip Glass Days and Nights Festival, Hidden Valley Music.
08/26/11 Monterey CA Historical downtown Monterey: Great Seal and CA bears outside Colton Hall; Colton Hall interiors; old Monterey jail; Cooper-Molera Adobe, including flower closeups.
08/31/11 Arnold CA Tom Cahill's annual men's tennis luncheon: Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Mike Meany, [SAN], Bob Schey.
09/15/11 San Francisco Short .avi movies of Theo Jannsens' Strandbeest model, for Bob Swartz.
4/27/20: Original .avi video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
09/27/11 San Francisco Rosh Hashana dinner (one day early): BSN/ASN, MKS/HWS, Laura Rosenberg.
10/07/11 San Francisco From Twin Peaks [with BSN, Elaine Staben, Tom Cahill]: downtown, Blue Angels practice for Fleet Week.
10/17/11 Baton Rouge LA
Port Hudson LA
St. Francisville LA
Natchez MS
Baton Rouge riverfront near convention center.
Bellue's Fine Cajun diner; simple, cheap, fabulous.
Oakley House at Audubon Memorial Park; Rosedown house and garden.
Mammy's Cupboard café on 61 near Natchez. Downtown Natchez building details. The Elms, interior and exterior.
10/18/11 Natchez MS
Vicksburg MS
Gray, drizzly day. Monmouth and Longwood. Emerald Mound on Natchez Trace.
Vicksburg battlefield monuments and USS Cairo.
10/19/11 Natchez MS
Opelousas LA
Lafayette LA
Natchez cemetery, including Jewish section.
Guitar artwork and buildings around Opelousas courthouse.
Downtown Lafayette, including Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.
10/20/11 Breaux Bridge LA
Avery Island LA
New Iberia LA
Country swamp tour.
Tobasco plant tour with BSN.
Downtown New Iberia.
10/21/11 St. Martinville LA
Breaux Bridge LA
Our bedroom at Bienvenue House. Jill, Skip and BSN in front of house. Longfellow-Evangeline State Park.
Crawfish restaurant.
10/22/11 New Orleans LA BSN, SEN, and Katie Reedy at Tulane.
10/23/11 New Orleans LA Audubon Park walk with BSN. Nighttime ferry ride to and from Algiers and Dry Dock Café with BSN/SEN/Brett Garcia.
10/24/11 New Orleans LA Shooting television show Common Law, as seen from the window of our room at the Whitney Hotel.
10/28/11 Northbrook IL Impossible Objects 3D printer prototypes for NSF grant application. [Olympus 740 UZ]
10/31/11 Stanford CA Halloween at Matt's, year 9. [p0nn.jpg: Canon S5 IS. p1nn.jpg: Olympus C-740 UZ.]
11/10/11 San Francisco Charles Perry sculpture Eclipse and Hyatt Regency interior (see also: 11/15/08).
11/24/11 San Francicsco Thanksgiving dinner table setting.
12/17/11 Angels Camp CA Angels Camp Museum, including lots of stereo pairs; handheld, in less than ideal late-afternoon light.
12/23/11 San Francisco Dining room table decorated for holiday cocktail/dinner party.
12/28/11 Oakland CA Hannukah/HWS 91st birthday luncheon at HWS/MKS: [SAN]/BSN/ASN/SEN, HWS/MKS, ALS/LHS, Amanda/Pat/Archer/Merit Saxton, Jay/Alyssa/Jake Stolmack (15). Includes one stereogram of table.