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Dates are photo dates. JPEG information timestamps are Pacific standard time (GMT - 8h). File modification timestamps may differ from JPEG timestamps.
Cameras: Canon S5 IS, occasionally Olympus C-740 UZ as noted.
Summary: 3.2 GB, 1356 photos as of 5/03/10.

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Date Location Description
1/12/10 San Francisco Screenshots of mwclogo and Stella screensavers for screensavers web page.
1/17/10 Santa Cruz Buildings on Pacific Avenue, including Del Mar Theater, on rainy gray afternoon.
1/18/10 Año Nuevo
Half Moon Bay
Lots of sea birds at Gazos Creek beach on rainy gray day; difficult light. Pigeon Point lighthouse (using polarizing filter for most).
Happy Taco. Recycled glass fragments at Half to Have It on Main Street.
1/19/10 San Francisco Cropped photos for homepage.
1/21/10 San Francisco COHERENT booting on dell486. Screensaver images, as above.
1/25/10 San Francisco Old homepages for website About page.
1/30/10 San Francisco Bari's 60th birthday dinner at home: BSN, ASN, Jill Daly, Cathy Rickard.
2/08/10 San Francisco mwclogo and Stella screensaver videos for screensavers web page (unused).
2/13/10 Glen Ellen [With BSN, Maureen & Charles Rooney:] Walk in Sonoma Valley Regional Park, Jack London Village.
2/14/10 San Francisco Castro Theater and Castro Street neon from Castro/Market bus kiosk.
2/15/10 San Francisco Fortune cookie pix for fortune cookie webpage.
2/17/10 Northbrook IL File System Labs, including meeting whiteboard pix. Roger Critchlow, Tim Murphy, Bob Swartz (missing: Elan Pavlov). [Olympus C740 UZ]
2/18/10 Northbrook IL File System Labs network installation, subsequently used for background of FSL homepage. [Olympus C740 UZ]
3/05/10 San Francisco SF city championship girls basketball at Kezar Pavillion: Lowell defeats Lincoln 73-63. Rachel Baskin, SEN, Justine Fox. [Olympus C740 UZ]
3/18/10 San Francisco Flower, bee, cobweb macro closeups on Valley Street.
3/20/10 San Francisco Passover seder: SAN/BSN/SEN, MKS (but not HWS), ALS/LHS, Amanda/Pat/Archer, Minnie, Ruth, Joshua, Jessie & Daniel (14).
3/27/10 San Francisco [With BSN:] Long walk down Mission Street, eventually to Dolores Park, including panoramas.
New Chicken John sign; murals; Ben Davis; decrepit theaters; BSN with Metro PCS guy; Dolores Park life; inside Bernie's.
4/01/10 Arnold Unusual granular hail/snow at deck and driveway.
4/10/10 New Orleans LA [With BSN/SEN:] Canal Street from hotel room; riverboat Natchez; crowded Vieux Carré during French Quarter festival; Jackson Square with St. Louis Cathedral wrought iron; Mr. Hand Grenade Man with SEN; lots of Bourbon St. neon.
4/11/10 New Orleans LA [With BSN/SEN:] Loyola. Tulane honor students event at Tulane: bead tree, sculptures, signin, McAllister interior.
[With BSN:] Garden district / Magazine Street uptown walk: houses, beads, railings.
4/12/10 New Orleans LA [With BSN:] Vieux Carré walk. [Some photos use wide aspect ratio by mistake, unclear how that happened.] Old Mint, French Market, Joan of Arc statue, Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral; Lafayette Square.
[With BSN/SEN:] Tulane with SEN after pre-registration.
4/13/10 New Orleans LA [With BSN/SEN:] Funhouse mirrors at Children's Museum; Convention Center reflections; Riverwalk, including reflections and Mississippi River panoramas; Riverwalk stores; foot of Canal Street.
4/23/10 San Francisco Lowell High School 8th annual talent show; see program.
Those Chicks: Elana Cohn, Shira Kogan, Sally Ness, Katie Stubblebein, Amy Williams.
5/01/10 San Francisco [With BSN/ASN:] Walk in Mission: street art, papercuts, and lots of murals, including Walgreens, Brava, Precita Eyes murals on Balmy Alley.
5/02/10 Healdsburg [With BSN/ASN:] Walk along deserted railroad tracks to Russian River bridges and Patrick Amiot's Wine Goddess at Davis Family Winery. Cf. very similar pix from 6/14/09.
5/09/10 Oakland Mother's Day at G&G's: HWS/MKS, [SAN/]BSN/SEN, Jay & Alyssa & Jake, Will.
5/17/10 Northbrook IL Whiteboard at FSL after 5/17 meeting. [Olympus C-740 UZ. JPEG timestamp wrong due to camera clock.]
5/18/10 Northbrook IL At FSL: laser cutter and 3d printer objects. Epilog laser cutter at work cutting masonite. [Olympus C-740 UZ. JPEG timestamps wrong due to camera clock.]
See also: Steve's laser cutter objects from PostScript code.
Milwaukee WI Bridge near Milwaukee train station.
At Tim & Lisa's, a.k.a. the Joseph E. Uihlein mansion (English Tudor, 1907). Walk with Tim and dog Trixie down to Lake Michigan. [Olympus C-740 UZ. JPEG timestamps wrong due to camera clock. No pix of Lisa or of kitty Squeak.]
5/21/10 San Francisco Laser cutter objects from Steve's PostScript code, mostly produced 5/18/10. [Olympus C-740 UZ]
5/23/10 San Francisco SFDS reunion for 8th grade class of 2006, including some pix by SFDS staff.
5/30/10 San Francisco Lowell senior prom party at Emily's, including motorized cable car.
5/31/10 Petaluma BBYO Spring Convention at Walker Creek Ranch.
6/03/10 San Francisco SEN's Lowell HS graduation at Civic Auditorium.
6/11/10 San Francisco Scans of SAN/BSN/SEN photo booth pix from Chelsea Mattoon's graduation party.
6/19/10 San Francisco Sunset Dance recital at Lowell: SEN, Katie, Shira. Sally and Amy Williams after Star Dance recital at Herbst.
6/22/10 SF Bay
New York NY
SF, Treasure Island, Bay Bridge, Antoioch Bridge, Shasta/Lassen from plane leaving SFO.
ASN with DWN's dumpster detritus wizard.
6/23/10 New York NY Tonia's apartment, including artwork. Washington Square park, west Village store windows, High Line walk with BSN/DWN, Chelsea Market.
6/24/10 Brooklyn NY Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn Public Library, Joyce & Ed's house, Brooklyn Museum of Art.
6/25/10 New York NY Cooper Square, BSN with Mario, Williamsburg Bridge walk with BSN, East River park, Greenpoint.
6/26/10 New York NY Second Avenue and Carl Schurz Park with BSN, ASN, Michael, Vaia, & Ariadne.
6/27/10 New York NY Cloisters. BSN with Mr. Softee (start of heat wave).
6/28/10 Hudson valley NY From MetroNorth train Hudson line to Beacon NY. Palisades, Tappan Zee bridge, West Point, Beacon. (Dia Beacon interior photography not permitted.)
6/30/10 New York NY Cooper Hewitt & Guggenheim (interior photography not permitted), Central Park walk, Park Avenue taxis.
7/01/10 Queens NY Corona Park, with Unisphere, Queens Museum of Art including NY panorama, Queens graffiti.
7/02/10 Wayne NY
Lake Placid NY
ASN/DWN at Burger Deluxe.
Susan's home Covewood, including sunset boat ride.
7/03/10 Lake Placid NY Lake Placid horse show, Mirror Lake kayak races. Antonia sunning with Melmo, ASN/DWN testicle toss, Susan, Mike, Wallace. SAN/ASN juggling with Melmo. Boathouse and house interiors. 4th of July cake with Ned and Ford.
7/04/10 Lake Placid NY Launching Susan's sailfish, sailing with Melmo, silly July 4th hat. Fireworks from boat, way too much jiggle. Susan's house at night.
7/05/10 Lake Placid NY Fun in the hot sun at Susan's: boat rides, kayaks, tennis.
7/24/10 Jackson
Old buildings in Downtown Jackson, mostly looking bleak.
Drytown Club, venue for Alan's band O Street Jumps.
8/11/10 San Francisco Sally's pre-college farewell dinner, with the usual suspects: Rachel Baskin, Justine Fox, Alyssa Goldberg, Johanna Kanes, Shira Kogan, SEN, Katy Stubblebine, & Alina Werth.
8/14/10 Vacherie, LA
Houma, LA
Laura Plantation.
Underwhelming downtown Houma; canals, but Venice it ain't.
8/15/10 Mandeville LA Fontainebleau State Park, including Lake Ponchtrain panoramas.
8/16/10 New Orleans LA SEN at Tulane on NOLA drop-off day.
8/18/10 Arnold Men's tennis lunch at Mike Meany's: Tom Cahill, Chuck Carlsen, Irwin Cantieri, Matt Hansen, Lloyd Loeffler, Mike Meany, SAN, Bob Schey.
8/24/10 San Francisco Photos of broken front tree limb at home from Alison Mattoon and Norma Penson.
9/01/10 Arnold Men's tennis at Snowflake Lodge courts, Blue Lake Springs: Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen (just before breaking foot), Al Dellasanto, Matt Hansen, Lloyd Loeffler, Bob Schey, Tracy Scott.
9/05/10 Ripon Color the Skies hot air balloon festival at Ripon Sports Park, including panoramas.
9/10/10 Calaveras Big Trees Calaveras Big Trees north grove with BSN & Stefanie Arthur.
9/11/10 Arnold Annual men's tennis luncheon at Tom's: Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Mike Meany, [SAN].
See also Tom's pix.
9/16/10 Forest Meadows Last hurrah of 2010 BLS summer tennis: men's tennis luncheon at Irwin's: Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Matt Hansen, Lloyd Loeffler, Mike Meany, [SAN]. [Olympus C740 UZ]
9/23/10 San Francisco Harvest moon rises between spires of St. Paul's on first day of fall, from back deck.
10/06/10 San Francisco Steve's office with hppav2 and new monitor, for hppav2 setup test.
10/07/10 New Orleans LA Vieux Carre w/DWN: French Market, Mr. Hand Grenade, Bourbon Street. SEN's dorm room in Butler Hall, Tulane.
10/09/10 New Orleans LA Tulane / Army football game at Superdome w/BSN, DWN, SEN, Will Martin. Mascot: Rip Tide.
10/10/10 New Orleans LA Lighthouse, Museum of the Confederacy exterior. Mardi Gras World w/BSN, DWN.
10/11/10 New Orleans LA
En route
Vieux Carre w/BSN, DWN.
En route NSY to PHX: Baton Rouge, delta, clouds. Sunset over Pacific, Monterey peninsula.
10/24/10 Murphys Independence Hall Quilters 33rd annual Mountain Heirloom Quilt Faire at Ironstone. [Poor lighting, no tripod.]
10/26/10 Milwaukee WI Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Salvatore Calatrava's Milwaukee Art Museum on very windy gray day.
[Olympus C-740 UZ. JPEG timestamp wrong due to camera clock.]
10/31/10 Stanford Halloween at Matt Kahn's, year 8; see readme.txt for details. [Olympus C-740UZ (p002 to p305) and Canon S5IS (p401 to p464).]
11/26/10 San Francisco Downtown walk, 2010 Thanksgiving edition, with BSN/ASN/DWN/SEN/Kristen Lalka: windows on Maiden Lane, Chinatown toys and t-shirts, Hyatt Regency interior, pier near Ferry Building at night.
12/05/10 Pt. Reyes Tomales Bay, Point Reyes, and Point Reyes lighthouse on cold, rainy gray day.
12/13/10 Wheeling IL Super Dawg, on gray morning and at night. [Olympus C-740 UZ]
12/14/10 Northbrook Screen damage on Elan's Lenovo laptop. [Olympus C-740 UZ]
12/18/10 San Francisco College girls reconvene before clubbing: Mattie Armstrong, SEN, Justine Fox, Johanna Kanes, Rachel Baskin, & Alina Werth.

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