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Camera: Canon S5 IS.

Summary: 9.70 GB, 4,844 photos.

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Album art SF Album art for iTunes.
First effort 1/7/08: photographed in office, with artificial light, not too good but good enough. Cropped with the Gimp.
Later: outside, in indirect light; set white balance to overcase.
For CDs (not LPs), probably makes more sense to scan covers rather than to photograph them, though scanner produces bloated JPEG files.
1/01/08 SF Jasper (Mattoon's dog) and Jake (Ken Johnson's dog) at Mattoon's New Year's Day open house.
1/12/08 SF Earplay award; photo useless due to line of sky across it.
Chicken John Rinaldi billboard (on Army just off Mission).
2/10/08 Palo Alto Birds during walk at Baylands Park with BSN.
[Initial pix at 3MP (forgot to change quality), later at 7MP.]
2/12/08 Los Gatos SPI apps and tools groups celebrate Mammoth release at Campo de Bocce, Los Gatos.
Poor lighting plus long lenses equals lousy pix, even with tripod.
Alan, Bei, Bin, Don, Eugene, Jason, Mark, Peter M., Richard, Rob, Tim, Udo, Ujval, Weinong, Yipeng...
2/16/08 Daly City Mount San Bruno park, including panoramas of downtown SF.
2/22/08 San Jose Evening session of quarterfinals of SAP Open tennis at HP Pavilion.
Robby Ginepri vs. James Blake, Andy Roddick vs. Mardy Fish. The Davis Cup.
SAN with Andy Roddick.
3/01/08 SF Crissy Field, Golden Gate Bridge, Fort Point with Ed Olsgard, including panorama.
3/24/08 Kapaa
Beach at Islander Beach Resort. Old equipment at Coconut Marketplace. Kapaa Beach Park, chickens in Kapaa.
Kilauea lighthouse, including panorama. Church, graveyard, stained glass in Kilauea.
Hanalei valley overlook, including panoramas.
Haena grotto, views from hike in Haena State Park.
Night photos of Islander entrance.
3/25/08 Waimea
Waimea Canyon overlook, including panoramas. Underwhelming ruins of Russian Fort Elizabeth.
Swinging bridge at Hanapepe. Kauai Soto Zen Temple.
3/26/08 Kapaia

Wailua Falls, including panoramas (also horizontal pan).
Opaekaa Falls at Wailua State Park, including panorama.
Palm trees and ocean from pool at hotel.
[Switch from max resolution to M1, 2592 x 1944, to avoid having to download pix before returning to SF. 839 pix remaining as of 3/26/08 PM vs. 572 at max resolution; should be enough for remaining four days. Open question: lower rez with better compression vs. higher rez with worse compression?]
3/27/08 Kilauea Na Anoa Kai botanical garden.
3/28/08 Lihue

Beach on Hanamaulu Bay near Lihue airport.
Kauai sights from great Island Helicopters helicopter ride.
[Switch back from M1 resolution to max L, probably no problem with running out of pix, 500 remain.]
3/29/08 Kauai Napali coast from Kauai Sea Tours trip aboard Lucky Lady, including handheld panorama.
3/30/08 Lihue Kalapaki beach on Nawiliwili Bay with surfers, including panoramas. Interiors of Kauai Marriott.
4/13/08 SF SF Bay from Fort Mason: Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz from Fort Mason pier, including panoramas.
4/19/08 Oakland Passover lunch at G&G's: HWS/MKS, Alan/Lee, SAN/BSN/SEN, Jay/Jake, Amanda/Pat/Archer.
5/11/08 Oakland Mother's Day lunch at Park Avenue Bar & Grill, Piedmont Avenue, Oakland.
BSN/SEN(/SAN), HWS/MKS, Jay & Jake.
5/17/08 SF Chrissy Field walk with BSN & ASN. Golden Gate Bridge in fog, Alcatraz, birds, kites.
6/07/08 San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, SF Bay from Cowell Theater Fort Mason at dusk.
First use of polarizing filter, which seems to work well.
Shots facing into sun have greenish ghost circle, reflection from filter?
Some exposure-adjusted shots too dark, looked better on preview screen.
Night shots after sunset completely unsuccessful, old camera was much better.
6/14/08 SF
Sunset Academy of Dance recital at Lowell: SEN & Shira Kogan (mostly fuzzy).
Sculpture and ancient Chinese cart detail at Sonoma.
6/29/08 SF Terry Bookwalter's 60th birthday surprise party at John Collins Hall of St. John of God (5th/Irving).
BSN/DWN, Maureen and Kate Rooney, Terry/Anne Marie/Tom/Thomas (no Brian) Bookwalter, Cathy Beitiks.
7/04/08 Denver
Denver International Airport.
Downtown Boulder.
7/05/08 Denver Jackson Schwartz bar mitzvah @ Congregation Emanuel, Glendale.
Denver Art Museum (Liebeskind building) and Civic Center.
Dinner @ Beth and Bill Schwartz's house.
7/06/08 Denver
Estes Park
Breakfast with relatives at Cherry Creek Hotel.
Rocky Mountain National Park (including panoramas), Stanley Hotel.
7/07/08 Central City
Indian Springs
Victorian downtown storefronts, now casinos. Gilpin County Museum rooms.
Lunch at creekside Subway.
Harrison Street stores, Tabor Opera House.
7/08/08 Independence Pass
Grand Junction
Independence Pass and the Continental Divide (including panoramas).
Downtown Aspen.
Colorado National Monument (including panoramas).
7/09/08 Grand Junction
Black Canyon
Colorado National Monument (including panoramas).
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park (including panoramas).
Downtown Gunnison.
7/10/08 Gunnison
St. Elmo
Buena Vista
Train outside Gunnison Museum.
Ghost town of St. Elmo.
Downtown Buena Vista, including Alf the blacksmith. Collegiate Peaks overview (including panoramas).
7/11/08 Florrisant
Pikes Peak
Manitou Springs
Florissant Fossil Beds National Mounument.
Pikes Peak cog railway to top of Pikes Peak (including panoramas).
Downtown Manitou Springs.
7/12/08 Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs
Walk with Craig Hauschildt, Adele & Axel.
Denver Botanical Gardens with Ginger & Craig.
Broadmoor Hotel.
7/19/08 Calaveras Big Trees Walk with BSN on Calaveras Big Trees river trail.
7/21/08 Arnold Stuffed animal five card draw on the deck, for a card for Rooneys.
7/23/08 Arnold Pasta night with tennis group at Snowflake Lodge:
BSN, Allison Mattoon, Bob Schey, Lloyd & Joanne Loeffler, Jim & Dorothy Held, Jeannie & Irwin Canieri, [Mike &] Paulette Meany; Tom Cahill & Elaine.
Later: at Cahill's house in waning light with Allison & Meanys.
8/01/08 Arnold Water polo at Snowflake Lodge pool.
Playing: SEN, Austin Fish, Ally Castro, Shannon Mogannem.
Observing: BSN, Bobbie Owens, Debbie & Norma Castro; David Zvolnick; Emile Jr. and Isaq Mogannem; Brian Fish; Brenda Balducci.
Tennis: SEN, Austin, David.
8/04/08 Arnold Dinner at the Balduccis: Brenda/Ed/Janelle/Cassie/Dante Balducci, Janet/Brian/Austin/Amanda Fish, BSN/[SAN]/SEN, Jazzy the dog.
8/09/08 Arnold Bobbie Owens and Judith Anderson at Snowflake Lodge.
8/10/08 Arnold Randi, Bob, Jessica & Matthew Fields with BSN/SEN at Snowflake Lodge pool.
8/13/08 Arnold Tennis group at Snowflake Lodge pasta night:
Tom Cahill & Elaine Staben, Lloyd & Joanne Loeffler; Mike & Paulette Meany; BSN/SEN[/SAN]; Tracy Scott.
8/17/08 Arnold Alan/Lee, Amanda/Pat/Archer, BSN/[SAN]/SEN at Snowflake Lodge.
8/29/08 Arnold End of season tennis group lunch at Mike Meany's:
Tom Cahill, Chuck Carlsen, Jim Held, Irwin Cantieri, Lloyd Loeffler, [Mike Meany], [SAN], Tracy Scott, Don Taylor.
8/30/08 Arnold End of summer dinner at Tom Cahill's.
9/05/08 SF Lowell girls tennis team pre-season match vs. University.
9/07/08 Tiburon Sculpture at end of Main Street, Tiburon. Golden Gate bridge in fog from Bari's new Volvo on return trip.
9/12/08 Clovis Lowell girls tennis team at first day of California High School Girls Tennis Classic (formerly Peachtree Classic) at Buchanan High School, Clovis CA.
Team: Dominique Dillard, Karin Elin, Rahwa Gelebriese, Michelle Lam, Nina Liu, Amanda Lum, Maria Klionsky, Julia Kotzian, Yana Nabuchina, Sally Ness, Kira Ostapenko, Chloe Roddy, Amy Yee; Jimmy Rosenheim, coach.
Lowell lost to St. Francis (from Mountain View) 1-6 and then defeated Tamalpais (from Mill Valley) 4-3.
9/13/08 Clovis Lowell girls tennis team at second day of California High School Girls Tennis Classic at Sierra Sports and Racket Club, Clovis CA. Lowell defeated Leland (from San Jose) 4-3 and Los Altos 4-3 to win the Division 1 consolation championship.
9/14/08 SF Walk from Fisherman's Wharf to Embarcadero along Embarcadero / Battery: cruise ship, Coit Tower, Ferry Building.
9/21/08 SF SEN's friends surprise her, taking her off blindfolded to 17th birthday breakfast.
9/27/08 Arnold Elaine Staben's art show at Tom and Elaine's garden.
Slide scanning setup with spilaptop5.
10/10/08 Cambridge MA Interior at Hyatt Regency Cambridge; walk along Charles to Dunster House; Memorial Hall; Ken Wachter & Bernadette Bell outside Memorial Church; engineer definition in Harry Lewis' office; Boston skyline; sculls on Charles; Kenmore Square Citgo sign; BU boathouse at dusk.
10/11/08 Cambridge MA Harvard/Cornell football game at Harvard Stadium. En route: Randy Thompson, Gary Bean, John Edmunds, BSN. Harvard Band. After game: BSN, Carolyn & Randy Thompson, Jed & Rita Edmunds, Harold Frost. Includes photos from Roger Kozol (at stadium) and Rita Edmunds.
10/18/08 SF Red Bull Soap Box Derby on Dolores between 21st and Dolores Park.
10/24/08 SF Lowell girls tennis team defeats Wallenberg 6-1 at Golden Gate Park to win AAA championship.
Team: Nina Liu (1S), Sally Ness (2S), Amanda Lum (3S), Maria Klionsky (4S),
Dominique Dillard & Rahwa Gelebriese (1D), Yana Nabuchina & Kira Ostapenko (2D), Amy Yee & ??? (3D). Chloe Roddy; Jimmy Rosenheim, coach.
10/31/08 Stanford Sally in Cowardly Lion costume. Halloween pumpkins at Matt Kahn's (year 6).
11/07/08 SF AAA girls tennis final at GGP. Sally and Amanda Lum won doubles 6-1 6-0, Nina Liu won third place singles, Karen Elin's first place match was suspended by darkness but she lost later.
11/09/08 Oakland Brunch at G&G's: HWS/MKS, ALS/LHS, Jay & Jake, Amanda/Pat/Archer, BSN[/SAN] (and Monkeybones).
11/15/08 SF Downtown SF on a balmy Saturday: City of Paris dome at Nieman Markus, Chinatown, Hyatt Regency interior, Embarcadero, Bay Bridge at dusk including panoramas, moonrise over Bay Bridge.
12/13/08 SF Lowell Winter Ball pre-event, lots of kids at our house; SEN, Shira, Alyssa, Maddie, etc.
SEN and Algernon.
12/21/08 Mexico Mexico from the air en route LAX -> MEX.
12/22/08 Mexico City On Avenida Juarez near Alameda. Juarez hemicircolo. Fountain (empty) outside Dept. of Justice. Bellas Artes. House of tiles. Church of San Francisco & sculptures. Lottery building on Reforma. Monument to the Revolution. Church of San Francisco interiors. Historic district. Zocalo with lots of kids and snow games. Metropolitan Cathedral. SEN with Alameda characters.
12/23/08 Mexico City
Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Teotihuacan pyramids. Grotto restaurant. Folk artist shop with agave lecture. Pyramid tour with guide Jose de Jesus (Joe): citadel, avenue of the dead, museum, pyramid of the sun. View from top of pyramid of the sun, including panoramas.
12/24/08 Mexico City Bosque de Chapultepec. Monument to the Child Heroes. Chaputepec Castle. View down Refora. Reflections, wrestling masks.
12/25/08 Mexico City Christmas day walk in Polanco.
12/26/08 Mexico City Juarez Hemicircolo in reflection. ASN/DWN/SEN in Alameda. Museum of Anthropology. Street carneval in Chapultepec. Sidewalk vendors.
12/27/08 Mexico City View from hotel. Historic district. Zocolo. National Palace, including Diego Rivera murals, parliament room. Bakery. Tequilas. Chinatown. Diego Rivera's Dream of the Alameda at Diego Rivera Mural Museum, including panoramas.
12/28/08 Mexico City Long Sunday walk down Reforma to Museum of Modern Art. Independence Monument. Sisqueros, Remedios Varo. Sunset from hotel.
12/29/08 Mexico City Historic district. Post Office interiors. Bakery. Bellas Artes interiors.
12/30/08 Mexico City Fountain at Dept. of Justice, this time with water.

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