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Cameras: SAN's Olympus C-740 UZ and (starting 12/13/07) Canon S5 IS.

Summary: 2.88 GB, 3,838 photos.

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1/14/07 Calaveras Big Trees Calaveras Big Trees State Park with Bari. Cold and icy but little snow.
2/16/07 San Jose SAP Open tennis at HP Pavillion with BSN & SEN, including panoramas.
Andy Roddick vs. Vince Spadea, Andy Murray vs. H. Lee.
Don't miss Andy Roddick with SAN and SEN!
2/25/07 Sacramento Brunch at Alan & Lee's new house on Curtis Park.
[SAN/]BSN, HWS/MKS, ALS/LHS, Amanda/Patrick/Archer.
2/27/07 SF Montmartre picture at Harvey Steiman's; compare 12/25/06 Paris pix.
3/01/07 SF BSN/SAN at Davies Hall with Mary Chun for the American premiere of John Adams' A Flowering Tree, from somebody's blog.
3/03/07 Arnold Cabin electrical panel damage for insurance purposes.
Cabin and Woody Bear in the snow. Snowflake Lodge, pool, tennis courts.
3/18/07 SF Palace of the Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park, including Segal holocaust memorial.
3/31/07 Oakland Passover seder at Bill & Molly's.
16: HWS/MKS; BSN/SAN/SEN; Alan, Amanda, Pat, Archer; Jay & Jake; Minnie; Ruth, Vergne, Josh, Jessie.
4/01/07 Chicago BSN and SEN in hotel room. Water Tower Place, including fountain.
4/02/07 Chicago Art Institute. Millenium Park. Pritzger Pavillion (Gehry).
4/03/07 Chicago Wrigley Building. Picasso sculpture at Daley Plaza. Statues (Agriculture & Industry) at Chicago Board of Trade.
Calder sculpture. Carson Pirie Scott (Louis H. Sullivan). Marshall Fields (now Macy's): Tiffany ceiling (favrile iridescent glass).
Medinah Temple (now Bloomingdale's).
Night: Michigan Avenue, Tribune Building, Chicago River.
4/04/07 Chicago Water Tower from Museum of Contemporary Art.
4/05/07 Chicago Navy Pier. City views, including badly stitched lakefront panoramas. Stained glass at Stein Museum of Stained Glass.
Ferris wheel and views from ferris wheel.
4/06/07 Chicago Art Institute, including Symphony Hall across the street.
4/30/07 San Jose SPI software/apps company outing to San Jose Giants game at San Jose Municipal Stadium, including panoramas.
The San Jose Giants defeated the High Country Mavs by 7-1.
Attending: Morris Bernstein, Don Curry, Amit Gulati, David Hartley, Ken Hesky, Ujval Kapasi,
Jason Kim, Paul Kramer, Suresh Kolla, Frank Lee, Bei Li, Yipeng Liu, Peter Mattson,
Steve Ness, Eugene Surovegin, Tim Southgate, Udo Uebel, Weinong Wang, Reza Yazdani (and: Gigante!).
The San Jose Giants defeated the High Country Mavs by 7-1.
See also Yipeng's pix and David Hartley's pix.
5/07/07 NYC En route SFO -> JFK via Jet Blue: San Mateo Bridge, Lake Tahoe, Manhatten.
5/08/07 NYC DWN baccelaureate at Madison Square Garden (mostly fuzzy). Times Square. Columbus Circle. Central Park raccoon (at 6th/CPS).
Christopher Street Park: kids with dogs, Segal sculpture. Bleeker Street stores, including storefront panorama.
5/09/07 NYC De Robertis pastery (1st Ave./12th St.), other Village shops. Construction near NYU.
Astor Place, including Cooper Hewitt. Canal Street. Soho, including Dean & de Luca, Alessi.
NYU Grad Alley party near Washington Square. Washington Square, pre-graduation.
Empire State Building at sunset from Brooklyn.
5/10/07 NYC NYU graduation at Washington Square Park.
5/11/07 NYC Tompkins Square Park.
5/12/07 SF Bay Downtown SF from Treasure Island, including panoramas.
Bay Bridge and Kaboom fireworks from Larry & Miriam Baskin's boat on SF Bay;
blurry because of boat's motion, interesting effects but no sharp definition.
[Use manual focus (at infinity), A/S/M mode M (manual aperture and shutter speed).
Best results were ca. 1/2 second exposure at ca. f5.]
Rachel Baskin and SEN.
5/19/07 SF
Santa Clara
Ultimate Sports Challenge (Bay School flavor) at Mattoon's.
Ciaran O'Donnell's (belated) 50th birthday party:
sister Grainne, Lynn & Dave Conroy, Danielle & Johann, Juul van der Spek, Sunil.
5/20/07 SF SEN piano recital at new SFCM: SEN, BSN, G&G, William Wellborn.
5/27/07 Arnold Newly repaired junction box, for insurance purposes.
6/13/07 Sunnyvale Steve's cube at SPI; Paul Kramer.
6/23/07 SF SEN's Star Dance recital at Herbst Theater.
6/30/07 Arnold July 4th fireworks at Lodge Lake, Blue Lake Springs.
7/07/07 Athens Parthenon at night from below.
7/08/07 Athens Byzantine church near hotel. Roman Agora. Theater of Dionysus at Akropolis (remainder of Akropolis closed due to strike). Panorama of Athens from Akropolis. Parthenon from below. Temple of Olympian Zeus. Hadrian's Gate. Zappeion. National Library. Plaka shopping at night.
7/09/07 Athens Akropolis from Hotel Astor breakfast room. Akropolis: Theater of Dionysus. Odeion of Herodes Atticus. Caryatids. Parthenon. Panoramas of Partenon and of Athens from Akropolis. Ancient Agora: Thesserion, Stoa of Attalus. Lunch at taverna near Ancient Agora. Flea market. Monostiraki.
7/10/07 Peloponnese
Lunch at Peloponnese beach taverna (in Loutro Elenis?).
Theater of Epidaurus, including panoramas.
Nafplio streets. Palamidi and Bourtzi. Panoramas from stairs leading to Palamidi. Sunset over Bourtzi. Palamidi and Bourtzi from square at night.
7/11/07 Nafplio
Ancient Olympia
Palamidi, including panorama.
Castle Larissa and view of town from Larissa, including panorama. Views from highway enroute to Tripolis.
Coffee and ice cream stop at Lefada enroute to Olympia.
Hotel room and pool at Hotel Europa, Ancient Olympia.
7/12/07 Ancient Olympia Ancient Olympia: archeological site and museum.
7/13/07 Ancient Olympia
Breakfast room at Hotel Europa.
Rion fort and Rio Bridge.
Room at Villa Alex; Ionian Sea and sunset.
7/14/07 Riza
Deer heads (Bambi's family) at Villa Alex. Riza beach; rocks.
Church at Ligia. Michael and Vaia's wedding.
Sunset at Nikopolis.
7/15/07 Riza
Mikro Papingo
Sally at Villa Alex. Big teapot at Limoges store enroute to Arta.
Old Arta Bridge and museum. Cranes near Roman fort ruins.
Roman walled city of Nikropoli including panoramas. Beach from Nikropolis Beach Club.
Lake at Ionnina.
Papingo and Vikos Gorge.
7/16/07 Vikos park
Mikro Papingo
Hike down river with SEN, Michael, Vaia, Viki and Ionna.
Dinner at Diaz with Michael, Vaia, Dora, Stasi, Georgio, Viki, Ionna.
7/17/07 Mikro Papingo
Hike with Michael and Vaia to Vikos Gorge overlook, including panoramas.
Ionnina. Sunset behind Konitsa.
7/18/07 Papingo
Pools between Megalo/Mikro Papingo.
Mesovo town square and shops.
Meteora/Kastraki. Kalambaka town square at night.
7/19/07 Meteora Meteora, including panoramas.
Inside Moni Megalou Meterou, Moni Agiou Stefanou, Moni AgaisVarvaras Rousanou. [Moni Agias Tiados was closed.]
7/20/07 Delfi
Museum and archeological site, including panoramas.
Kypseli neighborhood pedestrian mall.
7/21/07 En route Airborne photos from left side of planes ATH to MUN and MUN to SFO. Athens, Korinthos canal, Rio Bridge, Arta, alps; Munich; Bay Area and downtown SF.
7/27/07 Arnold BLS tennis potluck at Diane & Sid Smith's house.
8/01/07 Arnold Marianne, Norm, Elizabeth, Annemarie and Paul Bartek visiting.
8/09/07 Murphys Murphys Park at night: Nesses, Barteks, Castros, Fishes, Mogannems (incl. Scotty).
9/02/07 Arnold Justin Castro's real (2nd) 17th birthday party at Castros.
9/08/07 Sea Ranch Deer at Sea Ranch golf course.
9/09/07 Point Arena
Redwoods and firns at home of artist Anne Kessler, outside Point Arena.
Mendocino, including numerous panoramas; compare 2003 panoramas.
9/21/07 Oakley Lowell girl's tennis team at tournament at Freedom HS, Oakley.
9/30/07 Sausalito Odd shrine-like vehicle at parking lot on Brideway.
10/20/07 Arnold New deck at Arnold.
10/26/07 SF Lowell girl's tennis team defeats Wallenberg 6-1 in sectional championship finals at Golden Gate Park.
10/29/07 SF House painting by Tara Pro Painting, almost finished.
10/31/07 Sunnyvale
SPI costumes at SPI and SPI Halloween party at Strike bowling alley.
See also pix by Weinong and Mylinh.
10/31/07 Stanford My fifth annual visit to Matt Kahn's Halloween pumpkin event. Unlike previous years, it was still light when I arrived, so the first pictures are not in darkness.
Previous years: see 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.
11/02/07 SF All City girls tennis finals at GGP. SEN and Asia Estares lost to Minnie Wong and Nina, 6-7 [5], 6-2, 6-4. Karen Elin lost to Jennifer Solomon in two sets.
11/10/07 SF Matthew Fields bar mitzvah pix (from www, low-res). See also scanned versions for Bari, family, and Sally.
12/13/07 SF First test pix with new Canon S5 IS.
12/14/07 SF Sally and Zach Deutsch-Gross, dressed for Lowell Winter Ball (taken with both trusty Olympus and new Canon), then Sally after.
See also the official picture.
12/15/07 SF Belated Hanukkah lunch: [SAN]/BSN/SEN, ALS/LHS, MKS, Zach. Amanda et al. were sick and could not attend.
Taken at 3 MP (setting M2) rather than 8 MP, disk space is cheap but backup is a pain, why bother for snaps.
Also: test movie as m1.avi, ca. 10" at 640x480 @ 30 fps, 22 MB.
12/17/07 Oakland HWS/MKS (and BSN) at Rounseville Rehabilitation Hospital, 40th Place/Howe St.; first time SAN saw HWS after his cardiac surgery.
Also: SAN at computer in office, taken with Canon Remote Capture.
12/21/07 Oakland HWS/MKS/BSN at Rounseville Rehabilitation Hospital, 40th Place/Howe St.
12/24/07 SF Excursion to downtown with ASN/DWN/SEN/BSN/SAN.
Muni to Powell Street, then Union Square, Chinatown, North Beach, Embarcadero.
12/27/07 Oakland Grandpa's 87th birthday lunch at G&G's apartment: Ness * 5, HWS/MKS, ALS. Includes .avi movie at table by DWN.
12/31/07 SF New Year's Eve at home: Ness * 5, Diane & Stephen Bieneman, Zach/Nancy/Rich, Dave & AJ, Karen, Anne Steele.
Not pictured: AJ, Dave, Karen Elin.

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