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Camera: SAN's Olympus C-740 UZ.

Summary: 1.63 GB, 2,448 photos.

See also: Panoramic photos 2006


1/8/06 Oakland Dim sum with BSN/SAN/ASN/DWN/SEN, HWS/MKS, ALS/LHS, Amanda/Pat/Archer.
1/30/06 SF SFDS girl's basketball at Bradeis Hillel Day School. SEN, Sara Ach, Becca Atkinson, Jessica Sikes.
2/03/06 SF Concert for Community at SFDS.
2/15/06 SF SFDS 8th Grade Soiree at SFDS.
2/18/06 SF
New York
SF and Oakland from airplane on departure from SFO.
NYC from airplane on approach to JFK: George Washington Bridge, Central Park.
2/20/06 New York Union Square.
2/21/06 New York Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, sunset over New York harbor.
2/22/06 New York Sally at Dylan's Candy Bar; Times Square at night.
2/23/06 Philadelphia Independence Hall at dusk.
2/25/06 New York Lower East Side, just south of Houston.
3/10/06 SF De Young Museum with BSN and Lynne Murphy, including handheld panoramas.
3/11/06 SF Mark Williams reunion dinner: BSN/DWN/SEN, Lynne and Dave Conroy, Daniela and Johann George, Ciaran O'Donnell.
3/21/06 Stanford Stanford Computer Science Department 40th Anniversary Symposium and Celebration.
Opening address: Bill Dally.
Panel 1: Bill Miller, Ed Feigenbaum, Gene Golub, Don Knuth, John McCarthy, Nils Nilsson.
Panel 2: John Mitchell, Rodney Brooks, Barbara Liskov, Raj Reddy, Ron Riverst, Margaret Wright.
Panel 3: Hector Garcia-Molina, Dan Bonch, Bill Dally, Daphne Koller, Sebastian Thrun, Jennifer Widom.
Panel 4: John Markoff, Andy Bechtolsheim, Jim Clark, David Filo, Mark Horowitz, Mendel Rosenblum, David Shaw, Jerry Yang.
Conclusion: John Hennesey.
Others: Whitfield Diffie.
Also: two photos from Michael Kelly: Lee Erwin, Victor Lesser, John Levy, Michael Kelly, SAN.
4/08/06 SF Passover 2006: SAN/BSN/SEN, HWS/MKS, Jay, Ruth/Vergne/Josh/Jessie, Sarah Roach.
4/19/06 SF Sally's get well flowers and balloons after faciomaxillary surgery. Some by SAN, others by SEN.
5/10/06 SF ATT Park night game with Steve Melikian: Giants vs. Cubs, as Barry Bonds unsuccessfully attempts to tie Ruth with home run number 714.
5/21/06 SF SEN piano recital at Hellman Hall, SFCM. Last recital at old SFCM!
BSN/ASN/DWN/SEN, G&G, William Wellborn and students.
5/23/06 SF ATT Park night game with DWN: Giants vs. Astros, as Barry Bonds unsuccessfully attempts to pass Ruth with home run number 715, including handheld panoramas.
6/04/06 SF At home after brunch at Fattoush: SAN/BSN/ASN/DWN/SEN, HWS/MKS, Minnie, Brenda and Marvin Segal.
6/09/06 SF West Side Story at SFDS.
6/14/06 SF SFDS 8th grade graduation.
Noe Valley graduation brunch at Mattoons.
Graduation class party at Log Cabin in Presidio.
6/28/06 Arnold Water polo at Blue Lake Springs pool.
SEN, Austin and Amanda Fish, Justin and Ally Castro, Amanda et al.
Also: kids, parents assembled.
7/13/06 Arnold Marisa's birthday dinner at Snowshoe; Castros and Fishes.
7/17/06 Murphys Murphys Park after ice cream; Castros, Fishes, Karpilows, Mogannems, Nesses.
7/24/06 Arnold At Snowflake Lodge with Laurie Karpilow. Water polo: Amanda Fish, Austin Fish, Alex Karpilow, SEN; Brian Fish.
7/25/06 Stanford USTA kid's clinic and Bank of the West women's tournament with Austin Fish and SEN: Daniela Hantuchova, Shana Perry, Sanja Mirza.
8/26/06 SF Bari, Alan, Jay, Molly & Bill.
9/02/06 Arnold End of the summer 2006 season at BLS: last water polo game.
The usuals: Castros, Fishes, Mogannems.
9/08/06 Fresno Lowell girls tennis team at first day of Wawona Peach Tree Tennis Classic tournament at Clovis West High School.
Coaches: Terence Doherty, Jimmy Rosenheim.
Players (10): Aja Estares, Jennifer Hom, Michelle Lam, Monica Lam, Sally Ness, Jennifer Tsang, Lana Tsodikova, Minnie Wong, Angie ???, Kira ???.
Not on this trip: Marianna Tischenko, Theresa Nguyen.
9/09/06 Fresno Lowell girls tennis team at second day of Wawona Peach Tree Tennis Classic tournament at Clovis High School.
9/13/06 SF UHigh reunion dinner: Joyce Yu, Kay Putnam Noguchi (and Mark), Ed Olsgard (and later Michelle), SAN/BSN/SEN.
9/16/06 SF Second annual Ultimate Sports Challenge at Mattoon's: this year, father and son/daughter doubles.
9/30/06 Sonoma At Diane and Stephen (& Hershey!) Bieneman's house in Sonoma.
10/20/06 SF Lowell girl's tennis team vs. Raoul Wallenberg at All-City sectional championships, GGP.
Terence Doherty and Jimmy; Terence's baby.
10/22/06 SF Sunrise from Twin Peaks, including panoramas.
10/27/06 SF Lowell girls' tennis team at AAA individual finals, GGP.
Sally and partner Jen Hom finished 3rd in doubles, losing in semis to eventual winners Marianna Tishenko and Teresa Nguyen.
10/31/06 Sunnyvale Halloween costumes at SPI.
See also Mylinh's pix, which include a couple of SAN juggling with Brucek.
Left to right in group photo:
Ujval Kapasi (Brazilian soccer player), Udo Ubel (odd African theme), Ben (camoflage), SAN (juggler), Brucek Khailany (rapper), Paul Filanowski (longhair), Eileen Peters Long's baby (little pumpkin, with Mylinh), Chip Sterns (chip), Gary Brown (young prospector), Peter Mattson (vampire venture capitalist), Ted Williams (toga).
10/31/06 Stanford Annual Halloween pumpkins at Matt Kahn's; my fourth annual visit, see also 2003, 2004, and 2005 pix.
11/06/06 SF Muni accident at 29th/Noe. Muni 24 lost power going uphill, driver evacuated passengers and blocked wheel but block failed. The bus took out moving van and 4 or 5 parked cars on its downhill journey.
11/19/06 SF Castros, Fishes, Nesses: pool party at Jillian's, Metreon.
12/02/06 SF Sally's first formal (it's not a date!): Lowell Winter Ball 2006 with Zach Deutsch-Gross.
See also her formal picture.
12/16/06 London Carnaby Street at night. Pubs. Oxford Street. [N.B.: photo timestamps in PST.]
12/17/06 London Regent's Park. Blackfrair's Pub. St. Paul's. Temple Bar. Millenium Bridge. Globe Theater. Tate Modern, including Carsten Hoeller slides. Southwick Cathedral. BSN/SEN sliding at Tate. Thames Embankment at night. Eye of London. From the Eye: Thames, St. Paul's, Parliament, Waterloo station.
12/18/06 London The Tube. Harrod's. Victoria & Albert Museum, including light sculpture at courtyard, hall of casts. Skaters outside Museum of Natural History, dinosaur in main hall.
12/19/06 London Sitting room at 10 Manchester Street. Oxford Street. British Museum, including failed panorama of reading room (circular room makes pasting fail), Elgin marbles.
12/20/06 London Upper Marylebone Street; fishmonger. Baker St. tube station. Westminister: Parliament. Westminister Bridge. Westminister Abbey. Jewel Tower. St. John's Smith Square. Tower of London. Tower Bridge & Thames. Pub near Liverpool Station. Duke of Uke, street decorations, posters at Brick Road. Liverpool station.
12/21/06 London Tower of London/Tower Bridge in fog. Sally with guard bear.
12/22/06 London Baker Street tube station: Holmes smoking / no smoking. On Eurostar, Paris bound, in Chunnel.
12/23/06 Paris Seine: book sellers near Notre Dame. Street market at Place Maubert. Palais de Justice, Ste. Chapelle. Louvre. Opera Garnier. Galleries Lafayette. Eiffel Tower. Desserts in shop windows.
12/24/06 Paris Jardin de Luxembourg. Pantheon. Place Bastille: Opera Bastille. Rue de Rosiers. Centre Pompideau.
12/25/06 Paris Dreary, overcast, foggy Christmas day. Montmartre steps. Sacre Coeur. Diabolo guy, including video. Place Pigalle: sex shops, Moulin Rouge. Etoile / Place Charles de Gaulle at dusk; tomb of unknown soldier. Champs Elysees.
Night: restaurant La Couple on Rue Montparnasse. Luxumbourg, Pantheon at night.
12/26/06 Paris Dreary overcast again; colder. Seine. Pont des Artes. Gare du Nord. Cinamatheque Francaise. Stadium at Bercy.
12/27/06 Paris Sally at Cyrano monument. Catacombes. Quai St. Michel / Notre Dame at night. Place Maubert. Hotel Moderne St. Germain.
12/28/06 Paris Musee d'Orsay. Hotel lobby.
PM: Notre Dame at night. Hotel room.
12/29/06 Paris Notre Dame, including interiors. Awaiting Eurostar to London at Gare du Nord.

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