Steve's 2004 photos

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Date Location Description
01/01/04 San Francisco New Year's Eve 2003 at Bieneman's: Ness * 5, Ryan Reeves, Steve and Diane Bieneman. Some pix by SEN. Fireworks!
01/03/04 San Francisco Steve Young bear and Bari at Fisherman's Wharf.
Waxing gibbous moon. [At maximum zoom, the moon is roughly 200 x 200 pixels, showing a little detail.]
ASN/SEN pingpong (bluish, used incandescent white balance but it's not right).
01/05/04 San Francisco Nighttime San Francisco skyline from Dolores Park (20th/Church), including panoramas.
01/06/04 San Francisco At SFDS: SFDS Girls JV basketball vs. Crystal Springs; SEN, Sarah Ach, Becca Atkinson, Jessica Sykes.
[Used Flourescent #2 white balance, color is ok but there was little available light, hence blurry pix.]
01/10/04 San Francisco Mattoon's house, under construction but mostly framed; SEN, Alison, Steve, Connor, Chelsea.
01/10/04 San Francisco At Telegraph Hill rec center: SEN and Jessica Sykes in intermural JCC basketball game.
01/24/04 San Francisco Unimpressive (and cold!) sunset from Golden Gate Heights. Includes panoramas, crescent moon conjoined with Venus.
01/25/04 San Francisco San Francisco Blues JCC basketball game vs. Cougars at new San Francisco JCC gym; SEN, Jessica Sykes.
01/25/04 San Francisco SOLI at Dan and Val Harper's; mostly cats Sparky and ???.
01/28/04 San Francisco Another underwhelming sunset, this time from Sunset Reservoir (Ortega at 28th Avenue) with SEN. Includes panoramas.
02/01/04 San Francisco SEN and Jessica Sykes in girl's basketball vs. Brandeis Hillel at JCC, including movies.
4/27/20: Original .mov video converted to .mp4 via ffmpeg.
02/02/04 San Francisco Golden Gate bridge at night from Crissy Field, including panoramas. Telephoto shots are out of focus (manual focus, by mistake). Should have used longer manual exposure with smaller aperture.
02/09/04 Santa Clara CA
San Jose CA
SEN and Jake Hall at tennis clinic at Santa Clara University.
Siebel Open at HP Pavillion San Jose: Davis Cup team (Andy Roddick/Robby Ginepri/Mardy Fish) with Barry McKay; exhibition Brad Gilbert (coached by Roddick) vs. Michael Chang; 1st round match Wayne Ferriera vs. Jan-Michael Gambill. Some pix by SEN.
02/13/04 Maui HI Sunrise at SFO before departure. San Mateo Bridge, Crystal Springs Reservoir from plane.
Kahului, Maui on approach to OGG. Makena: Malu'aka beach, Keawala'i Congregational Church graveyard. BSN & SEN at pool. Sunset from Kamaole Beach, Kihei.
02/14/04 Maui HI Haleakala, including panoramas. Kihei to Kahului from Haleakala Highway; crater, Science City, Hawaii from Red Hill; crater from Leleiwi overlook. Sunset from Kamaole Beach, Kihei.
02/15/04 Maui HI Minigolf at Ma'alaea, including hibiscus. Lahaina: Front Street, banyan tree; panoramas. Whales at harbor from Papawai Point. Sunset from Kamaole Beach, Kihei.
02/16/04 Maui HI Afternoon whale watch (Pacific Whale Foundation) from Ma'alaea harbor. Mostly splashes, but one good fluke. Sunset from boat.
02/17/04 Maui HI AM: Snorkeling cruise on Leilani from Ma'alaea harbor to Molokini (SEN: snuba with guide Kate) and Turtle Town. More whales.
PM: luau at Royal Lahaina, Kaanapali, including sunset over Lanai.
02/18/04 Maui HI Iao Needle state park with BSN/SEN; handheld panorama. Bailey House Museum, Wailuku. Sunset from Kamaole Beach, Kihei.
02/19/04 Maui HI AM: Alex Air helicopter trip over West Maui: Haleakala, Hana, rainforest waterfalls.
PM: snorkeling trip on Pride of Maui from Ma'alaea Harbor to Molokini, including handheld panoramas. Sunset from Kalama Park beach, Kihei.
02/20/04 Maui HI OGG airport, Kahului: helicopters. Maui shoreline from plane. Sunset from plane. Circus Bear.
02/25/04 San Francisco Unsuccessful attempt to capture lighting with long manual exposure from playroom. Retained test pix at 3200x2400 for comparison to usual 2048x1536; clearly less pixillated when enlarged!.
02/28/04 San Francisco Sunset with Farallones from Grand View Park, 15th Avenue at Pacheco, including panoramas. First extensive use of 3200x2400 enlarge mode.
03/01/04 San Francisco
03/05/04 Pomponio Beach CA Matt Kahn's Stanford art department design class kite day at Pomponio State Beach, including sunsets. Many bracketed sunset shots; considering making composite shots of ocean and sky at different exposures.
03/10/04 San Francisco Sunset from Grand View Park, including panoramas. Farallones not visible due to fog, not enough clouds to generate much interest.
03/11/04 San Francisco Fort Funston, including panoramas. Battery Davis and gliders (not hang gliders).
03/13/04 San Francisco SEN in JCC Girl's Basketball finals: Cougars vs. San Francisco Blues.
03/14/04 San Francisco SEN at CMTA Honors Recital at SFSU.
03/16/04 San Francisco Sunset from Golden Gate Heights; cloudless but some fog, hence not very interesting.
04/01/04 San Francisco Golden Gate Park: Conservatory, flowers, Goethe/Schiller, Academy of Science, Key, etc. SEN at tennis courts with Phil and Jake.
04/03/04 San Francisco Passover 2004: SAN/BSN/ASN/SEN, HWS/MKS, Alan/Lee, Amanda/Pat, Jay/Alyssa, Minnie, Ruth/Josh/Jessie, Lorna (17).
04/05/04 Cleveland OH San Francisco Bay on departure from SFO. Paper airplane sculpture, sunset at Cleveland Airport en route SFO -> MSP with BSN, SEN, Circus Bear.
04/06/04 Minneapolis MN Minnesota Zoo in Apple Valley. SEN in AmeriSuites Hotel pool, Eden Prarie.
04/07/04 Minneapolis MN Antonia at AmeriSuites (presumably by SEN).
04/08/04 Minneapolis MN Lakewood Cemetery Chapel. ERN's coffin at Lakewood gravesite. Walker Sculpture Garden. Jackie McClees, Harry Jorgenson, Lois Falk at ERN memorial dinner at Manny's.
04/09/04 Minneapolis MN Minneapolis Institute of Arts.
04/10/04 Minneapolis MN University of Minnesota with BSN/ASN/SEN: gophers, Weisman Art Museum, student organization signs on bridge. Lowry Memorial on Hennepin Avenue ("Gateway Monument").
04/11/04 Minneapolis MN MSP airport on departure with BSN/ASN/SEN/Circus Bear.
04/14/04 San Francisco Giants vs. Brewers at SBC Park, a.k.a. Pac Bell.
04/16/04 San Francisco Concert for Community 2004 at SFDS, including SEN.
05/01/04 Sacramento CA
05/15/04 Cambridge MA
Boston MA
Cambridge: Harvard Yard. Paine Hall rehearsal for Alexander's senior thesis performance. Electronic music studio.
Boston: Boston Common, Beacon Hill, State House, Public Garden.
05/17/04 Cambridge MA
Boston MA
Cambridge: MIT: Gehry CS/AI building (with Harry Lewis and BSN). Harvard: Yard, including panoramas, Quincy House.
Boston, coastline, clouds from airplane en route out of Logan.
05/22/04 San Francisco SEN in San Francisco Rec and Park Girl's 12 and under tennis tournament at GGP; first place match vs. Erin, trophy from Greg Simmons.
05/23/04 San Francisco SEN piano recital at SFCM (Hertz Hall). SEN, William Wellborn.
06/09/04 San Francisco
06/10/04 Cambridge MA
Wellesley MA
Commencement 2004 at Harvard Yard. Conferral of degrees at Eliot House.
Graduation party at Brae Burn Country Club, Wellesley.
[See also Dr. Berenberg's graduation pix.]
06/11/04 Wellesley MA Stanley Cheng's graduation luau at Sandra's.
06/12/04 Cambridge MA Harvard Square, Eliot House, Charles River.
06/13/04 Boston MA Downtown Boston from Radisson Cambridge. Clouds illuminated by lightning flashes after BOS departure.
06/19/04 Arnold CA SEN at Snowflake Lodge in first water polo game of summer 2004.
06/25/04 Arnold CA Bears at Diane and Sid Smith's house; bears at Rusty Bear.
06/26/04 Avery CA Independence Hall Quilters annual quilt show at Avery Middle School.
07/01/04 Los Angeles CA
Hollywood CA
07/02/04 San Diego CA Young Composer's Guild presentation concert of MTAC (Music Teachers' Association of California) convention at Town & Country Hotel, San Diego, including ASN with William Wellborn. Composers: Elizabeth Lim, Irena Lin, Alexander Ness, Jeffrey Moore, Sebastian Chang, Dusting Callahan, Edward Sywulka. Presenter: Judith Moore.
07/04/04 San Diego CA SEN piano performance at MTAC convention,including SEN with William Wellborn.
07/14/04 Arnold CA Water polo at Snowflake Lodge. SEN, Hanna Mogannem. Lloyd Loeffler with grandson.
07/25/04 Arnold CA Elaine Stuben's art show at Tom Cahill's garden. SEN, Jim Held, ASN with Elaine's dog Sierra.
08/06/04 Arnold CA
08/16/04 Arnold CA Water polo at Snowflake Lodge. SEN; Emile, Hanna, Emile Jr., Shannon and Isaac Mogannem; Janet, Austin and Amanda Fish.
08/27/04 Arnold CA Twilight tennis potluck at Tom Cahill's.
08/30/04 San Francisco Mattoon's new house: Chelsea/Connor/Stephen/Alison, DWN/SEN/BSN.
09/04/04 San Francisco
09/08/04 Arnold CA Annual men's tennis lunch at Tom Cahill's. Tom Cahill, Irwin Cantieri, Chuck Carlsen, Jim Held, Lloyd Loeffler.
Tennis at Snowflake 9/9/04; Lloyd serving.
09/21/04 San Francisco SEN's 13th birthday dinner with G&G, Peggy Merrifield.
09/25/04 San Francisco Joint birthday party for SEN and Chelsea Mattoon, at Star India and at Mattoon's. Chelsea Mattoon, Jessica Sikes, Jessie Holtzman, Laura Rothman, Lily Bigalke, Lucy Finn, Morgan Warner, Remi Fisher, Sally Ness, Sarah Roach; BSN, Anne Steele, Alison & Steve Mattoon.
10/11/04 Calaveras Big Trees CA
10/26/04 San Francisco Garden planting at home: front tree, front planter box, back yard.
10/27/04 Oakland CA Lunch at G&G's: one-month old Archer Bennett Saxton, Amanda and Pat, Alan and Lee, Bill and Molly, Minnie, Bari and Steve.
10/27/04 San Francisco SEN at SFDS boy's soccer game at Polo Fields, Golden Gate Park.
10/31/04 Stanford CA Matt Kahn's annual Halloween pumpkin party.
11/01/04 San Francisco
11/05/04 Oakland CA Golden State Warriors game at Oakland Coliseum Arena, some by SEN.
11/07/04 San Francisco GGP tennis courts/Jake Hall: SEN winning San Francisco Rec and Park Girl's 14 and under.
11/20/04 San Francisco Sunset from Grand View park, including panoramas. Arrived late, hence hurried.
11/26/04 Eureka CA Carson Mansion at night in the rain.
N.B.: JPEG date/time info missing, apparently camera lost state when I failed to replace dead batteries in a timely fashion.
11/27/04 Eureka CA Old town Eureka, including handheld waterfront panorama and Carson Mansion.
N.B.: JPEG date/time info missing, as above.
12/15/04 San Francisco
12/25/04 Oakland CA Turkey dinner at G&Gs; SEN & BSN.
12/27/04 Sacramento CA Hannukah 2004 (belated) at Alan & Lee's: Nesses * 5, G & G, Alan & Lee, Amanda & Pat & Archer, Simon the cat.
Cf. also Alan's pix.