Steve's 1999 photos

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Date Location Description Camera
03/05/99 San Francisco
Dinner with Al Katz, Alan & Lee. Walk to Mariam's.
Steve's cubicle at Philips.
ASN Toshiba
05/03/99 Arnold Cabin interior (for insurance purposes). Alan & Lee's cabin. ASN Toshiba
05/12/99 Sacramento Mother's Day 1999. ASN Toshiba
05/17/99 SF Bay Mark & Judy's "90th" birthday cruise (5/16/99? or 5/17/99?) on SF Bay with BSN, DWN, SEN. ASN Toshiba
06/02/99 Arnold
San Francisco
Alan and dogs at cabin.
SEN at JCC Basketball Awards.
ASN Toshiba
06/11/99 San Francisco DWN middle school graduation and party. ASN Toshiba
07/09/99 San Francisco SF landscapes; DWN on Billy Goat Hill; Father's Day at Candlestick Giants game; Robyn visiting. ASN Toshiba
08/18/99 St. Louis Park, MN ERN's apartment at Parkshore Place. ASN Toshiba
09/20/99 San Francisco SEN in highland plaid skirt. ASN Toshiba
11/19/99 San Francisco Cloisonne matchboxes. ASN Toshiba