1   Shruti

1.2   Recording

Viola: Amy Cimini
Recording engineer: Sam Pluta
Mastering: Chris Ariza
Available on quietdesign records


2   Glass Drum

2.2   Recording

Live recording from the premiere performance at the Walden School, summer 2008.

Cello: Ha-Yang Kim

Glass Drum

2.3   Zakir excerpt

This is the Zakir Hussain excerpt that inspired the piece.


3   Xayāl

(ﺧﻴﺎﻝ) [xǝja:l]
for Due East

3.2   Recording

Unmastered studio recording featuring Due East.

Flute: Erin Lesser
Percussion: Greg Beyer
Recording engineer: Sam Pluta


3.3   Epigraph

پھر ہوا وقت کہ ہو بال کشا موجِ شراب
دے بطِ مے کو دل و دستِ شنا موجِ شراب
phir huʾā vaqt kih ho bāl-kushā mauj-e sharāb
de bat-e mai ko dil-o-dast-e shinā mauj-e sharāb

—Mirza Ghalib, (ghazal 49,1)

Khayāl (Persian: ‘thought, fancy’). A type of vocal composition in North Indian art music and the style in which such compositions are performed. The song comprises two rhyming lines of verse, in Hindi, usually on secular themes.

—Richard Widdess, from Grove Music Online

3.4   Photos from the Recording Session at the Columbia Music Center


Sam at the computer, me hovering next to him, Erin on the bass flute.


Sam at the computer, Greg on the floor.