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1   News

1.1   "Playground Sessions" released!

Are you interested in learning how to read sheet music and play the piano? Check out Playground Sessions: fun, reasonably-priced music-education software featuring David Sides. I've had the pleasure of working with David and the folks at ZAG Invention to design the software's music theory curriculum (The "Bootcamp"). We've worked hard to produce the best educational software possible, and I'm delighted that our product is now available to the public.

1.2   New Sounds, Images, and Words (December 2011)

1.2.1   "The Best Is Noise"

Last year, my friend Yoni Niv and I composed five audiovisual compositions. The fourth, Feedback, is this month's featured track on The Best is Noise, a monthly series produced by Carrier Records. Check it out here.

1.2.2   Schismatics

Click here to check out Schismatics, which started as a composition for the Princeton Laptop Orchestra and recently became a long, musician-less video.

1.2.3   AMS Paper and Recitative Article

In November, I gave a paper at the American Musicological Society conference in San Francisco. Around the same time, I wrote a short article about music theory and acoustics for Recitative, the newsletter of The Walden School. You can find both of them on my Writing Page.

1.3   Thread Chorale Scores Online (September 2011)

I just posted the scores for my Thread Chorale series. Click here to check them out.

1.4   New York Times Reviews (March 2010)

1.4.1   "The piece is all spurts of fitful, spiraling music. . . ."

This is from an Anthony Tommasini review of the JACK Quartet concert in which they played Ideomania, my latest video score. Click here for the review on the Times website, and here for a scan of the article as it appeared in print. Those interested in the score can watch it on Vimeo.

1.4.2   "The music was full of symmetry and fracture, flying and stinging."

Ben Ratliff wrote a fabulous review of a Glissando bin Laden performance at the Issue Project Room. Click here for the review on the Times website, and here for a scan of the article as it appeared in print.

2   Video

Check out my video albums on Vimeo.

3   Other Contents of This Website

Page Description
Designs Samples of my graphic design work.
Installations Some installations in progress.
Scores The last three pieces I wrote using traditional compositional media, namely notes on paper (with some lines and squiggles).
Thread Chorale A series of algorithmic compositions for various instruments.
Schismatics A series of compositions for computer-generated sound and image.
Teaching Samples of my teaching work.
Writing Samples of my writing.

4   Musical Friends in NYC